Monday, November 30, 2009

HATE IT! Sherlock Holmes' Cheese

...or should I say, coffee?

Cheesiest movie tie-in... 7-Eleven® and the new Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law vehicle, "Sherlock Holmes."

The ads running in magazines such as 'Entertainment Weekly' exclaim, "Mystery Solved. 7-Eleven® has great coffee," and they invite consumers to "Investigate our coffee." Er, no thanks! Robert & Jude looking all hot and intense won't lure me into your fluorescent coffee-peddling establishment.

Too bad "Sherlock Holmes" doesn't have a more exciting marketing partner. 7-Eleven® Coffee? Why? Is the movie that dull that you need copious cups of 7-Eleven®'s java to get through the flick? If you're going that route... pick Starbucks or some other merchant with a little more coolness.

Friday, November 27, 2009

RATE IT! DQ App-etizer

Yes, I am all about iPhone apps at the moment, and I'm *always* all about Dairy Queen, so to uncover TWO apps that focus on my ice creamy obsession --- I'm in dessert heaven.

Dairy Queen lovers can download a 'Where's DQ?' app to their iPhones *and* a strangely addictive game app called 'DQ Craze.'

The 'Where's DQ?' locator app is a no brainer; I picked up this lifeline without a second thought. It is what it says it is. Find the most readily available DQ in your vicinity wherever you may be. My local DQs are permanently emblazoned on my personal radar but should I wander off into unknown territory, I'll always know there's a safe DQ haven only a few iPhone touches away. I feel better just is there! A Blizzard waiting with my name on it. YUM.

To be frank, I gave the 'DQ Craze' app more than a once over before deciding on spending the 99 cents to grab it. Games on iPhones are a bit too much of the time-waster for me but I have to say, I LOVE IT. I know, it's kinda surprising. I had no idea that I would enjoy this match-3 game so much. Maybe it's the teeny DQ treats that are all lined up and waiting to be organized into batches of three, or the fact that you serve 'customers' their treats when they are ready....I'm not sure why I like it so much but it's silly and fun to look at. I am a big geek, no?

The only way it would get any better - if it dispensed Blizzards on the spot. Apple, get on that will you?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

WANT IT! Pop Art London Tray

As a girl in love with London, I can never ever have enough of the city by the Thames.

LOVE this colourful tray featuring London landmarks available at Rockett St. George.

If you can't travel to London, best to bring it to you!

RATE IT! Happy US Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving south of the border.

To all my American friends and readers, I wish you a very happy day full of food, family & the Macy's Parade. Ah, how I wish I were in NYC for the festivities like last year.

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving like no one else. Big! Delicious! A ton of fun!

I dragged out this silly holiday chapeau for my Canadian Thanksgiving post last month so it's fitting that it gets another airing.

Who invents this stuff!?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RATE IT! Lenka

Don't you just love a new musical discovery? I do!

There's a Sears holiday commercial airing in Canada (anywhere else?) right now and it features this lovely girlie tune, all happy bounce and giddy fun. Thanks to my Shazam! app on my iPhone, I know what it is! Hurrah!

'Don't Let Me Fall' by Lenka. She's from Australia. She's lovely. She's now in my iPod. Hurrah, indeed.

Please view the musical treat of Lenka performing her gem of a tune earlier this year in L.A.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RATE IT! Union Jack Heart

Show your love of all things British with this sparkly Union Jack heart decoration from Accessorize. Born to be a new addition to your Christmas tree, this stuffed heart could actually adorn your home all year long.

Me likey.

Accessorize, the wonderfully affordable accessories brand from the UK, now ships to the U.S. -- but NOT Canada!!!!! Pity!

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

Zoey hates cartoons on TV. HATES them! With a crazed puppy passion.

'Family Guy'? Not welcome in our household.

Commercials with animated characters? Nope.

With Christmas nearing, I'm fretting that the usual holiday fare of animated Rankin & Bass specials, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch...will be a no-go now that the little, naughty Schipperke has taken over the proceedings.

Monday, November 23, 2009

RATE IT! An App A Day...

...keeps boredom away! And probably the doctor too.

