Thursday, April 30, 2009

HATE IT! Loaded Wallet

Pick pockets are already looking for easy targets -- why someone would want to use a wallet that mimics real cash is beyond me.

This novelty wallet looks like real, honest to goodness US greenbacks. Be careful where you flash your cash because with this wallet dressed up like a $100 bill might garner much unwanted attention.

RATE IT! Desserts & Stress: The Link

Some t-shirts are mere lip-service. This tee speaks volumes... 'nuff said.

Pass the fork...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RATE IT! Stitch Tray

By far, Stitch is one of the best Disney characters to be created in the last decade. He doesn't get the Disney Store treatment as much as some other Disney ambassadors, so when his image appears on an item - it's a big deal! Well, for me it is.... don't get out much!

Perfect for Summer with the warm, sunny Hawaiian vibe - here's a Stitch tray! If you visit the Disney Store in person, you can buy these character trays individually so you can avoid having to pick up Tinker Bell or worse, Minnie Mouse. 

RATE IT! Is Claire's Dying?

I'm all for cheap and cheerful jewelry. Accessorize, the glorious UK chain of fashionable trinkets and trendy purses, is my first shopping destination upon setting foot in England. We tend to visit as many Accessorize shops as we can find - individual stores often offer different product just waiting to be snapped up. I'll always be a Tiffany's girl, but Accessorize has its own special charm.

Now, Claire's -- the American chain that *wishes* it could be just like Accessorize, only..... isn't -- is apparently having mucho financial distress. Profits are way down for this mall rat. Perhaps young women have realized that Claire's is not cheap and cheerful, but cheap and crappy. A visit to any Claire's tells the tale. The product is dire! Even 11 year old girls who love pink, fluffy slippers and glittery bags would probably prefer the more cool baubles dressing the racks at H&M, Le Chateau, or Forever 21. Sure, this shopping triple threat are cheap too, but at least the designs are somewhat inspired from fashion trends. Claire's wares look like something discarded from a cereal box. 

It's a shame that so many stores are downsizing or even closing up shop, but when the victim is a biz that earns its dough peddling 'Made in China' tat aimed at kids & tweens, it's no big loss. Just like their parents, kids & teens deserve more value for their money.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HATE IT! Bullies

The world is ripe with bullies. Read the papers and you'll hear stories about companies pushing around employees, stores rudely treating fundraising Girl Guides & sports fans tossing coins at soccer stars during a game. And don't get me started on web-based mean girls & bully-boys. Why do people feel compelled to tyrannize others? Do they get some sick kick out of shamelessly embarrassing someone in public? Does it make them more powerful, strong-arming someone who is just going about their daily business?

The most recent episodes of NBC's second season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' is a visual petri dish of the famous virally attacking each other. Sure, the program is a competition, to win a hefty charitable prize from The Donald so arguments & clashes are bound to happen. In this season, I figured that wise-cracking old dame, comedian Joan Rivers might prove to be one pushy old broad. Her act both in comedy clubs and on the Red Carpet is jam-packed with verbal slap downs. What has become apparent is that yes, Joan can dish it out -- she's been bitchy & questionable in her choice of slurs -- but deep down she's not a cruel, soulless devil. She seemed quite sweet, very motherly but strong. Joan's Achilles heel? Daughter Melissa. When her sprog gets targeted by another participant, watch out. Both mother & daughter are feisty. Both will stand their ground when being attacked, and both will come to the other's defense if need be. After watching their actions & reactions in the latest Trump showcase, I wouldn't classify these two as bullies at all. Family looks after their own, plain & simple. That's the way it should be. 

The real mean girl in the Apprentice midst causing serious angst for the Rivers duo? Poker champion, Annie Duke. If you thought that Joan Rivers had some trump cards up her sleeve, well... you haven't met Annie! The fiery red-head well versed in poker strategies has brought her ruthless game to the Apprentice. She'll bold-face lie, backstab and use every single opportunity to sing her own praises ("I did this... I did that... that was all me... etc.) while shoving out every single teammate in the process. Annie decided early on that she did not like the Rivers women. Whether her hate-on grew from the fear that they were a threat to her singular success, or her chatterbox ways just didn't jive with their personalities is not completely clear, but I have my suspicions. Annie promptly decided to shut out Melissa in team challenges, whispering to blonde Playmate Brande Roderick in an over the top obvious, High School-esque manner. Astute Melissa, realized that she was being elbowed out of the picture & tried to survive. If you haven't been faithfully watching, I'm sure you can still guess the outcome.

