Friday, November 28, 2008

RATE IT! Snoopy Come Home

Melancholy alert! This video features a sad scene from 'Snoopy Come Home' -- Snoopy sets off to find his original owner, leaving Charlie Brown alone. You don't have to be a dog person to be touched by this segment -- for anyone who wishes they had more 'hellos' and fewer 'goodbyes.'

RATE IT! Buy Nothing Day

Today, the day after American Thanksgiving is traditionally known as 'Black Friday'. It signals the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. Stores in the States typically open in the early hours to allow for the crazy crush of shopping shenanigans to get a head start.

Back in 1992, this day following Thanksgiving also became known as 'Buy Nothing Day.' In a response to the buying bonanza of Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day urges people to put down their credit cards and refrain from the rabid course of consumerism -- at least for one day. Typically the shoppers out number those souls who choose to keep their wallets firmly planted in their purses -- but this year with all the economic woes, perhaps the Buy Nothing folk will have more followers?
Well, obviously the movement is catching -- Buy Nothing Day is also noted in the UK and elsewhere around the globe.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek - Episode 12

Glitter alert! The next episode of 'Gossip Girl' features Chuck in a bedazzled suit! Meh, I'm still keen. Plenty of intrigue going on here -- and (shhh!!! spoiler.....) this the episode with the killing off of a main cast member? Looks like it. 

RATE IT! Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

You don't have to be Stateside to enjoy one of the most fantastic of American Thanksgiving traditions -- the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade! Monstrous balloon cartoon characters floating through the Big Apple entertain children & adults alike! If you can't be there in person (I'm going for the 1st time ever!), watch on television, or later on YouTube, and forget all your worries and just ENJOY! Sure to bring a smile to your face.

(photo: AP Photo)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RATE IT! Four Christmases

A modern day gem of a Christmas movie is about as hard to come by as an Elmo doll on Black Friday. Seriously, just give it a think for a moment. In the last few years we've had 'Elf', 'Love Actually' and um, that's it really! We'd have to step back into the 80s to pick up 'One Magic Christmas', 'Christmas Vacation', and...not much else. See! A good holiday movie is a dime a dozen (and don't get me started on the dreadful 'The Holiday'. Kate Winslet should be ashamed!).

Well, I've been very good this year -- no pouting, no crying -- so I'm hoping that Santa will deliver a stellar Christmas movie in today's theatrical release, 'Four Christmases.'

For starters, its pedigree is quite impressive. It stars Reese Witherspoon, who rarely chooses a stinker of a script, and Vince Vaughn is worth a laugh or five, so hopefully this flick will deliver the Christmas cheer. And its premise is right on target. Who hasn't had a Christmas that wasn't all sugar plums and harmonious family dinners? Exactly! We've all been there! All bets are on that this charmer will restore our faith in holiday movies and give us all something to laugh about after a tough year. Even Santa would pledge that we deserve it!

RATE IT! Girl Guides - They Care

The humble Girl Guide cookie. An institution. You don't mess with institutions - unless you live in Canada. When I heard that the Guides were tampering with their recipe for the famous sandwich cookies, I got nervous. But perhaps I don't have to worry -- the Guides, always caring, always helpful -- are busy sifting & measuring ingredients (or, more like Dare Cookies are doing the dirty work) to make a cookie with 90% less trans fats. 

I never gave the fats, or nutritional data in these cookies any thought (heck - they're COOKIES!) but obviously someone does. As long as they taste as sweet & comforting as they do now, I'm all for it. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RATE IT! Sex and the City Sequel News

SATC fans, looks like the wait for the sequel to this year's hit won't be long in the making! Speaking exclusively to MTV, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that the movie may kick off its shoot next summer with a hopeful theatrical release in 2010. 

Story ideas are still being constructed, however, SJP doubts that Carrie & Big will be welcoming any sprogs in the second installment. Guess it was a good thing that Big reno'd a massive closet and not a nursery in their new apartment in movie #1!

(photo: NewLine)

RATE IT! Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

For all my American friends about to embark on their Thanksgiving celebrations later this week (and anyone else who enjoys the fabulousness that is a Charlie Brown television classic), here's a clip from the Thanksgiving special. I love the cornucopia of kid-friendly food that Snoopy & Woodstock prepared. FYI: the person who put this video up on YouTube took the liberty of editing parts of the special together -- still plenty of fun!

