Monday, November 23, 2009

RATE IT! An App A Day...

...keeps boredom away! And probably the doctor too.

As a relatively new iPhone owner, I'm still discovering new apps that rock my world. It's been surprising to me how many apps are lifesavers -- relatively speaking!

The 'Around Me' app is totally necessary - it's always handy to know the whereabouts of the closest gas station, drug store or bank especially when you're stuck in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. 'Sit or Squat', self-explanatory! When you gotta go, you gotta go -- and knowing "where" is half the battle. 'iTip' makes good sense for splitting a restaurant bill with friends, 'Flixster' displays the latest flicks, DVD releases & nearby theatres and then there are the usual suspects, Facebook, Wikipedia and Google Earth *all* keep me updated and informed.

At this stage in my iPhone adventure, the king of the hill in my apps universe is...'Shazam'! I encounter identifiable music quite often & then rack my brain for days trying to figure out a song's name & artist. 'Shazam' faces the music and comes up trumps with the goods -- artist, song title -- along with a link as to where I can purchase it & even peruse lyrics, it's the app that keeps on giving. Me likey.

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