Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RATE IT! Return to Form Thanks to Blair

ATTENTION! Please tread carefully in this post, and watch for falling spoilers...

Blair Waldorf...I love you! I love you because you, my dear, saved 'Gossip Girl' last night - again! Your witty banter with Serena regarding your Mother's new stubby, chubby paramour -- priceless.

On a night that revealed very little of our favourite puppet master Chuck, you single-handedly brought back our love for your show. Last week's Little J plot hi-jacking left us annoyed ...oh, and disgusted with her poorly applied eye kohl. Renegade fashion designer? Don't make me laugh! Bratty, selfish child in need of a good smack, more like! 

Once upon a television show, a very wise woman declared that karma's like a boomerang (Big Brother's Janelle, anyone?), and by heck...IT IS! Jenny is getting her's! Oh yeah. Agnes, the "model" (ahem...isn't she too short to be a catwalk stunner?!) torched Little J's balled-up dresses. Jen, darling...the now-cinderized dresses, if they *were* your line's samples for buyers, you don't leave them crumpled up on the cockroach-scurried floor of Agnes' loft! LOVE to say it ~ Jenny, you sure did deserve the smock inferno after lying, stealing and being an all around brat with Agnes. I'd burn them too. And I'd hock her sewing machine to boot.

And Dan...well, he got to be bad for a few minutes last night. Did I like him more because of his walk on the temporary wild side? Ah, no. He's bugging me. Terribly. Now that he's not with S, he seems lost with nothing real to do on the show but interlope into other characters' story lines. I think he might need more help catching a wave of a story arc than Vanessa!

(Blair photo: the CW)



Couldn't agree more about last night's episode. Blair made it worth watching. Now writers, hear me when I say "BRING US MORE CHUCK BASS" or I'll so stop TiVOing you. I mean it. Just ask Boston Legal. They are completely off my TiVO. Don't let me down!

PS - totally bored with TV this season outside of Gossip Girl and Dexter and oh The Starter Wife (of which, I'm sad to say, I'm even starting to tire as well). Thank GOD Top Chef is coming back this week. Any other suggestions? I half watch The Mentalist, only because Simon is so lovely.

Jackie said...

Definitely The Mentalist, LL. Oh, and I am very partial to Lipstick Jungle.

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