Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HATE IT! Euro 2008

I have tried to get all wrapped up in the love swell for Spain and all their hotties (Nando, Iker, Xabi, Cesc...and the list does go on...).

I've tried to cheer on my United boys playing the beautiful game with their home countries.

I've tried to get all tense with anticipation over Cristiano Ronaldo and the soap opera surrounding his possible jump to Real Madrid at Manchester United's expense.

But it just keeps reminding me that England didn't qualify for Euro 2008, and instead of storming strikes into the opposition net, Rooney is getting hitched, and Hargreaves has gone under the radar somewhere in the Rockies of Canada. Blech! I just want to dive under the covers and pretend that the Euro is just not happening. Wake me when it's over!


Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the way I'm feeling, too, LTG. I laugh when the teams I hate lose (Italy) and grumble when they win (Portugal), but other than that, I can't really be bothered to watch any of the matches... except to see who the ref is. So far, no sign of my delicious Howard. Booooooo! :(

As for the C-Ron drama, I had been mad. Really effing mad (see TFO's blog for my thoughts on the C-Ron transfer rumours... I'm proud that I didn't use any full-on curse words during my rants. :D). But now, I'm so sick of his waffling and his infuriating greed/lack of loyalty. If he stays with us for another season, meh. I'll hope he does well for our team's sake, but he'd better be playing 100%, balls to the walls. If he leaves, I hope he'll have an abysmal time with Real. Or get hit by a bus. Or both.

I was saying to my dad today that whenever I see a Portugese or Italian car flag, I wanna rip it off of that car and stomp on it. Not 'cause I can't stand their teams (which... okay, that's true), but more out of total jealousy, embarrassment and annoyance that our boys are not there 'cause they sucked.

I need a Howard fix! Bloody hell, he's the only flipping Englishman at Euro 2008!!! :(

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

TIET said...

It is a travesty, isn't it?

My team has been a snore so far so it's not been much better on my end.

I suppose you can just sit out the group stage and drop in round the semis. That's when the real fun starts anyhow.

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