Monday, June 30, 2008

RATE IT! Daniel Craig ~ 007

Daniel Craig ~ Let's just gaze upon the perfection that is that latest James Bond...

The new 007 flick, 'Quantum of Solace' is currently filming & will open in theatres in November but the trailer was leaked onto the internet today - wahey!!! AOL will be 'officially' posting the trailer this afternoon but if you want an early jump on the action click here.

RATE IT! The Filthy Youth

Chuck Bass is a bad ass rocker!

Look closely at this picture -- spot actor Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl, second guy from the left...

Meet 'The Filthy Youth', Ed's London-based band. Apparently, Ed's been rockin' out with this lot ages before he uttered his famous line, "I'm Chuck Bass." Two of his band's tunes have been featured in an episode of GG (remember the ep with the secret pool party? That one.). Actually, they're pretty good. I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I found out the two songs that I wanted to hear again from that episode were actually his. The band is currently unsigned, and I'm sure they're not getting to practice their chops as much these days with Ed causing havoc on the Upper East Side, but they do perform gigs here and there so be sure to look out for them. 

Sunday, June 29, 2008

RATE IT! Spain Wins the Euro!

All hail Iker Casillas, Cesc Fabregas, Nando Torres & the rest of Spain's fabulous footie team.

Congrats, guys!!

I was hating the Euro but you totally redeemed the entire tournament with your gutsy play and never say die attitude.

Great to see the good guys finish first! Next time, it's England's turn (better qualify next time!).


RATE IT! Euro 2008 Final -- In Honour of Cesc Fabregas

Today's Euro finale features Spain and Germany -- I'm cheering for Spain and in honour of the team and the fabulous contribution from Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas, I'm posting clips from his show that debuted on Sky in the UK back in May. 

I *hate* Arsenal -- there's no two ways about it, but Cesc...I cannot hate him. Just can't do it. Totally charming, a great's to Cesc and let's hope that Spain wins today!

HATE IT! Owen Hargreaves Vanished!

Or so it seems! The Champions League finale wrapped up back in May, and Owen disappeared along with Cristiano Ronaldo's loyalty! 

Many a pasty English baller has been spotted sunburning themselves on public beaches with their WAGs but the quiet, unassuming Mr. Hargreaves has legged it far from the prying paparazzi and nosey fans (sorry, but I can't help it). 

All bets are on Owen enjoying his vacay back home in Calgary with his family. So, when celebs ask where to run away to, in order to avoid intrusion by papps, autograph seekers and crazed stalkers, please tell them to venture up north to Calgary. No one will spot you there! Don a stetson* and your chances of being found are even more remote.

*hopefully we never see photo evidence of Owen wearing such headgear ... the Bavarian get-up during his Bayern Munich stint was enough comedy wear, thank you!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl New Episodes & DVDs

Summer out of the city! 

Good morning, Gossip Girl fans...spotted in the Hamptons, Blair and Serena sampling the delights of the steamy summer season. Word has it that Dan, Chuck and Nate were all glimpsed among the sand dunes as well. 

Yes, the warm weather playground of NYC's rich & infamous is the setting for the first days of filming for Gossip Girl's upcoming sophomore season. While we wait for these new episodes to hit our TV screens in September, circle August 19 on your calendars for the release of season 1 on DVD. Fingers crossed there are plenty of behind-the-scenes featurettes and many a clip of Chuck -- actor Ed Westwick -- speaking in his native British accent. 

RATE IT! MVP - Dillon Casey ~ The Rookie Speaks!

Dillon Casey from 'MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives' speaks to TV Guide. Good to see ABC/SoapNet are pulling out all the stops for this one (shame on you, CBC!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

RATE IT! England Footie Team Karaoke

Perfect for Friday morning...check out this link to karaoke song choices for the England footie squad. Love the choices for Joe Cole and John Terry! Click on the link here, and have a laugh!