Yep, Melissa got fired by Trump this week. All Annie's behind-the-scenes fraternizing with dim Brande, and her weekly disses aimed at Rivers Jr. worked like a charm. Trump fell for it. And Joan went ballistic. Clearly, blood ties come before teammates, and Joan walked (or at least we *think* she walked...have to tune in next Sunday to find out for sure). Melissa was rattled and unleashed !#$(&$*!@$! after !#$(&$*!@! to everyone within earshot. It was not pretty! The stress of weekly bullying got the best of her, and her reaction probably was heard in all neighbouring states! Not the most graceful, or recommended exit from a program on national TV but at least it was real; it was honest & she wasn't all fake & phony like bulldozing Annie Duke. 

I'd take honesty over fake any day, and at least Joan & Mel fought back the best they could. In the end, bullies may win in the short-term (I'd place all bets on Annie to triumph), but overall they'll be the losers in all real meaningful games of life.


RATE IT! Looking for Eric

You can keep your bloated-budgeted 'Wolverine' flick... I just want to set my eyes on this wonderful, indie Brit-flick, "Looking for Eric." 

The latest passion project from famed director, Ken Loach, hits theatre screens in the UK on June 12. Whether this little footie-flavoured gem will ever see the light of day here in North America is hard to say. I'm hoping HOPING someone takes a gamble on this movie and gives it a deserving release over on this side of the pond. 

The schlumpy hero of this story, Eric, is a postman down on his luck. His family is in tatters, the love of his life, gone. All he has left are his football mates and the hope that somehow, some way he'll dig himself out of his spiraling funk & make a new start. Step up footie legend (Manchester United!!), Eric Cantona. His name-sake's life, will never be the same again!

Being a Manchester United supporter, this movie is a must see! But for anyone who has ever had an idol, this movie is for you too!

HATE IT! Only...3...More....Days...

DQ lovers ~ and I know that there are TONS out there by the numbers of visitors checking out my DQ posts ~ I have a public service announcement for you.

You know that incredible Midnight Truffle Blizzard of the Month that has you drooling for more? The one that you can't keeping Googling (hey, my blog stats do not lie!)?

The time has come to part ways. There, there... I know, parting in this case is very *very* sweet sorrow. Come Friday, a new Blizzard of the Month will reign supreme and the joys experienced in the fine company of the Midnight Truffle Bliz will be nothing more than melted chocolatey memories.

Hush.....for a moment, please dry your tears. All is not lost -- yet. There are THREE DAYS left in the happy-go-lucky month of April. THREE DAYS left for you to enjoy the overwhelming creamy fudge never-never land that is the Midnight Truffle Blizzard. Don't worry about calories. Don't worry about what your friends think. Indulge. Enjoy because soon it will be too late, and then you'll *really* be crying...

Monday, April 27, 2009

RATE IT! It's About Time!

Manchester United supporters are rejoicing worldwide, as Ryan Giggs won the PFA's Player of the Year Award last night in England. 

With a career spanning 18+ years all spent with one *single* team (totally unheard of nowadays), chalking up 799 appearances for United, and a trophy case overflowing with prestigious trophies and medals, 35 year old Giggs is a rare breed of athlete. Loyal. Professional. Classy. And the best part? He's still a vital part of the team, teaching kids half his age all the tricks of the trade. It's actually quite a shocker when you realize that this win is the first for Giggsy. He's never won it previously, so it's about time that he did! The award is voted by fellow footballers so it makes this triumph even more fitting. Undoubtedly, Ryan will get a massive reception Wednesday when he steps on the pitch for his 800th appearance for United during their Champions League clash with Arsenal. 

Way to go, Giggsy!

(photo: Sky Sports)

RATE IT! Perfect Monday T-Shirt

All hail, the IDEAL Monday morning t-shirt.

Next to its partner in crime, the 'Meh' shirt, this one takes the cake!


