Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RATE IT! Looking for Eric

You can keep your bloated-budgeted 'Wolverine' flick... I just want to set my eyes on this wonderful, indie Brit-flick, "Looking for Eric." 

The latest passion project from famed director, Ken Loach, hits theatre screens in the UK on June 12. Whether this little footie-flavoured gem will ever see the light of day here in North America is hard to say. I'm hoping HOPING someone takes a gamble on this movie and gives it a deserving release over on this side of the pond. 

The schlumpy hero of this story, Eric, is a postman down on his luck. His family is in tatters, the love of his life, gone. All he has left are his football mates and the hope that somehow, some way he'll dig himself out of his spiraling funk & make a new start. Step up footie legend (Manchester United!!), Eric Cantona. His name-sake's life, will never be the same again!

Being a Manchester United supporter, this movie is a must see! But for anyone who has ever had an idol, this movie is for you too!

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