RATE IT! Annie - No Not *That* One!

With a new single on the verge of release, it's time for everyone who has never heard of Norwegian songstress, Annie, to get in the game!

Meet Annie, an award winning singer and accomplished club DJ. This Norwegian miss ain't no little orphan...her tracks are full of energy and speak of flirting with guys, and partying with her girlfriends. You won't find 'The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow' on her debut CD - hell no! But if you're seeking some danceable tracks reminiscent of Saint Etienne or Dubstar, you've found your lass.

Check out her first release, Anniemal, for a proper introduction before her new single, I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me, slips onto the airwaves on July 7. A complete album entitled 'Don't Stop' is due to follow shortly thereafter. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

RATE IT! Off to the Races United-Style

Ah, don't the Manchester United boys scrub up nicely off the pitch!

Check out Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes at Chester Racetrack back in May 2007. 

Gary's smiling! Reason enough to post this photo! Just joking, Gaz...

(photo: Julian Herbert/Getty Images)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RATE IT! Duran Duran Play the Louvre

Be still my heart! Duran Duran are trail blazers once again as they become the first rock band to perform at Paris' Louvre art museum. Fitting.

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Photo Shoot

Time for some pop culture fluff! This clip was captured last Fall during an early season photo call for the cast of 'Gossip Girl'. It's not the most earth shattering of footage but it's interesting to see that even back then, Penn Badgley (Dan) and Blake Lively (Serena) seemed to click, while Leighton Meester (Blair) looks bored, bored, BORED! I'm glad Chace Crawford (Nate) lost the slicked back do, and heck...I don't care what Ed Westwick (Chuck) does...his just being there is enough for me! So many pretty people in one place...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RATE IT! Movie Soundtracks - Misadventures of Margaret

Chances are, you have never heard of this film but don't let that fact keep you from experiencing one of the most GORGEOUS musical gems produced for a movie. 

The soundtrack lovingly created by one of my favourite bands doesn't even boast the full movie title -- the CD is called 'The Misadventures of Saint Etienne'. Yep, Saint Etienne are the pop-tastic English group behind this ear candy. Chock full of heartfelt intstrumental tracks as well as the breezy vocal stylings of lead singer, Sarah Cracknell, 'Misadventures' is the type of CD that you could listen to while going about your own adventures in your daily life. A bit retro, with a pop touch, it's no wonder that this album is listed as a clear favourite for all Saint Et fans despite the fact that it was only officially released in Japan. Believe me, it's worth the extra cash and the hunting around on eBay to get it.

As for the movie, "The Misadventures of Margaret", it's a shame that with its stellar cast of Parker Posey and Jeremy Northam that it doesn't live up to the magnificence of its musical score. 

Final verdict: Skip the movie, buy the soundtrack! Highlights: Do It All, Saturday, Alone in the Library.

Monday, June 23, 2008

RATE IT! Only in Canada, Eh? No More!

Like the Brits, us Canucks take great pride in our wide array of chocolate treats. Most of us grew up with Jos. Louis, Half-Moons (Lune Moons!!) and Ah Caramel gooey desserts. They may not hold the same regard as home-baked goods, but when you need a sugary fix, these Vachon and Hostess goodies fill that calorific void perfectly. 

Now you don't have to live north the 49th parallel to scarf down such delights. Check out the Canada Only website. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can experience the tasty joys of Hostess Cupcakes, Coffee Crisp chocolate bars and Glosettes in the comfort of your own country! Want more than sweets? This site can hook you up with all sorts -- ketchup potato chips, Swiss Chalet sauce mix...even genuine Canadian maple syrup. The only thing that seems to be missing is Tim Horton's...sorry, but you'll have to come for a visit to partake in our famous Timbits

Sunday, June 22, 2008

CLASSIC RATE IT! Gary Neville Gets 'Punked'

Prior to the 2006 World Cup, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand fancied himself as his sport's version of Ashton Kutcher, merking or 'punking' his fellow England team-mates. 