RATE IT! Ptikobj

You got a dog trapped in your guitar... Argh! I *love* this cartoon!!! Created by the twisted genius who brought Salad Fingers into the world...this video is based on some weird a** dreams. I first watched this piece on the Fat Pie website a few years ago; kudos to the artist for putting it up on YouTube so more people can enjoy its brilliant oddness. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

RATE IT! No Kiss of Death for Lipstick Jungle

The snarky television vultures can stop circling! The reported demise of 'Lipstick Jungle' is **hurrah** wrong! According to star Brooke Shields and Ben Silverman, NBC's Co-Chairman, the show is still filming, still breathing...and not cancelled. Its recent move to a Friday time slot has grabbed 50% more viewers. It's a great show! Honestly! The tube needs more shows about smart, successful women. Need more reasons? The clothes, it's shot in NYC, their loyal friendships!

And if you're still not convinced and need *another* reason to tune in, check out actor Robert Buckley who plays Kirby on 'Lipstick Jungle' being interviewed by TV Guide Broadband. Man-candy! Oh, yes. 

HATE IT! No Monday Gossip

My body, my mind is going through major 'Gossip Girl' withdrawal. It's Thanksgiving week in the States so most TV series are airing repeats. 'Gossip Girl' is trendily following suit. Some people are addicted to booze, others gambling or even shopping. Me, it's GG all the way. I'm cursing this evening's television choices because none of them offers up what I crave the most. So, until next Monday (December 1st, can you believe it?) we must do without. My brain obviously is rebelling. I'm freakin' *dreaming* GG now. Chuck Bass was all through my dream last night, and I was dressed like that muppet, little Little J. What's up with that? Couldn't I at least have been bitchy Blair? Come back, GG!

(Blair & Chuck GG photo: The CW)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

RATE IT! Giggsy & Owen Connect Four

Yes, I'm still in a funk because Owen Hargreaves is out for the count this season - but the timing of this video is just about perfect! 

Here's Owen playing his United team-mate (and legend!) Ryan Giggs in Connect Four. The snippet is from the upcoming Manchester United 2009 Annual DVD chock full of funny challenges & situations for our team. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

RATE IT! Strawberry Switchblade

Here's another fave from the 80's, Strawberry Switchblade. From Scotland with love...and polka dots! Their first hit is here for your enjoyment; from their 1985 album release, here's 'Since Yesterday.' Pretty!

Friday, November 21, 2008

RATE IT! Toast -- With Paul Young

Hilarious!! I have this song in my iPod -- the song, "Toast" by Streetband which featured Brit 80's crooner Paul Young on lead vocals waaayyyyy before he was known for "Love of the Common People" and other Brit hits. I'd never seen a video for this ditty but here it is from 1978 & Top of the Pops!! Check out that hair. Oh, Paul!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

RATE IT! Snoopy Come Home

Snoopy Come Home is one Charlie Brown special that rarely sees the light of day on television. It's a wonderfully moving little movie that deserves to be shown. Here's a delightful short scene featuring Woodstock & Snoopy as they set up camp one night. Enjoy!

RATE IT! Chocolate Scrabble

Addicted to your Wii and find traditional board games a bore? Well, here's a new take on a classic that will make the genre a little more palatable

Belly up to the board and get a taste for Chocolate Scrabble! Yep, Scrabble just got a whole new guest star! Chocolate letters help gamers get a delectable appreciation for triple word scores! Eat your way through this vocab challenge & hunger for the right to call yourself champ!

Is it just me or does the prospect of returning to your XBox leave you a bit...empty. Fulfill your appetite for winning -- with Chocolate Scrabble!

RATE IT! History of Mail Order

Internet shopping with all its ease & simplicity is a joy we take for granted but its in-home shopping predecessor, the catalog, is still alive & kicking, and racking up salesl!

This fun new tome, 'Catalog: The History of Mail Order' turns the page on what was the internet shopping of its day. Catalogs may not be as prevalent as they were say, twenty or thirty years ago, but they're still chugging along. Just who doesn't enjoy the J-Crew or Crate & Barrel catalogs? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HATE IT! Australia - the Movie

The hype machine for the new epic theatrical feature, 'Australia' has begun to pollute the media.