As a relatively new iPhone owner, I'm still discovering new apps that rock my world. It's been surprising to me how many apps are lifesavers -- relatively speaking!

The 'Around Me' app is totally necessary - it's always handy to know the whereabouts of the closest gas station, drug store or bank especially when you're stuck in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. 'Sit or Squat', self-explanatory! When you gotta go, you gotta go -- and knowing "where" is half the battle. 'iTip' makes good sense for splitting a restaurant bill with friends, 'Flixster' displays the latest flicks, DVD releases & nearby theatres and then there are the usual suspects, Facebook, Wikipedia and Google Earth *all* keep me updated and informed.

At this stage in my iPhone adventure, the king of the hill in my apps universe is...'Shazam'! I encounter identifiable music quite often & then rack my brain for days trying to figure out a song's name & artist. 'Shazam' faces the music and comes up trumps with the goods -- artist, song title -- along with a link as to where I can purchase it & even peruse lyrics, it's the app that keeps on giving. Me likey.

Friday, November 20, 2009

RATE IT! Kraft Hockeyville

Ah! The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat...*sigh* as a Toronto Maple Leaf fan (albeit a pretty lapse one the past two seasons, can you blame me?), I've had more than my fill of the latter and far from my fair share of the former! With my pro team tumbling to new depths of terribleness, it's time to return to the roots of our national game, where just playing your honest to goodness best is the key to hockey success.

It's time to shift hockey attentions to Kraft Hockeyville. You may ask, where is this hockey utopia?

Kraft Hockeyville is a dream of a contest that benefits local teams & arenas across Canada. Kraft, the CBC, the NHL and the NHLPA encourage all Canadian communities to enter to win a 2010-2011 NHL pre-season game played on THEIR OWN rink *and* $100,000 in arena upgrades (funded generously by Kraft Canada). Sounds unbelievably cool, doesn't it? Imagine having NHL stars sweating it out in YOUR local arena! The $100K, an unheard of donation in these difficult economic times, would transform any local ice rink into a state of the art sporting masterpiece! Simply incredible! Your chance at this once in a lifetime opportunity is just a few computer clicks away!

Entering is super easy... just click here to find the application form & details on how you can make this hockey dream your reality. The competition is now open across Canada with the final day to enter being January 18 at 11:59pm.

Kraft and their Hockeyville partners have made this year's contest even better with added wild card opportunities to win, and four runner-up prizes of $25,000 of arena upgrades.

So what are you waiting for? Enter today and be one step closer to the NHL right on your doorstep!

RATE IT! Mix It Up

The Pillsbury Doughboy wishes he were this cute.

The Mix It Up tee from Loyal Army trots out all the ingredients & then displays the finished result on the tee's back shoulder. Yum!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RATE IT! They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To... stars, that is.

I can't even think of any of today's movie starlets that even come close to the class, elegance and talent that was Audrey Hepburn. She was one of a kind, a rare gem that only crosses our path once in a lifetime.

Here's a wonderful book celebrating the style & beauty of Ms. Hepburn, "Audrey Hepburn, International Cover Girl". Simply stunning!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RATE IT! Important Artifacts Revisited

The December issue of the UK's 'Easy Living' magazine lists many wonderful gift ideas for the holiday season including a terrific book first mentioned here on Lose That Girl back in July, "Important Artifacts..." by Leanne Shapton.

The UK version features a different hued cover ~ red...perfect for Christmas ~ but the impact this novel brings is still unique & special.

'Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelery' -- not only beholds one of the longest titles ever encountered but also one of the quirkiest reason d'etre. You would be hard pressed to find a cooler storytelling technique.

Focusing on a series of personal miscellany, kooky knickknacks & heartfelt notes once held privately by the fictional coupling of the aforementioned Lenore & Harold, 'Important Artifacts' is set up like a public auction catalogue. Much like when a famous person dies and their personal effects end up on view & purchase via wealthy auction houses, these items are laid bare upon the demise of Lenore & Harold's love. Photos of everyday random objects mingle within the pages, witnesses to the birth of Lenore & Harold's four year relationship, its passionate life & eventual death. A smashed cup, a smudged handwritten note, stolen salt & pepper shakers all gather to tell their part of this fantastic story.