I adore Gary Neville for all his brooding, up-tightedness...and there's no truer Red Devil alive so I just *had* to add Rio's joke on Gazza. With a tight-lipped Ryan Giggs by his side, Gary loses it in the presence of a Scouser cop. As everyone knows, G-Nev despises everything about Liverpool so will a Police Officer from Merseyside get any respect from the United skipper?

HATE IT! The Love Guru

Despite what the Hollywood gossip brigade say, I remain a fan of actor Mike Myers. Tempermental, selfish, egotistical...all adjectives that our good Canadian boy gets labelled. Some time ago, I met Mike twice...once in NYC in the Saturday Night Live offices and the other on home turf, and he was anything but difficult, humourless or fussy. I can only go by what I experienced myself. 

I am, however, a bit irked by his latest movie vehicle which opened in theatres on Friday. 'The Love Guru'...have you seen the trailers? It looks PAINFUL. Oh, Mike, what have you done??? The inclusion of the Toronto Maple Leafs - what brainiac was asleep at the wheel in the team's hockey office to green-light their involvement? For shame! And Justin Timberlake -- you CAN be clever and funny -- anyone who has seen his appearances as guest host on SNL can attest to his comedic timing. What were you thinking? This movie is an embarrassment of massive proportions! Truth be told, I haven't seen it...and I won't see it because time is precious and even two hours is too much time to waste on such schlock. Mike....Mike!! I hope you return to glory once again - we need you to!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

RATE IT! United Champions DVD

With the Euro in full flight and the English Premiership season return waiting patiently in the wings, it's perfect timing for the DVD release of Manchester United's season review

Every goal, every game...and even a few interviews, this DVD is a fantastic way for the obsessed United fan in your life to relive the season double. See Sir Alex, Ferdinand, Tevez, Rooney, Hargreaves, Giggsy and G-Nev all dish about their season of success plus, fan fave, Ole Gunner Solskjaer is profiled in a special feature. My only beef - there should have been more player chats, and a longer section on the Munich anniversary.

The first release is available only in PAL format (if this wasn't reason enough to nab a multi-region DVD player, I don't know what is), but will eventually be available from North American retailers in NTSC. 

Overall the DVD is terrific but the section on Cristiano Ronaldo's stellar achievements is so daily with all the rumours of his flirting with Real Madrid, it makes some of these highlights that we once swooned over, a little difficult to stomach. 

HATE IT/RATE IT! The Return of New Kids

The musical comeback -- a good idea, or a ghastly mistake? I'm a bit conflicted. The return of Boston 'boy' band New Kids on the Block is a prime example. Sure, they were plenty of fun when they were actually....well, KIDS, but now they're full fledged adults -- a few are hitched, all but Jon have kids (sad that I know this fact, right?)...and during the few performances for the public so far, they seemed out of breath and off-pitch...and what happened to Jordan's hotness? The rollercoaster of a comeback for NKOTB will be taking us for a ride throughout the summer, and I bet your Joey pillowcase that we'll be debating their merits for months to come. Hmmm...I think that I must refrain from judgement for now.

All this being just really makes me yearn for Take That! Now there's a reunion worth celebrating! If only they'd come to Canada...

Friday, June 20, 2008

RATE IT! MVP - Secret Lives of Hockey Wives

The National Hockey League season may be finished and the Stanley Cup awarded, but it looks like we're entering overtime for 'MVP - The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives.'

A Canadian original production created for the CBC, the brass at the mother corp. decided to can its cheeky butt when it didn't garner larger ratings. Yes, it's derivative (Footballers Wives was here first), a bit silly (that kidnapping story line) but it was also a guilty pleasure of the recent TV season that I just couldn't leave alone. I know that I wasn't the only one who thought the CBC was a little hasty in dropping the axe. Check out the show's Facebook page for proof of its dedicated following. 

