Thursday, November 20, 2008

RATE IT! Chocolate Scrabble

Addicted to your Wii and find traditional board games a bore? Well, here's a new take on a classic that will make the genre a little more palatable

Belly up to the board and get a taste for Chocolate Scrabble! Yep, Scrabble just got a whole new guest star! Chocolate letters help gamers get a delectable appreciation for triple word scores! Eat your way through this vocab challenge & hunger for the right to call yourself champ!

Is it just me or does the prospect of returning to your XBox leave you a bit...empty. Fulfill your appetite for winning -- with Chocolate Scrabble!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

All I would do is eat the game rather then play it! And can you imagine the mess? How in the world would you play the game more then once if all the letters are eaten? They probably sell more chocolate scrabble letters separately but thats just too much money if I have to buy more letters, play it once maybe twice if I'm a good girl, then buy more letters for the next game?!

That is insanity.

The sad thing is I would probably buy it anyway, just for pure conversational value.

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