And here's where Shapton excels & really nails the whole relationship thing on its messy head. We all accumulate 'stuff' from daily personal interactions, from friends & lovers - inconsequential items that resonate with a feeling, with a memory related to person once (or still?) deemed special. A crumpled receipt cherished from a favourite eatery where you dined on your first date. A pressed flower remaining from a bouquet gifted by an ex. Even ticket stubs from a memorable concert -- we're all guilty of collecting such life keepsakes. Most objects in the hands of others not associated with their special-ness would just be seen as life clutter. What's a stolen salt shaker without its human context but a rogue table accessory? Suffice it to say, in the eyes and heart of the beholder, it's probably a token from a night to end all nights, full of passion, laughter and unbridled excitement. One person's trash is always another's beloved treasure...especially when wrapped in memories.

I'm well & truly hooked. If you are too, check out Leanne Shapton speaking about her novel from her own perspective. You'll never regard your old relationship souvenirs in the same way again.

HATE IT! Missing Mad Men

Parting is such sweet sorrow! How long do we have to wait for their return? Too long!

(photo: Frank Ockenfels for AMC)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RATE IT! Man's Best Friend

An American soldier returns home from Afghanistan to his family - yes, doggies are family too. Adorable!

Time for *all* the soldiers, the Americans, Canadians and Brits to come home! More happy homecomings, please.

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

RATE IT! Silver Fox of Phones

The Dreyfuss 500 desk phone.

I *so* want! Cool but classic.

Also available in black or white from Pedlars UK, but space age silver is really where it's at!

Monday, November 16, 2009

RATE IT! Ladies Guide

Pains me to say it but this past weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' with guest host, January Jones was one of the worst. EVER. Bland, not funny & featuring annoying performances by the Black Eyed Peas -- is it any wonder that January was poor as well?

The only good part, this video for the Ladies Guide to Party Planning. January doing what she does best... a re-run of a Betty Draper type housewife.

Apologies if some LTG visitors cannot view the clip. Blame NBC - not me!

HATE IT! People's Choice Awards

I love a cheesy award show as much as the next couch potato but even by my own particular TV standards, the noms for the upcoming People's Choice Awards are just plain...weird!

Take Best Actress in a TV Drama. I adore 'Gossip Girl's' Blake Lively...she's wonderful, wears clothes really well, but the buxom blonde has no business being nominated. If GG should have an actress nominee, she should be Leighton Meester. Her portrayal of queen bitch Blair is headband & shoulders above Blake's one-note, mumbly Serena. And if we're going to give 'Gossip Girl' true props....where's Ed Westwick? The 'Gossip Girl' nomination abomination is just the beginning of People's Choice Awards screw ups.

'Mad Men' doesn't even exist in the People's Choice warped reality. Jennifer Love Hewitt gets nominated. So does Charlie Sheen. You get my drift. All together now, "Ew!"

The only saving grace? 'Ugly Betty's' America Ferrera and '30 Rock's' Tiny Fey won nominations -- but that's it. Seriously. Check out the nominations for yourself here. The PCA will be chucked to the undeserving on January 6 on CBS.

RATE IT/HATE IT! Fridge Locker

This invention is either the silliest contraption ever created or pure genius. Right now, I'm leaning more towards genius... yes, it's exactly what it appears to be -- a locker to keep safe your refrigerated food.

If you share a home with a motley bunch of roommates, or rub shoulders with co-workers who enjoy the sport of stealing other people's lunches, then this fridge cage is for you. It's portable, it keeps thieving hands at bay. If you've had your lunch stolen, you know how annoying going hungry after a three hour power point presentation can be. I bet the person who dreamt up this lock & lunch box had his fill of his food-nappings.

Just one problem... the handle and the aforementioned portability. If lunch thieves REALLY want your BLT, they'll just cart the whole damn thing away. Use a screwdriver and voila, the lunch will be liberated.

So... maybe it's not such a good idea after all? I think that I'll stick with the moldy sandwich bags to keep my lunch safe instead...

Friday, November 13, 2009

RATE IT! January in November

Betty Draper is getting down & dirty live from New York!