Enter ABC in the US. With a strike-shortened TV season, the alphabet network decided to purchase said series and give it prime time play on their SoapNet *and* the main ABC network (Fridays at 10pm ET -- at least for *one* airing; check listings for more). Rumour has it -- if MVP can score with viewers, the prodco may jump back into training & crank out new eps. Here's hoping! Go Mustangs!

WANT IT! Lunch Time Goes Twee

Brown-bagging doesn't have to be a depressing drill. Check out these felt lunchables! Whimsical sandwiches, desserts and yogurt. Yes, they're incredibly twee and cutesy but life doesn't always have to be all boring and adult. 

Lunch is not a serious topic, and if you can't have a laugh during your lunch break, when can you?

HATE IT! Franz Ferdinand Delayed

It's with a heavy heart and idle dancing feet that I must announce that the next release from Glasgow's finest, Franz Ferdinand, has been delayed until 2009. The follow-up to You Could Have It So Much Better is taking longer than expected due to a complicated mixing process. Why rush perfection? Being the selfish FF fan that I am, my reasoning is because we have waited so very long for the new album and frankly I'm getting tired holding on for it, and I'm bored with my iPod playlists...and I've forgotten what Alex Kapranos looks like! To their credit, the band is putting the date back into next year instead of the previously set 2008, and have turned a deaf ear to all the whining by me. 

In the meantime, the band has been performing smallish gigs around the UK. Catch 'em if you can, and be privy to many of their new tunes before everyone else. Lucky ducks! Me envious, much??

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RATE IT! Movie Soundtracks ~ Rocky

I love movies...and I love music.. so it's practically inevitable that I would be a rabid soundtrack geek. Why not enjoy your fave flicks away from the theatre on your iPod?! Starting with this post, from time to time I'm going to unveil my fave soundtracks. When you enjoy something so much, you've just gotta share! There are so many stellar scores out there and the first I'm going to recommend is a sporting masterpiece: the Rocky soundtrack

The classic story of an underdog and his trials in the boxing ring, Rocky has been used as a metaphor for many a little guy done good. The score created by Bill Conti, is full of hope, persistence and triumph. It's no mistake that the tunes from this 70's gem are played in stadiums and arenas today when the going gets tough and the tough need to get going! Need a little inspiration? Pop this recording into your iPod mix and get ready to conquor!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RATE IT! Owen Hargreaves

Do I really *need* a reason? Didn't think so...

RATE IT! Summer at Tiffany

For girls like myself who grew up watching elegant Audrey Hepburn make her early morning celluloid pilgrimage to that famed jewel merchant on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, the name Tiffany and Co. symbolized luxury and status. If you received a present housed in that iconic pale blue box tied with a silky white ribbon, you were part of an exclusive club. As an adult, the lure of the treasures that have made Tiffany famous still hold their hypnotic appeal. Some gals just are Tiffany girls.

Case in point, author Marjorie Hart. In the summer of 1945, Ms. Hart and her best friend travelled from the safe bosom of their American mid-west home to the noisy metropolis of New York City. Their singular goal: to score a summer's job at a glitzy Big Apple department store. The resulting memoir, 'Summer at Tiffany' is a delightful account of their eye-opening experiences while employed at the venerable jewelry retailer ~ the first women to hold positions on the Tiffany sales floor. With girly naivety, their exploits at glamourous NYC nightspots and encounters with the upper crust of New York society reveal a fascinating look at a time when women were starting to exit the shadows of their male counterparts and bloom into their own glorious lives. 