Lose That Girl is celebrating its 1st birthday/anniversary today!

It's been a great first year, thanks to all my readers & 'followers'. 
Cake for EVERYONE!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RATE IT! Bed, Bath and Beyond

Money may be tight but I did my bit for the local economy by splashing down some hard-earned cash at Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend. 

To many folk, this American big-box store of household delights is old news.... but to Canadians, it's a breath of fresh air! BB & B just opened in our home & native land a few months back. Most shops are in the outskirts of major cities - yep, it's true, Toronto does not have a Bed, Bath & Beyond - but let me tell you, from all the shopping bags I dragged back to the city I can honestly say it's worth the suburban trek. 

What's so special about this place? Well, we've always had our fair share of house ware peddlers. Home Outfitters, Sears Home Stores, Home Sense, plus the old stand-bys, the Bay, Sears, even Zellers or Wal-mart, but Bed, Bath & Beyond is all that, AND much more! They have an amazing array of kitchen gadgets, small appliances, storage solutions, linens for kitchen, bath, bedroom, cleaning supplies, pet gear - you name it, they pretty much have it there for your home. Want a hand-free soap dispenser? I didn't, but someone near & dear to me did. And for a guy to be so wow-ed by a house wares product is unheard of. My BB & B crush? It's reserved for the mini ironing board I picked up. So wee, so cute and really bloody fantastic!! Why drag around a heavy, full-sized board, when a mini one that sits on your table or counter can do the trick while saving a whack of space, storage wise. Such a find, what a store! I did have to steer clear of the overwhelming smelly candle section -- so *not* me -- but one dept that I would avoid like the plague didn't ruin my excursion one bit.

If I wasn't starving, I would have stayed for another hour to browse and max out my bank account. Food rules - always. But there will be another day to blissfully traipse the aisles of BB & B and find some more gems that will make life easier and more enjoyable at home. Can't wait.

Friday, April 24, 2009

HATE IT! Another Self-Important Hollywood Idiot

You've all heard of actors Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal -- he of the buff bod, happily partnered up with fellow thespian, Reese Witherspoon; and she of, well.... plenty of indie movies & the role that Katie Holmes refused to repeat for the Heath Ledger-hued 'Batman' sequel.

I like them both... she, more than he... but who I don't like or rather, get is their somewhat misguided father, Stephen Gyllenhaal. 

Elder Gyll has been ranting about freeing Bernie Madoff. That's right.... Madoff. The greedy little git who stole tons of cash from peeps all over NYC, both the rich (Banks! Kevin Bacon!) and ordinary folk. People like you & me. 

Stephen Gyllenhaal is sympathetic towards greedy Bernie, King of the Ponzi scheme. Says he's a scapegoat. Says that others have done worse. Well, he's probably right -- others may have done the dirty on more investors, maybe... but letting Madoff off isn't solving anything. The dude is a cruel crook! Many older investors who do not call the Upper East Side in NYC home, have lost their nest eggs at the hands of Madoff - they've completely lost EVERYTHING. Their only fault? Trusting the wrong man to invest their cash. Could happen to anyone. Could have happened to Gyllenhaal.

Perhaps Mr. Gyllenhaal should fork out some of his hard-earned/saved cash to help Madoff's victims before he spouts his mouth off defending some evil troll who has ruined the lives of many. Pompous Hollywood idiot!

(photo: Google images)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

RATE IT! Pac-Man Candies

Time for some retro fun, candy-fied! 

Pac-Man tins house similarly shaped sweeties. Pac-Man himself holds power pellets, while the red & blue ghosts, lay claim to berry flavoured mini-me's.

Gobble up their doppelgangers before it's too late!

RATE IT! Soapsicles

*Almost* good enough to eat! Seriously, could we blame you if you wanted a little bite? The good news: these soapsicles are non-toxic and won't harm you if ingested but think of their real purpose. Too good to eat, more like!

These sweet smelling soaps (chocolate! lemonade! strawberry!) are a far cry from soap-on-a-rope and will look much more attractive hanging out in your shower.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RATE IT! It Creeps! Lost's Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson, the disturbing & creepy "Ben" from 'Lost', was recently a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show. Michael turned on his actor-y weirdness to forever alter 'Little Boy Blue'.

