Thursday, April 2, 2009

HATE IT! Gossip Girl Vacay - Again!

Just two weeks within the 'Gossip Girl' return, CW is taking yet another mini-break and denying us of new episodes until Monday, April 20. Does it take THAT LONG to clean up Lily's luxury apartment following Serena's ill-advised birthday bash for Little J?

What to do with three weeks without any new GG eps to entice us? You can always fall under the spell of old habits like ... shopping. GG starved and in need of a fix? There's some interesting GG swag over on the WB's shopping site (

I'd definitely pass on the GG game -- it crossed my radar months ago -- but there are some cute glasswear options. Martini glasses for your Blair moments, Latte mugs when you want to channel Lily, or you can opt for an assortment of slang-worthy mugs: OMG for Jenny, or the Constance school crested mug for Nelly Yuki. Best of the bunch, the quote mug with witty retorts a plenty for those early mornings when you're feeling like more Chuck than Dan. 

Not quite the same as watching the *real* thing... but at least it's something!

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I'm this close to giving up on the show entirely. What possessed the CW to put them on yet another break? Seriously.

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