The film opens in late November in North America and closer to mid-December for other regions including the UK. I so don't care about this film - it looks to be a complete bum number, a movie that goes on far too long and is a snorefest to boot. 

Not even the promise of Hugh Jackman shirtless will pull me into the theatre. Now, I don't have anything against Australia ... but I do detest Nicole Kidman! Watching her waxy botox'd to the hilt visage for several *yawn* hours is not my idea of a good time. I'll pass, thanks!

I like my actresses to be able to show emotions -- with mobile facial features. 

RATE IT! Wallace & Gromit Return

Count yourself lucky if you live in the UK! The BBC has announced that fan favourites, Wallace and his faithful dog, Gromit will be making a grand re-entrance onto television screens this Christmas.

The comedic cartoon pair & their new bakery 'Top Bun' will star in the 30 minute special, "A Matter of Loaf and Death." 

Lucky ducks, you Brits! Hopefully, this feature will arrive on our side of the pond in time for next Christmas. 

(photo: BBC)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HATE IT! Yahoo's Hot Hollywood Hunks

Ew!! Yahoo's 'OMG' gossip page has calculated Hollywood's 25 Hottest Hunks. A list of comely stars - I'm down with that - but who actually decided on who deserved a spot on this list?

Usual suspects, George Clooney, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, yeah they're all there. Typical. But the choice for #1 shocked me...Josh Brolin! 

Seriously? Seriously! WTF? I don't get it. Over Beckham...over Gerard Butler, Anderson Cooper, Daniel Craig & Robert Downey Jr. Seriously! Was Diane Lane in charge of this ranking system?

I refuse to put a photo of Josh with this post. He's not hot, he's not funny (horrible on SNL!) and I'll take this opportunity as a chance to put up a shot of the lovely Robert Downey Jr. instead.

(photo: Getty Images)

RATE IT! Wall-E Travels to Video

Not your usual Disney hero!

Pixar's adorable junk robot, Wall-E makes his DVD debut today. Be sure to treat yourself to this little gem.

Monday, November 17, 2008

HATE IT! Innie, Outie...Nothing at All?

When you're a striking, blonde Victoria's Secret model, it's not unusual to leave the fashion world a buzz after your latest catwalk strut, or photo shoot frolic. But for Czech beauty, Karolina Kurkova this past weekend's Miami Victoria's Secret fashion shoot had people pointing for a whole different reason. 

The girl does not have a belly button. Not an innie, or an outie...just a....nothing!

According to the UK's Daily Mirror, Karolina's absent navel is something that magazines just end up airbrushing in for their pictorials. One fashion insider is quoted as saying, "We keep a collection of belly button shots in different positions, and Photoshop them onto her whenever she's doing a bikini picture."

Karolina seems to have no qualms about her unique feature, and was front & centre during the weekend's Victoria Secret fashion show (as pictured, right). Still gorgeous, just a little...freaky!

(photo: AP Photo)

RATE IT! Toasted Notes

Post-it notes. Yep, they're pretty much a necessary for office life but also pretty boring! Luckily you have me to make office supplies fun! Yeah, I'm a big office supply geek -- so sue me!

All hail the toasted notes! A pre-fab slice of toasted goodness is the base for your buttery yellow sticky notes. Cool, eh? For other toasted goodness, hop over here & here.

RATE IT! Franz Ferdinand ~ Michael

Waiting for new Franz Ferdinand product is proving difficult. To help pass time, here's the stellar track 'Michael' from Franz's debut album. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

RATE IT! Stoke Get Spanked

It's raining, it's pouring and Stoke is in mourning! 

The dismal weather can't unleash a downpour on my mood -- Manchester United slammed Stoke City 5-0 today in the English Premiership. Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 100th EPL goal...and his 101st. All is right in the world.

(photo: AP Photo)

Friday, November 14, 2008

RATE IT! Six Million Dollar Man

It's Friday...and I am feeling silly. It's frightening that I can recite the entire opening to this TV series from the '70s.

RATE IT! Bond-anza

The wait is over!

Bond is back as 'Quantum of Solace' opens today in North America.

Ignore the awkward title and enjoy! This film offers something for every film fan: non-stop action sequences, scantily clad Bond babes bouncing about & Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Rumour has it that he hung up his tiny blue bathing trunks this time around, but that won't stop us from gawking. Nope! Can't get rid of us *that* easily.