I'm still in the midst of pouring over Ms. Hart's delicious reminiscences and just had to share this lovely gem of a book even before I reached its conclusion. It's sweet and totally captivating, all pristine hats and gloves and meals at the local Automat ~ an enchanting snapshot of the first wave of career girls in the 1940's. Do yourself a favour and hark back to a more gentle, kinder time...pick up 'Summer at Tiffany' and become a Tiffany girl yourself. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RATE IT! Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Like many women in my circle, I loved the 'Sex and the City' flick. Sure, it has its faults but life's too short to moan and complain about trivial things. It's a movie, for goodness sake and sometimes it's beneficial to ignore that inner critic and just go with the flow. Without giving away any spoilers, I want to take a moment to celebrate my favourite gal. Charlotte York Goldenblatt (played magnificently by Kristen Davis). 

Yes, Charlotte is a bit particular (I refuse to call her anal especially in a SATC post!). She's always been one to hope for the fairy tale ending and never, ever let her faith in true love die. She's loyal and sweet and has some of the best dresses for a gal with hips! You can have your Carrie Bradshaw...for me, it's Charlotte all the way! She met her match with 2nd hubby, Harry Goldenblatt. When she finally set down her rule book and let Harry into her life, I swear that my love for Char moved into a whole new league. Harry is a true gem, and by admitting her love of the sweaty, bald lawyer, Charlotte finally got everything she desired...and more. 

So let's raise a glass to Charlotte!! My favourite Sex and the City gal...classy *and* ballsy (see the movie and you'll know what I mean!! I love her scenes with Big!). There's a little SATC gal in all of us. Who is your favourite?

Monday, June 16, 2008

RATE IT! The Return!

Saturday, August 16!!! A date to look forward to! It's the return of the English Premiership season and my beloved champs, Manchester United! They kick off against Newcastle at Old Trafford...the day can't come soon enough!

Put away the Euro, the cheesy baller weddings and get back down to business...with or without Cristiano Ronaldo. Are you as excited as I am?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

HATE IT! Garish Wedding Rings

It's wedding season...a time for romance, celebrations with loved ones and in the case of our fave EPL footballers -- gaudy wedding rings that bring a new sense to the word TACKY!!

Check out the new Mr. and Mrs. Rooney -- Wayne and Coleen, post-wedding returning to England from Italy. I guess it wasn't enough to have a three day gazillion dollar ceremony complete with private yacht and a Gossip Girl-esque masked ball. Rings sporting rocks the size of gum balls were also on the menu. Check out those pieces! Full disclosure, I quite like Coleen and all her fresh-faced girl from humble beginnings-ness, but these wedding rings are just nasty proclamations of having too much money and too little sense! What do you think: rate or hate?

(photo: The Daily Mail website/

Saturday, June 14, 2008

HATE IT! The Euro - 1 Week In

S.O.S!! I hate to admit weakness but I need help. We're knee deep in the week in, and my sadness for the absence of the England squad continues to linger & keep me awake at night. Not even the lure of a gooey Dairy Queen blizzard, or the promise of the upcoming unauthorized Owen Hargreaves biography can shake me from my footie funk. 

To fill the void, I'm watching Deal or No Deal, and obsessively following the sales at my local grocery store. This behaviour is not normal. I'm looking for suggestions to get me through the next week and a half when Cristiano, and Edwin will make me yearn for Manchester United & I'll end up pining for Hargreaves, Rooney, Brown and Ferdinand in their England kit even *more* (if that's at all possible). And what about Frank Lampard, also pictured above? Meh. I don't even have the energy to diss him. How pathetic is that? Got a solution? Please, spill!

(photo: Day Life Photo site)

Friday, June 13, 2008

WANT IT! Dessert Erasers

Decadent yet fat free. Office supplies don't have to be boring or from Staples. Check out this batch of yummy goodies just waiting to rub out a miscalculation or spelling mishap. If only office life was such a treat!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HATE IT! Gossip Girl Spin-Off

Ah...if it isn't Jenny and Chuck from one of my not-so-secret obsessions, 'Gossip Girl'. Gotta love little J getting her own back on evil, scheming but TOTALLY hot, Chuck. Jenny might be occasionally timid, often gullible and completely short on self-esteem, but when she needed the will & guts to serve up some wicked revenge on this Upper East Side bad boy, she made us all proud. 