January Jones of 'Mad Men' will be hosting SNL tomorrow. Let's hope she can break out of that ice princess persona with the help of Fred, Kristen & co. I'm hope, hope, hoping that a selection of her fellow 'Mad Men' cast members will make a surprise appearance much like they did when Jon Hamm hosted and John Slatterly & Elizabeth Moss showed up.

(photo: Frank Ockenfels for AMC)

Thanks to Gabrielle for the tip!

RATE IT! Lego Empire State Building

Why should all the rock stars and celebs have all the Lego fun?

Time to add iconic skyscrapers to the list of Lego-ized success stories.

Just in time for Christmas, the Empire State Building. Coming to a coffee table near you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

RATE IT! From the D'oh Files...

A new study out of Switzerland this week reports that chocolate reduces stress. Study subjects scarfed down 40g of dark chocolate (a little less than a regular sized Hershey bar) every day for a period of two weeks.

Doctors examined the blood and urine samples taken after the two weeks, and compared them to samples obtained prior to the two week chocolate feast. Levels of stress hormones were considerably lower in the post-chocolate results.

Hmmm. So how much money went into this study anyway? I could have told the scientists that chocolate is a fantastic stress buster. The whole thing seems suspect when you read that the brains behind this study is the Swiss Nestle Research Centre. Smells like shameless self promotion, eh Nestle? A chocolate bar a day keeps the doctors at bay. I'm no scientist but I could have told you that!

RATE IT! Gossip Girl 3-Ep. 10 Sneak Peek

Looks like Dan is a total chump once again, but what's worse... Lady GaGa will be upstaging everyone on next Monday's new ep. At least Jenny will have someone to compare bad makeup tips with.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day - November 11

With today being November 11, Remembrance Day in Canada, I'd like to take a moment to comment on the importance of the poppy, the symbol of remembrance.

No Price Too High

What does a poppy cost? Would you donate a twoonie or a quarter...or maybe even a five dollar bill?

November 11 is here. The days when you would be greeted by distinguished Veterans offering poppies in malls and in subway stations seem to be a relic of the past as many vets have passed away.

I am an Associate member of the Canadian Legion, having had several relatives involved in both world wars. In my 10 years of volunteering in the Legion's annual Poppy Campaign, I have been saddened to see donations are dwindling. Perhaps it's no longer sufficient to recognize that these brave individuals fought for our freedom. I've actually heard people scoff that they never purchase poppies...because in their minds they fund the drinking sessions of old war mongers - men who like to sit around and glorify wars & fighting. Such opinions are not only incorrect but cruel. It's surprising to think that the cost of freedom isn't enough to make folks donate. Perhaps if people knew that their money went towards, they'd be more eager to contribute:

~ assistance to needy ex-service personnel & their families

~ medical equipment for community health centres & hospitals

~ bursaries for students

~ programs for seniors such as Meals on Wheels

All of these good deeds are done with little to no press coverage or fanfare. Yes, the money does pay for an easier life for those folk who fought to keep Canada free, but also benefits all of us in the communities in which we live. Communities that would be quite different if certain sacrifices weren't made by these veterans.

What does a poppy cost? Truth be told, there is no cost associated with the Remembrance Day poppy. Ask a veteran and they'll tell you that the cost is up to the the cost of freedom cannot be measured. There is no price too high.

RATE IT! Sharing is Caring

So, how about someone sharing this snazzy Peanuts tee with me?!

I guess Pig Pen didn't make the cut for this promotional opportunity.

The world can always use more Snoopy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RATE IT! Sunny Days & Birthdays


My childhood just wouldn't have been the same without you! And I blame my lifelong addiction to cookies on you-know-who!

RATE IT! Street Fashion

It's the perfect time to celebrate Sesame Street's 40th birthday today with this retro look t-shirt.

Be fresh, be funky and be one with the Street!

Monday, November 9, 2009

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

Happy 8th Month Birthday, Zoey!!! You were so wee once!

RATE IT! Surprise Wedding Reception

The brilliant gang who brought 'Invisible Dogs' to the light of day -- Improv Everywhere -- have another nifty New York City video extravaganza.