(photo: Sony Pictures)

RATE IT! Now You Won't Forget...

Do you often sprint out the door leaving behind your iPod, subway tokens...maybe even your keys?

Fear not, your forgetfulness is now a thing of the past -- with this Doorganizer. Stow all your easy to forget items in the various compartments of this organizer, then slip it over the door knob. You won't be able to leave home without glancing upon its bounty. 

And if by chance you do slip out without dipping in, then you're a lost cause (sorry!).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

HATE IT! Leaving the Lipstick Jungle

If it wasn't bad enough that it's a dreary, wet November afternoon gloomily slipping into the dark ages of yet another winter...comes the news that the guilty pleasure that is 'Lipstick Jungle' has been cancelled by the brain trust at NBC. For shame! We need more female based television shows, not less! If only the peacock network gave shows a chance to find their audience like the plucky CW does. Not happy. Still hoping for a last minute stay from execution. NBC hasn't issued their official press release but if rumours are swirling,'s probably a done deal.

RATE IT! All-Star Marks & Sparks TV Ad

LOVE Christmas! Love all the fun-filled television adverts!

Here's one that caught my eye because it features Take That who I adore along with a harem of famous women: models Twiggy, Lily Cole, Erin O'Connor & Noemie Lenoir, as well as UK TV presenter & musician, Myleene Klass.

Celebrating the season all for UK retailer Marks & Spencer. Just one question...where was the mistletoe?

RATE IT! Paul Rudd on SNL

Actor Paul Rudd will be guest hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend. As a charter member of Judd Apatow's crew, he's generally quite silly so hopefully we're in for a treat Saturday.

Beyonce will be the musical guest. 

Oh, and as well...Paul will be on the Conan O'Brien show this evening too.

RATE IT! Inchworm on Sesame Street

Classic scene from 'Sesame Street' - adorable!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek - Episode 11

It's American Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side (oh, and down in Brooklyn too) in TV land. Time for turkey with all the trimmings, and family drama! Looks like 'Man Bangs' has much to think about! Here's a peek of next Monday's episode.

WANT IT! Food Mini's

I may be an adult, but toys like these food minis, send me right back to Grade 3! Teeny tiny plastic food items, ten different sets in all. You bet your Malibu Barbie, I want them all! No broccoli, no salads, just all the FUN stuff, like ice cream, fresh baked cookies & cupcakes, apple pie and donuts! They even offer s'mores and fair ground junk like cotton candy! Wahey!

Oh, sorry....just spotted some fruit smoothies in one pack, they're healthy but I'll just push those ones to the side. 

Too bad they're not edible. Put all these items together in real life and you'd have yourself quite the pig out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HATE IT! Owen's Season is Over

Sad afternoon. Owen Hargreaves, my favourite footie player, is officially done for the season, and will not be back in the Manchester United squad until next year.

Owen underwent surgery on his damaged right knee in Colorado yesterday, and United are reporting that his other knee will go under the knife in a few weeks time. BOTH knees? Who knew? What took so long to actually *do* something about his injury? Hopefully these ops are just the ticket to getting Owen back on the pitch to resume his stellar career. I don't even want to think of the alternative.

Such bad timing too; United could really use Owen in midfield. Trying to see the positives but just not there yet...

(photo: Manchester United)

RATE IT! Blake's New Cover

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively brightens up the latest cover of 'W' magazine. I'm so relieved that the previous issue with the Angelina Jolie cover is now GONE from the newstand. Blake's fresh, vibrant...and lives up to her surname! The photo, however, is not the most attractive shot of Blake. She's a pretty girl, but looks hard here. Hmmm, what do I know? Guess that's why I'm not a highly paid photo editor. Read more here.

(photo: gossipgirlinsider)

RATE IT! Return to Form Thanks to Blair

ATTENTION! Please tread carefully in this post, and watch for falling spoilers...

Blair Waldorf...I love you! I love you because you, my dear, saved 'Gossip Girl' last night - again! Your witty banter with Serena regarding your Mother's new stubby, chubby paramour -- priceless.

On a night that revealed very little of our favourite puppet master Chuck, you single-handedly brought back our love for your show. Last week's Little J plot hi-jacking left us annoyed ...oh, and disgusted with her poorly applied eye kohl. Renegade fashion designer? Don't make me laugh! Bratty, selfish child in need of a good smack, more like! 