Nightmares, anyone?

RATE IT! Dylan's Candy Bar-bie

On the high heels of Barbie's 50th Birthday, Dylan's Candy Bar has trotted out a whole range of Barbie inspired candy delights. 

The sweet shop famous for all sorts of pop culture treats is a perfect fit for some Barbie themed appreciation. Amongst Dylan's collection, chocolate Barbie coins housed inside a fun-sized Barbie change purse. If you're feeling even more peckish, how about the selection of Belgian milk & dark chocolate bars celebrating Barbie's glamourous style over the past 5 decades. Or, if you just want lady-like fresh breath, Dylan has you covered with a fashion-forward Barbie mint tin exclaiming 'still in mint condition.'

There's Barbie confectionary for all tastes!

RATE IT! National Jelly Bean Day

Today, April 22 is universally known as 'Earth Day' - an occasion where earnest folk mark our responsibility to the planet, to each other. A time to plant trees, encourage recycling and being kinder to this wonderful world we live in.

April 22 is also National Jelly Bean Day - a day to kick up our heels to fete this simple sugary treat! Apparently the origin of this celebration is unknown but it would be neat to think that the creator wanted to break the seriousness of 'Earth Day' up with some silly, sassy multi-coloured candy fun. Sure, we want to save our planet but also enjoy the frivolous delights that make life worth living. 

(photo: Google image)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RATE IT! Cookie Monster & Friend Get Musical

It's not every day that your commute is musically soundtracked by Cookie Monster and his pink gorilla pal. Check out the Xylopholks, adding some musical sunshine to the dark depths of New York City's subway system. Guaranteed to take all grouchiness away!

Thanks to Gabrielle for the tip!

RATE IT/HATE IT! New Depeche Mode Today

My excitement over the new Depeche Mode CD, 'Sounds of the Universe' should lead me to the bliss of a full fledged "RATE IT!" status, however today's arrival of their next opus is leaving me somewhat annoyed... and tinkering into "HATE IT" territory.

I've adored DM for decades, and am one of their many devoted followers who literally grew up with their distinct melodies as a soundtrack to my life. It's with this unbridled love for the band that I applaud today's release. So what's my problem?

Simply... the band and/or record company are really putting it to fans this time around. You can purchase the regular release of 'Sounds' -- or, you can get the version that has an accompanying DVD -- or, the set that includes vinyl *and* a CD, -- or the creme de la creme, the deluxe box set featuring 3 CDs, several books, the DVD plus extra tracks. 

Still have some cash burning a hole in your wallet? Well, coming up a week from now on April 28, you can increase 'Sounds' footprint in your home by forking out more bucks for the import version that has extra tracks -- yes, more extra tracks.

Now I love this band... I truly do, and already have tickets for their summer concert in my pocket as I always do when they swing through town, but this overload of releases for one ~ single ~ album is just a bit much in my estimation. Times are tough and I know that I won't be purchasing every single issue in an exasperated attempt to be a DM catalogue completist. I just can't complete and neither can the bank balance. It's lovely that the band have so much worthy material flooding into so *many* formats but it leaves many a fan out in the cold - especially right now. 

'Sounds of the Universe' -- more like 'Sounds of the DM Cash Register' -- is out today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

HATE IT! Bubble Gum Cocktail Wieners

Cocktail wieners at the best of times are not remotely edible or visually appealing. Why, oh why would someone want bubble gum that resembles cocktail wienies?

Hand these babies out to your friends, and I think they might blow more than bubbles. 

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Rescues Mondays

A Monday night without a new 'Gossip Girl' causes mild panic in my home. What to watch at 8pm? 

Bill O'Reilly on Fox? Don't make me, for the love of all things kind & pure! 'Chuck' on NBC? Sorry, no can do. Chuck Bass, that guy ain't!

Thank goodness our fave Upper East Side brats are back tonight with 'Seder Anything'. Tonight's episode seems worthy for (see photo) Blair's planet of a hat & Nate's plastic take on pretense alone! Bring it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

RATE IT! Dance Craziness on Britain's Got Talent

No doubt you've seen the incredible "never been kissed" female singer on 'Britain's Got Talent.' Well, the clip I have for you here, is NOT that performance. No, this one ... how do I politely say... really has an *unique* talent! Enjoy... and might I add, please refrain from eating or drinking while you watch. You'll thank me for it later!