So proud that the brains behind the 'Gossip Girl' series are considering spinning off Dan's little sis into her own series. No more baiting by Chuck or Queen B power struggles with Blair -- say it ain't so!! 'Fraid it see, in the novels that the series is based upon, the Jenny character suffers a terrible humiliation and leaves the rich bitches at Constance and starts anew at another school. No definite answer has come from the GG camp -- let's face it, little J is cute and all, but her character really couldn't carry her own series (hello! Remember 'Friends' spin-off, Joey? Yeah...I didn't think so!). What do you think? Should Jenny stay with her frenemies or make the break away from the clique she just can't crack?

RATE IT! Will Ferrell & Pearl!

Yay, it's the weekend and time for some frivilous silliness! This comedy video has been all over the web for nearly a year but it's *just so freakin' HILARIOUS!* Will Ferrell created this clip for his 'Funny or Die' website - take a peek at this confrontation with his land-lord, Pearl. Kids will say the darndest things!

WANT IT! Ice Cream Lamp

Light up your life with some fat-free dairy fun! Taking 'light' ice cream to a whole new level. If I can't have a Dairy Queen in my own home, this lamp will just have to make do. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HATE IT! Euro 2008

I have tried to get all wrapped up in the love swell for Spain and all their hotties (Nando, Iker, Xabi, Cesc...and the list does go on...).

I've tried to cheer on my United boys playing the beautiful game with their home countries.

I've tried to get all tense with anticipation over Cristiano Ronaldo and the soap opera surrounding his possible jump to Real Madrid at Manchester United's expense.

But it just keeps reminding me that England didn't qualify for Euro 2008, and instead of storming strikes into the opposition net, Rooney is getting hitched, and Hargreaves has gone under the radar somewhere in the Rockies of Canada. Blech! I just want to dive under the covers and pretend that the Euro is just not happening. Wake me when it's over!

WANT IT! Monster !!!!

Hmmm...I'm not sure what this fella is supposed to be but I like him. I want him! If you yearn to give him a worthy home, he can be found at Fred Flare. Happy shopping, some goodies for me!

Monday, June 9, 2008

RATE IT! Wacky Packages

Showing my age here...but I love this new book so much, I don't care! In the 1970s and 1980s, The Topps Company out of NYC, added to its catalogue of baseball and hockey cards, with a set of clever stickers called Wacky Packages that poked fun at everyday household & consumer brands. Toothpaste Crest, became Crust and featured a cartoon rendition of a man with teeth that only Austin Powers could love. Sugary Captain Crunch breakfast cereal was altered to Cap'n get the picture! As a kid, these parody stickers were a must-have and just as other kids would be fighting each other to collect the illusive rookie card for that season's hockey phenom, my group would be spending our allowance on Wacky Packages trying to obtain Jail-o (Jello) or Kook-Aid (Kool-Aid, but of course!). Now, a recently released book organizes the earliest of Wacky Packages and lays them out in a fun-filled tome of nostalgia, complete in a dust cover made out of the same waxy paper that the Wacky Packages came in. Pure genius!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

WANT IT! Barbie's Basement Jewellery

Even before I was a crazed 1980s Durannie, I had a fondness for buttons, pins...badges - whatever you want to call them. This site, Barbie's Basement Jewellery, run by two funky Toronto designers is my nirvana. Check out the collections -- three in all -- that feature categories such as Johnny Depp, Dollface and A la Carte. If you ever wanted a badge with Wonder Woman, Degrassi Jr. High or Magnum P.I., heck...even Tom Jones!'ve come to the right place. The duo also make belts, bracelets and welcome custom orders. Love it!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

RATE IT! Owen Hargreaves Blind-folded!

