Thursday, December 3, 2009

RATE IT! Little People

Some people feel that art is too often a snotty medium with no sense of humour. Fear not, for I have found a website that makes art fun and accessible for everyone.

Check out Little People -- A Tiny Street Art Project. The creator, Slinkachu, takes teeny handpainted "people" and drops them into situations on the streets of London as his blog states "to fend for themselves." Installation art with humour!

Wee boaters navigate puddles, women hang laundry across alleyways and super heroes take a respite -- on the lip of a discarded beer can. The little figures are nifty in themselves but where this project really shows its stuff, is in each series of photographs which depict the people up-close and far-away... uncovering the reality of where the little ones are actually located (downspout, bottle cap, trash).

Mr. Superhero (pictured here) is tempted by the "delights" in the red light district -- or is he? Pan out and he's actually at the footprint of a drainpipe in Southwark, London. Fun!

Art for the people - *with* the people!


Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME - Love these, so original!

Andipa said...

We are releasing some new works for Slinkachu next week. All can be viewed at Enjoy!

Myrna Hynes said...

How Creative! Love it!

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