Thanks to Darren for the tip!

RATE IT! The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You


This book will keep you occupied... for hours, days even...

If you're going to be a hypochondriac, you might as well go the whole hog and do it properly. Have fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RATE IT! Record Store Day ~ April 18

When was the last time you walked into an HMV, or better yet, an independent music shop and purchased a record? A CD? If you're like most music fans today, it's probably been awhile. More & more music shops -- record stores, to date myself -- are shutting their doors, forever. Fans use iTunes or other online sites to grab their musical kicks so the old saunter into your local shop is sadly a dying excursion.

Growing up, we would hit every single record shop in downtown Toronto, hunting for imported vinyl, then later CDs... trying to discover the latest release before other rabid music fans got their mitts on them. Eventually, the smaller outlets began to close with the move towards CDs leaving fewer & fewer establishments to choose from. Shift ahead to the '90s, and close friends took the plunge, owning an import-only CD shop, where snobby music opinions from the staff, and listening to releases before purchase were the name of the game. Want someone to sneer at your popular Take That album? You came to the right place! Snarky musos aside, the banter was all in fun and you'd come away with not only an album you were thrilled to own, but a lively experience that never, ever happened at the big boys' shops (I'm looking at you, HMV). It's a shame that their shop only lasted for a few years before it too crumbled under the weight of burgeoning internet music retailers. The tangible shopping experience for music has almost completely vanished, not just here in Canada but also the US and the UK. Add in troubling times for the big guns, HMV and Virgin and the disease is rampant.

In 2007, some enterprising Americans keen on an attempt to slow down the demise of independent music shops began 'Record Store Day' on the third Saturday in April. This year, that date lands on April 18. The survivors of local, independent music stores are offering special deals with the help of a few famous friends. Metallica, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Waits, the Dandy Warhols and others, are offering their support plus rare releases to mark the occasion. 

It's a bittersweet celebration. One day a year might not be enough to stop the closure of indies worldwide, but at least it's something, to bring back those warm memories of what a joy it was to shop for music in person. I know that it's been about a year since I bought a CD in a store, and over a decade since I purchased vinyl, so I too am to blame for the current state of affairs. Web shopping or iTunes usage is just so much easier when you're busy or don't have ready access to a music store in your area. It's refreshing to hear that there are independent hold-outs still doing a fair trade. Hopefully 'Record Store Day' enlightens the iPod generation into what gems are held behind bricks and mortar as opposed to internet firewalls. 

(photo: Google image)

RATE IT! Do I Have to Spell It Out?

I guess so! 

Get your 'open door' message across with this hefty yet comic bookish door stop. Very cool until your dog spots it & thinks it's a chew toy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HATE IT! Blake Lively's Lack of Allure

You know you've had a bad week when you're quoted as saying your 5' 10" height makes you feel like a transvestite... and then the monthly fashion bible you're speaking to releases THIS photo of you for their cover. 

Poor, poor Blake Lively! Such an unflattering shot of such a pretty woman! Makes one want to be careful what one says...

RATE IT! Dirty Bow Wow

Did you have a favourite toy as a child? One that gave you a sense of comfort? Do you still have it? I have mine, and it may be threadbare, missing an eye and much of its stuffing but it's still special to me and I'd never banish it to the trash. Ever.

Seems humans aren't the only ones with such attachments. Dogs, too, have toys that they love despite their less than appealing appearance. They might be ratty, lacking their plush, or overwhelmingly stinky, but their beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

This wonderful book, 'Dirty Bow Wow' by Cheryl Katz & Jeffrey Katz showcases all different sorts of canines with their cherished favourites. Some dogs have loved their toys or blankets since they were wee. Puppies, like babies & small children grow very attached to the comforting keepsakes they were given during infancy and advancing age doesn't erase the joy & comfort felt for these items. 

You don't have to be a dog lover to find this book adorable. To see such beautiful dogs with their blankies and teddys, it's just absolutely heartwarming. The spirit of the 'Velveteen Rabbit' is alive and well... even for pets!