Once upon a television show, a very wise woman declared that karma's like a boomerang (Big Brother's Janelle, anyone?), and by heck...IT IS! Jenny is getting her's! Oh yeah. Agnes, the "model" (ahem...isn't she too short to be a catwalk stunner?!) torched Little J's balled-up dresses. Jen, darling...the now-cinderized dresses, if they *were* your line's samples for buyers, you don't leave them crumpled up on the cockroach-scurried floor of Agnes' loft! LOVE to say it ~ Jenny, you sure did deserve the smock inferno after lying, stealing and being an all around brat with Agnes. I'd burn them too. And I'd hock her sewing machine to boot.

And Dan...well, he got to be bad for a few minutes last night. Did I like him more because of his walk on the temporary wild side? Ah, no. He's bugging me. Terribly. Now that he's not with S, he seems lost with nothing real to do on the show but interlope into other characters' story lines. I think he might need more help catching a wave of a story arc than Vanessa!

(Blair photo: the CW)

Remembrance Day - November 11

With today being November 11, Remembrance Day in Canada, I'd like to take a moment to comment on the importance of the poppy, the symbol of remembrance.

No Price Too High

What does a poppy cost? Would you donate a twoonie or a quarter...or maybe even a five dollar bill?

November 11 is here. The days when you would be greeted by distinguished Veterans offering poppies in malls and in subway stations seem to be a relic of the past as many vets have passed away. 

I am an Associate member of the Canadian Legion, having had several relatives involved in both world wars. In my 10 years of volunteering in the Legion's annual Poppy Campaign, I have been saddened to see donations are dwindling. Perhaps it's no longer sufficient to recognize that these brave individuals fought for our freedom. I've actually heard people scoff that they never purchase poppies...because in their minds they fund the drinking sessions of old war mongers - men who like to sit around and glorify wars & fighting. Such opinions are not only incorrect but cruel. It's surprising to think that the cost of freedom isn't enough to make folks donate. Perhaps if people knew that their money went towards, they'd be more eager to contribute:

~ assistance to needy ex-service personnel & their families

~ medical equipment for community health centres & hospitals

~ bursaries for students

~ programs for seniors such as Meals on Wheels

All of these good deeds are done with little to no press coverage or fanfare. Yes, the money does pay for an easier life for those folk who fought to keep Canada free, but also benefits all of us in the communities in which we live. Communities that would be quite different if certain sacrifices weren't made by these veterans.

What does a poppy cost? Truth be told, there is no cost associated with the Remembrance Day poppy. Ask a veteran and they'll tell you that the cost is up to the the cost of freedom cannot be measured. There is no price too high.

Monday, November 10, 2008

WANT IT! Splat Stan

What some comedy (or tragedy!) with your coffee? Check out this silly coaster, Splat Stan.

Hopefully your Monday will be better than his!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

RATE IT! Kool-Aid Retro Commercial

OH YEAH!!!! 

Let's time travel back to a kinder, gentler era...when kids played outside, rode bikes without helmets and walked to school on their own. And parents were not afraid of their children speaking to the wacky, renegade Kool-Aid man! Quench your thirst with this retro replay!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

RATE IT! Ronaldo Magic Rubs Off?

Funny Nike video featuring Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, and team kit manager, Albert Morgan. Will Ronaldo's magic rub off on his kit? Watch and find out!

Thanks to c9 for the tip!

WANT IT! Inchworm Friend

Mr. Inchworm...he's cute. Soft. Not a real insect, therefore, I like him. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek - Episode 10

Quick peek at next Monday's new episode of 'Gossip Girl' --- viewers, it's safe! A Little J-free zone!

RATE IT! Propaganda ~ Duel

Here's a gem from the '80s! Propaganda! Ah, how I loved them! A quirky new wave band from Germany. Signed to ZTT, and part of the Paul Morley/Trevor Horn stable, Propaganda, along with label mates, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and The Art of Noise, caused a storm of  controversy for obscure references and avant garde publicity techniques. Ultimately, none of this toying with the press mattered to pop kids. The music was just plain cool! Here's one of their better known cuts, 'Duel.' Weird but in a good way!

RATE IT! MyCuppa

Never fear! The days of having a tea that's too milky, or a cuppa that's too strong are OVER!

