Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RATE IT! Peeps Recipes & Crafts ~ Seriously!

FACT -- Peeps, those neon-coloured marshmallow candies most visible around Easter time in their festive holiday bunny & chick personas, are the most popular non-chocolate Easter treat. 

Who knew? I certainly didn't despite my appreciation for their (somewhat) sickly sugary goodness. With their status atop the candy charts, it's fitting that these squishy blobs have their own book chock full of recipes and fun craft ideas called (deep breath!) "Peeps - Recipes and Crafts to Make With Your Favourite Marshmallow Treat."

Full disclosure - I am not a crafty person *at all*. Crafts make me cringe yet I'm quite enamoured with the idea of these Peeps having such a tome dedicated to their versatility. This paperback states that Peeps are not just for Easter - heck, no... there are ideal occasions for Peeps all year long! You can even use them for weddings! Don't say that I didn't warn you!

1 comment:

Maxmum said...

Whenever I see Peeps in a store, I think how cute they are.... But I don't know what I would "do" with them. (i.e. not good for unwrapping & individually hiding for my son for Easter morning.) Maybe this book would inspire me!

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