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek ~ Seder Anything

I know that I'm not the only TV viewer getting riled up with all the breaks our favourite programs have been taking. The worst offender this season has got to be 'Gossip Girl'. Unfortunately, the to & fro has many fans peeved, questioning whether they'll make like Georgina Sparks and return.

Me, I'm too far gone to give GG the heave-ho. There's also the Chuck Bass obsession that just won't quit. 

Best to make due with this sneak peek into next Monday's new episode (April 20), 'Seder Anything'. Hopefully wayward fans will promptly return; bad girl Georgina's return is impending, and Serena cops a new hottie (let's hope he's hot, unlike gruesome fuzzy faced Aaron).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HATE IT! Chocolate Inhaler

Would you welcome a short-cut to your chocolate enjoyment? 

A Harvard professor has crafted Le Whif, a plastic inhaler that transports an essence of cocoa powder down your throat along with only a smidgen of a calorie count. Much like the methods used to orally mist asthma meds, biomedical engineer David Edwards spent hours of priceless lab time to concoct this chocolate spray. Edwards believes that people will devour full-fledged meals delivered in this fashion too - seriously, he's working on aerosol steak & veg. I think it might be time for this fella to get a proper hobby!

I know people are busier now than ever. Life moves fast but some pleasures should not be jammed in, or swallowed much like a vitamin pill. The joy of chocolate is that you can linger in its effects. The scent of a freshly opened bar of milk chocolate. How it melts upon contact with your warm tongue. The sweet, creamy taste... puffing your chocolate takes away all these sensory perceptions. Chocolate isn't medicine (although we *do* like how it makes us feel) and shouldn't be dispensed in such a thoughtless method. Last I checked, humans hadn't morphed into brain-dead robots, and we relish an enjoyable, well-paced, tasty meal. To interfere with one of our passions, is criminal. We *love* our chocolate. It is not to be messed with -- EVER! To avoid a worldwide uprising, chocolate consumption methods should remain low-tech, got it?

Can you imagine? Inhaling a pouf of chocolate Easter egg, or Hallowe'en candy? Sure, your thighs may thank you, but your brain won't. Time for Mr. Edwards to get back to work on something that truly matters!

(photo of former student Tom Hadfield testing Le Whif - Boston Globe)

Thanks to Boston Red for the tip!

RATE IT! More Beatles Lego Shenanigans

The Beatles being toyed with *again*? 

Compare the original cover for 'A Hard Day's Night' with the Lego infused version. Clever. 
Giggle at more Beatles Lego here.

(Lego image from Flickr)

Monday, April 13, 2009

HATE IT! Freaky Baby Fleece

It just can't be me.... this fleece thing, for carting around your tot, is just plain weird. 

Melissa Radcliffe, a mother of three from Colorado, USA invented this horror show - the Peekaru - based upon a kangaroo's pouch.

More like alien baby to me. Ugh.

(photo: Solent News Agency via the Daily Mail)

RATE IT! Twitter Curses

So many people seem to be all a flutter over Twitter. I've sent a few tweets but haven't surrendered to Twitter fever like some I know. 

Maybe I just need to spice it up with more colourful vocab. Curses are flying over on Twitter much to the entertained eye of This site tracks swear words and organizes its findings into the most popular curses (48% of users prefer the classic usage of fuck, while shit follows at 38% -- but since when was twat a curse?), plus it keeps dibs on the Twitter users themselves. At cursebird, you can dial in the name of a Twit -- is that cool if I call users, twits? -- and see how saintly or foul mouthed they are. 

And if you have run out of new curses & want to set on fire, check out one of my favourite new books, 'Creative Cursing' here. Have fun!

RATE IT! Magazine Covers - Who Sells

Women's Wear Daily recently did a report regarding celeb cover stars and their affect on the profitability of fashion magazines. If Angelina Jolie graces a cover, do the public buy it en masse, or snub her for say, Lindsay Lohan pouting elsewhere? 