Regular readers will understand my attachment to Manchester United's Owen Hargreaves. A champion as a member of the English Premier League winning United...Champions League winner with both the Red Devils and Bayern Munich. But did you know that he's a proven talent blind-folded as well? Keepy-uppy with a twist! Looks like someone got bored on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever the reason it's clear that my favourite footie player is a man of many talents. Let's indulge, shall we! Enjoy - I know that I will!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

RATE IT! Andy Punches

Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg is at it again with another wacky video -- this flick features people getting punched before chowing down ~~ nice table manners!. As with all his digital shorts, it's really stupid but funny all the same. Maybe I'm just very immature...Watch out for Jon Bon Jovi and the Foo Fighters as targets.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RATE IT! The Bird and The Bee

For all its annoyingly cloying storylines, 'Grey's Anatomy' still manages to serve a purpose (other than to alienate viewers!). The post-production staff continue to diligently include hip, happening bands to their program's episode soundtracks. Case in point...The Bird and the Bee. This duo from sunny California offer up retro-tinged pop that will add sunshine to your day and a spring to your step. For starters, check out their 'Please Clap Your Hands' EP. Like what you hear? The makers of the 'Sex and the City' movie did and nabbed their cover of the Bee Gees classic, 'How Deep Is Your Love' for their soundtrack. Don't be left *off* the band-wagon... time to download their latest, 'One Too Many Hearts' - a love song album from a different perspective!

Final verdict: The Bird and the Bee -- the perfect accompaniment for a Spring fling!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

RATE IT! Dairy Queen Blizzards

I am an addict. A Dairy Queen Blizzard addict. You see, I have a new job. Said profession is based across Toronto's busiest street and what beckons from the wayward side of this metropolis thoroughfare...a Dairy Queen. In all my years working in the city, I've been teased by Ben & Jerry's, McDonald's and plenty of Tim Horton's -- but NEVER a Dairy Queen. One slip two weeks ago...going over to treat a co-worker, and now I'm hooked. Who needs booze, cigarettes or crack...when there's a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard waiting with your name on it. All icy cold, chocolately rich and thick. Don't even think of leaving any in that plastic cup! The only thing better than a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard -- is the sight of Owen Hargreaves waiting in the shade holding a Chocolate Extreme Blizzard!

Monday, June 2, 2008

HATE IT/RATE IT! Nike ID Customized Trainers

It pains me to be split down the middle over my latest obsession. It’s been said that there’s a fine line between love and hate, and that’s exactly what I’m playing at with these cool kicks from Nike. For the last year or two, Nike have offered up a customized trainer service called ‘Nike ID.’ If you’re less than enthused over the b-ball, super-pumped up sneaks that populate most Nike outlets, now you have your chance to create something uniquely you. Visit in person or log onto one of their websites and channel your inner Marc Jacobs and get designing. My inspiration - a pair of trainers that were featured in a Nike ID ad with Manchester United defensive-genius, Rio Ferdinand.

The photo displayed shoes with the United logo, Rio’s name and number, plus the colours were all specially chosen to be hues of the United football club. I was in love at first sight – they were so cool that I just had to have them. I mocked up my take on Rio’s shoes – using Gary Neville’s name and number for inspiration (Hargreaves’ name is far too long and wouldn’t fit – darn!). I was in such glee with my new shoes all designed. I couldn’t wait to get them in the mail and put my best foot forward while proclaiming my devotion to my team with my unique footwear. But it was not to be.

With one swift kick, I was quickly shaken from my reveree to discover that Nike ID orders can’t be fulfilled for Canada. Yep, that’s right!! And what was even worse…the staff at the Nike Megastore in my city didn’t even have a clue! I had casually mentioned to them on a recent visit that I was concocting a special sneaker on the Nike UK website – I didn’t receive one iota of caution or any utterance to tell me to stop and step away from the designing process. So now I have my fabulous creation held hostage in my email, not ever getting to see the warm light of day, let alone my size 8s. I hate you, Nike…I really do!
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