Friday, November 14, 2008

RATE IT! Bond-anza

The wait is over!

Bond is back as 'Quantum of Solace' opens today in North America.

Ignore the awkward title and enjoy! This film offers something for every film fan: non-stop action sequences, scantily clad Bond babes bouncing about & Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Rumour has it that he hung up his tiny blue bathing trunks this time around, but that won't stop us from gawking. Nope! Can't get rid of us *that* easily.

(photo: Sony Pictures)

1 comment:

LoveLamps said...

What? No itsy bitsy swim trunks! Does that mean he's full on naked? Oh I'm so bad. Must stop now. Giddy over London and just generally out of control. Must stop drinking sweet tea immediately!

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