Turns out, they do flock to babycatcher Jolie! In an unscientific but fashionable spot of research, WWD concluded that Brad Pitt's other half, Victoria Beckham and 'Hills' alumnus, Lauren Conrad are the most sought after cover stars. Issues with their comely mugs out-sold other stars including Nicole Kidman, Katherine Heigl and Carrie Underwood. Even troublesome Li-Lo with her after-dark party girl drama doesn't outsell Milla Jovovich or Eva Longoria Parker. Who knew?

To me, it seems all very random what the public will buy or shun. WWD does admit that certain months such as January traditionally have lower sales than September or October. But do they also realize that January issues are typically bone thin while September/October are chock full of all the hottest styles for Autumn -- those issues weigh a ton! A true test would be to laden January's Vogue with Posh on the cover and see if her presence can break the pattern of January magazine blahs. Personally, I buy a ton of magazines much to the chagrin of my coffee table. I'm pretty much brand loyal... I will purchase certain zines regularly so the cover stars don't sway my purchase one bit. I do, however, take some glee in that women are not rabid for Lindsay Lohan. Seems that I am not alone. Magazine editors, take note!

RATE IT! Dead Mark

Following in the squashed, tragic footsteps of Splat Stan, comes Dead Mark. Dead Mark is not your average bookmark. He gets stuck in so you don't have to!

Cruel but cute.

RATE IT! Organizing Can Be Fun!

Drowning in paper at work? Dragging your feet at home with paper filing? Now organizing can be fun!

Grab a hold of these snicker-worthy file folders addressed with snarky sayings that actual speak the truth! Who hasn't attended a meeting with a dummy file stuffed full of worthless scraps of paper just to give the appearance of being important, in the mix or on the cusp of the next great idea? Now you can not only wear your heart on your sleeve, but on your file folders too. 

Work definitely won't be boring any longer as you become the talk of the water cooler set. Just be sure to have your savings bulked up in case the boss doesn't take too kindly to your new office accessory!

Friday, April 10, 2009

RATE IT! Lego's Next Victims: The Beatles

Following up on my previous Franz Ferdinand Lego album cover post, here are the next Lego-ized victims, The Beatles!

It seems that no one is immune ~ even if you are musical legends!

'Lego Me Do', anyone?

(all artwork from Flickr)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

HATE IT! Leighton's Crimes Against Music

A few months ago when rumours first wafted out of the 'Gossip Girl' camp that Leighton Meester was crafting an album, I cringed

Looks like I was right. Click on over to Perez Hilton & take a listen to a track that was leaked (apparently)... unlike Leighton herself, it's not pretty!

(photo: Getty)

RATE IT! Snoopy & Bunnies Dance

From "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown," Snoopy's dance with easter bunnies.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HATE IT! Layoff Reality Television

Fox once again are scraping the bottom of the TV idea barrel.

Apparently the wacky programmers at the fourth network are in mid-production on a reality series that follows various small businesses as they go about laying off their employees. Called "Somebody's Gotta Go", each week a surprised worker bee will be granted their walking papers... on national television, in front of the world. If layoffs weren't bad enough.... 

As a layoff recipient myself -- it was just over a year ago and I'm so over it now, best thing for me in retrospect -- I can't fathom how this program will be successful with the viewing (and much laid off) public. It's not a funny situation. When the fickle wheel of layoff misfortune lands on you, the last thing you want is to have the experience broadcast for others to see. What, are Kleenex sponsoring this train wreck?

It's not surprising that Fox has come up with a pretty tasteless enterprise -- yet again. We can only hope that the "brains" behind this one get their pink slips before this program hits our screens next Autumn. 

(photo: google image)

RATE IT! Franz Ferdinand in Lego

Seems I've been posting about Lego a lot as of late. 

First there were the stories of giant Lego creatures washing up on shore around the globe, then quirky talented Italian artist, Marco Pece was recreating the art world's greatest treasures out of Lego ... now album covers are getting the toy town treatment. 

Personally, I love it! So fun and cute. Franz Ferdinand's latest release, 'Tonight' in Lego *and* as it was officially intended!

(Lego rendition from Flickr)

RATE IT! Easter Bunny House

I'm not very religious at all, so the pagan that I am, sees Easter as a chocolate holiday. I like to gift my nearest & dearest with various chocolate entities. We all have our favourites but maybe this year a new bunny will be crowned!

Once again, Dylan's Candy Bar has served up a chocolate concoction that puts most others to shame. 