Now you can graciously accept a warm bevvie from your mates or work colleagues. These ingenious tea & coffee mugs from Suck UK take the guess work out of the perfect brew! Just tell your friends what colour you'd like your drink, and they can literally match the tone of your tea or coffee to the colour wheel decorating the mug's inner lip. Be it 'milky' or 'classic British', there are several choices to keep you happily caffeinated throughout your day. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

RATE IT! SNL - Barry Gibb Talk Show

Somewhat of an oldie - well, from when Jimmy Fallon was still on SNL a few seasons back - the often talked about 'Barry Gibb Talk Show' clip is here for your enjoyment! Justin Timberlake guest-stars as Robin Gibb. Sing us into the weekend, boys! Note from LTG: this clip sometimes appears as 'not available' -- so if you cannot view, I apologize. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not! Grrr!

RATE IT! Chuck Bass - the Model

The enigmatic Chuck Westwick, actually, is the new eye candy in the upcoming K-Swiss campaign for their classic sneakers.

K-Swiss will feature Ed in both their print and TV campaigns, and most importantly, will showcase his band 'The Filthy Youth'. The sports company is hoping that the mix of music and cool Brit stylings will have fans of 'Gossip Girl' hooked. Watch out for the campaign to kick off next February.

(photo: The CW)

HATE IT! Barack & the Hammers

With Barack Obama being voted in as the next President of the United States, the press has moved ahead full throttle with even *more* whacko stories about the President elect.

British press is reporting that Barack is a staunch supporter of West Ham United in the English Premiership. Apparently, once a few years back, he visited the footie academy while in London. As far as I can gather, no further sightings have been bagged, no papps have snapped pix of him sporting their kit. 

One visit a fan makes? I'm not convinced. If he *is* a Hammers fan, good luck to him. He'll need it! (and yeah, that is the Manchester United fan in me speaking!)

RATE IT! Cover Kates

It's a good month for magazines. First Kate Winslet graces the cover of 'Vanity Fair', and now Kate Beckinsale, the other wonderful British Kate, shows off for the December UK 'Elle.' 

Classy, sassy, these two actresses could teach many an American starlet a thing or two. 

HATE IT! Twilight

Some people never tire of the vampire genre. It's a particularly endearing topic for teens with vampires being painted as dark, misunderstood, a bit...different. What teen hasn't felt that way too? Even when I was a teenager, I didn't care much for blood sucking deviants but for one exception: 'The Lost Boys.' 

To me, this whole 'Twilight' thang seems to be 'The Lost Boys' redux for the Noughties. It all comes off a tad crap and overdone. Count me out, I won't be lining up at the local Cineplex but I do hope for all those rabid fans that the flick lives up to their beloved books. There's nothing worse than a film adaptation that destroys the vision created by the novel. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WANT IT! Union Jack Coffee Table

I'm in awe! I just love this Union Jack coffee table. Everything is illuminated - literally! 

Forget about Austin Powers, I want it! Groovy!

RATE IT! Sex and the City - the Sequel!

Once was definitely not enough, and now Kim Cattrall agrees! Speaking with Spice Girl, Mel B on the Paul O'Grady talk show in Britain yesterday, Kim confirmed that yes, there will be a 'Sex and the City' movie sequel. Kim didn't uncover any further details but her declaration is fantastic news for SATC fans. 

Rumours were ripe with the first movie, that Kim was the reason why the flick didn't happen straight after the series conclusion. To hear that Kim is raring to go even before a script is available means we're a quarter of the way there!

(photo: Getty Images)

HATE IT! U2 Tower

As if we didn't need any further proof that U2's Bono has an ego the size of a skyscraper, comes this story regarding the construction of Dublin's tallest structure, dubbed the U2 Tower. 

The $250 million dollar building would contain ultra-ritzy apartments, and a penthouse recording studio for Bono & his boys. And don't you know it, the tower of power will be named after...U2. 

That wacky Bono. He's the man. He *knows* better than most. Not only does he feel that he can tell politicians on occasion what to do, but builders & city planners as well. The only saving grace? The tough economic situ means the build is on hold - for now. Maybe Bono should fork over some of his filthy lucre to help break ground, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

And is it just me, or is Bono visually morphing into comedian Robin Williams?