You are cordially invited to a surprise wedding reception... enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2009

RATE IT! Tootsie Roll Wrap-Around

Beat the encroaching winter chill with some chocolately warmth.

Hate the candy, rate the acrylic accessory!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HATE IT! Blizzard Rip Off

Yesterday I received a very exciting email from the DQ Blizzard Fan Club. Okay, don't act all surprised that I am signed up to such a Bliz love is so *not* a secret, nor is it something to be ashamed of. Really!!

Anyway, the email announced this wonderfully exotic sounding Blizzard of the Month: the Girl Scouts Tagalongs Peanut Butter Patty Blizzard.

Oh. My. Just check this baby out. The photo makes my mouth water....creamy peanut butter, Girl Scout cookies...another marriage of chocolate and peanut butter, such a beautiful thing.

I spent a few minutes in a floaty sugar reverie...but after drooling over the photo for far too long, I suddenly snapped out of this ice cream nirvana. Tagalongs....tagalongs.... what the heck? Girl Guide cookies here in Canada come in only three traditional flavours. There's the combo boxes that have vanilla sandwich cookies riding shotgun with their chocolate sandwich counterparts. And then at another time during the year, the mint chocolate version are on offer. We've never, ever had something called Tagalongs. Me thinks my Blizzard Club email is ....from the States!

I quickly dialed into Google to pull up the Canadian Dairy Queen site and my suspicions were correct. This new Blizzard on the Block with its strange sounding Tagalongs is NOT AVAILABLE IN THE GREAT WHITE NORTH. No. No, DQ here is featuring a re-run as its Blizzard of the that I don't rate *at all*! So, our American cousins get treated with the Girl Guide Tagalong super duper freaking amazing Blizzard, while us Canucks get the short end of the stick with the unwelcome return of the Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard which was JUST HERE only a few months back in July.

I mean, seriously...if you're going to trot out a repeat Blizzard performance, why wouldn't you reintroduce a Blizz favourite like the Brownie Batter or the Midnight Truffle. Hate to say it, but DQ you've failed us.

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 9 Sneak Peek

Looks like we're in for more cheeky fun with the 'Gossip Girl' crew next Monday.

I just hope Eric and Little J aren't involved. Or Vanessa and her horrible, ratty don't.

OM3, indeed!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

RATE IT! Google Gets Sesame'd

Birthdays are always worth celebrating even if the party starts several days before the *actual* birthday.

Iconic kiddies' TV show, 'Sesame Street' turns 40 on November 10. To mark the upcoming birthday, Google has configured characters from the Street into their home page logo. North Americans were treated to Big Bird while UK Googlers got the Cookie Monster.

Happy Happy, Joy Ren and Stimpy would say!

Happy *Early* Birthday, Sesame Street!

RATE IT! Want S'more?

Then this t-shirt from David and Goliath tees was made for you.

With the Autumn chill swirling forth, maybe some gooey, warm marshmallowy campfire memories are what we really need right about now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

Seems I'm not the only one impatient for the rain to stop...

RATE IT! Unclutterer Gets Booked

The Unclutterer website is one of my favourite places to visit in the web universe.

Creator Erin Doland and her crew offers tips on how to lead an organized, clutter free existence. A clutter free life allows you to live more freely, not tied down by useless items that gunk up your home and mind. If you don't have as much stuff to clean around, or squeeze by in your is easier, calmer. You can focus on what's really important, not that pile of newspapers hiding out under the chair in the corner. Being a big geek where it comes to keeping my place tidy and under control, I find her site inspiring, helpful and just plain fun to read. See? I *am* a neatness geek!

Obviously, I'm not alone in my adoration as Erin has a brand new book out today, "Unclutter Your Life in One Week." Erin's approach to an uncluttered lifestyle is never preachy or judgmental. She's like your super organized best friend who pops 'round with the most useful gems of advice.

Can't wait to read it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

RATE IT! I Love London

I *really* do.

This pillow would look very comfy on my couch.

If I can't go to London personally, best to bring it home to me...via mail order.

I know, I know. It's not the same as *being* there. Don't rub it in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

RATE IT! Bat-Dog!

Batman was sooooo 2008....

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