This choco-Easter Bunny House boasts 16 oz. of sugary joy -- for the princely sum of $55 smackers. Hop to it! Indulge!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HATE IT! Starbucks are Charitable Scrooges

... and your baked goods suck!

I've never been a fan of Starbucks and their over-priced, ill-tasting baked goods. Now with this news story coming out of Toronto, I've got extra ammunition to continue to stay away, and I hope others do too!

A Starbucks in Toronto told two young Brownies -- Girl Guides -- to move off the sidewalk in front of their snooty shop, to stop selling their delicious cookies for their fundraising efforts. Starbucks does not own the sidewalk their building stands behind - nope, it's public property. The girls who should be granted kudos for finding such a high-traffic location, were not blocking store access to customers. Heck, they're children! Tiny kids! Hardly hefty 200 lb. linebackers impeding the caffeine starved!

Starbucks should be ashamed! Money-grabbing twats! For shame! These kids are doing their part for their community, for their club and what do they get for their efforts --  a shove by a multi-million dollar American slug of a chain. Time to move over to Second Cup or Tim Horton's.... anyone BUT Starbucks! 

Disgusting. I hope you're as disgusted as I am and refrain from giving Starbucks your custom!

RATE IT! Franz Takes on Britney

Franz Ferdinand - musically interesting, extremely talented with a sarcastically brilliant sense of humour. 

Britney Spears - not so much!

Franz covered Britney's so-so "Womanizer" in the UK on Radio 1's Live Lounge recently. Glasgow's finest have added new life and sass to Brit's lukewarm original. Check it out for yourself here.

Thanks to RedHeart for the tip!

RATE IT! Peeps Recipes & Crafts ~ Seriously!

FACT -- Peeps, those neon-coloured marshmallow candies most visible around Easter time in their festive holiday bunny & chick personas, are the most popular non-chocolate Easter treat. 

Who knew? I certainly didn't despite my appreciation for their (somewhat) sickly sugary goodness. With their status atop the candy charts, it's fitting that these squishy blobs have their own book chock full of recipes and fun craft ideas called (deep breath!) "Peeps - Recipes and Crafts to Make With Your Favourite Marshmallow Treat."

Full disclosure - I am not a crafty person *at all*. Crafts make me cringe yet I'm quite enamoured with the idea of these Peeps having such a tome dedicated to their versatility. This paperback states that Peeps are not just for Easter - heck, no... there are ideal occasions for Peeps all year long! You can even use them for weddings! Don't say that I didn't warn you!

RATE IT! You Choose Sesame Street Gold

Have a fave Sesame Street clip that you are just dying to share with the masses? Now you can!

Genius Products and the Sesame Workshop are compiling a new celebratory DVD, "Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days." The special 2-disc release landing in shops next November will feature classic segments from everyone's favourite street including one voted by fans. From now until April 28, you can vote for one of 10 iconic clips. Just click here and cast your selection on's dedicated fan page.

Me, I'm marking my ballot for 'King of Eight'. Which clip will you vote for?

Monday, April 6, 2009

RATE IT! A Real-Life Storybook Ending

I'm very very late in acknowledging an incredible football achievement but my tardiness in no way makes the triumph any less important. I've been on cloud 9 for over 24 hours now. You can pinch me but I won't stir from my bliss.

Manchester United won their match vs. Aston Villa yesterday 3-2. The score line sounds pretty routine, doesn't it? But no... the truth is in the detail. The detail involves this ultra-talented 17 year old Italian striker, Kiko Macheda. 17 years old! In his *first ever* Manchester United match. The big leagues! Kiko gets subbed on just prior to injury time being added to the clock. Just what was Sir Alex Ferguson thinking, removing proven entity Carlos Tevez and replacing him with this skinny teen rookie? 

NEVER doubt Sir Alex. He knows. He just .... does! Macheda, in the 2nd minute of 5 added injury time minutes, scored the winning goal - his first EVER goal - and pushed his team to a much needed come-from-behind win, and a return to the top of the English Premiership table. Storybook writers couldn't have done a better job at telling this tale. A new footie hero is on the books and in every EPL fans' radar.  

(photos: AP Photo, Getty)
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