(photo: AP)

WANT IT! Cadbury Winfall

Sure, Hallowe'en just wrapped up, and Christmas is a mere 7 weeks or so in the distance but is there *any* chance that the holidays could arrive several weeks early? They'd have to if we have any hopes of devouring this bounty of chocolate joy from Cadbury's! MASSIVE!

And it will give me plenty of time to source one someone to take all the fruit & nut interlopers off my hands. Chocolate shouldn't be messed with; it's powerful enough on its own and doesn't require any guest stars. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HATE IT! Gossip Gulp!

It had to happen. We've been cheekily slinking along at a fast, devil-may-care clip, enjoying the Upper East Side jousting, the vicious back-stabbing, the tantalizing weekly frenemy wars. Life as a hanger-on in the 'Gossip Girl' clique was dishy and deliciously fantastic. Until last night. Until the story line stumble inside Manhattan's Palace Hotel where 'Gossip Girl' collapsed into a ridiculous, farce of script insanity. 

Oh, how it pains me! I devour each and every minute of this show, my TV week revolves around GG's sharp edge, so for it to reach so high and then fail miserably, so ridiculously, well I'm in mourning. Not just for myself but for poor Chuck, Blair and Serena who must all feel let down too. Little J, Dan, Rufus? I blame you (well, the writers actually) for the whack job of a story arc last night. Jenny, the 15 year old punky fashion designer? Pul-lease! You single-handedly ruined the show. Proud of yourself, you brat?! The parents were acting like brainless teens, Dan -- DAN! -- oh, how I want to smack that smug holier than thou smirk off your face, and Chuck -- your main asset GG brass, you left Chuck Bass with *nothing* to do! What a waste! I know much of the show is far-fetched but this one really took the prize for an 'almost' (and I cringe to mouth these words) jump the shark moment.  

I hope the writers take this episode as a much needed wake-up call. Last night sucked. Chuck even looked a bit green around the edges. Time to re-evaluate Jenny's role (um, let me 'bout give her a lesser one!)...Dan's behaviour and Lilly's continued quest to remain 'hip' and down with the kids. Fix IT! I'll forgive you for now but remember -- and you dear writers should know this fact better than *anyone* -- loyalty is hard to come by on the Upper East Side. Same can be said for television viewers.

(photo: The CW)

RATE IT! Bank on Box Office Bond

It comes as no surprise that the new Daniel Craig led Bond flick, 'Quantum of Solace' has been breaking box office records over in Europe.

Box office receipts sang to the tune of over 15 million pounds during its opening weekend in Britain, surpassing the previous title holder for biggest weekend, 2005's 'Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire'. Film fans in Sweden & France are following their Brit counterparts and flocking to the cinema for 007 as well.

Feeling left out? I am! The movie doesn't open here until November 14. Sounds like we're in for a treat!

RATE IT! Fair Ground Blizzard

In Canada, the Dairy Queen Blizzard treat of the month has gone all crazy like Templeton the Rat in Charlotte's Web.*

Don't get the reference? That's okay! The November blizzard is a definite fairground attraction...step right up and meet the Cotton Candy Blizzard!

I'm almost too freaked out to try it. Has anyone had one? Is it disgusting? Or, pure carnival candy joy? Well, in lieu of tasting this pink goo, I'm giving the recipe my approval because it's kinda cool. Such artificial colours! What cotton candy has to do with November in Canada is beyond me, but I'll overlook that oddity. 

*As for Templeton, he devoured a Big Top's worth of junk food including cotton candy in the story. If you've seen the fantastic animated version from 1973, you will definitely know the sequence that I'm talking about! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

RATE IT! Invasion of the Lego Men

Residents of Brighton in the UK were dumbfounded when this huge Lego Man washed ashore last week. 

He's the spitting image of a Lego dude that made landfall in the Netherlands in August last year, spare the blue slogan shirt. The BBC is reporting that the figures are from a Dutch artist with an exhibition on the horizon in London. Some people will go to great lengths for publicity! 

(UK Lego Man photo: BBC; Dutch Lego geezer: AFP)

RATE IT! 10th Annual Chocolate Show

Time to visit the mother ship!

The 10th Annual Chocolate Show is being held in NYC next week. Imagine! Three days of talking about chocolate, watching chef demonstrations and SAMPLING. Sounds like the ideal holiday to me. The show runs from November 7 - 9 in Manhattan. When do we leave?
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