Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HATE IT! Chocolate Inhaler

Would you welcome a short-cut to your chocolate enjoyment? 

A Harvard professor has crafted Le Whif, a plastic inhaler that transports an essence of cocoa powder down your throat along with only a smidgen of a calorie count. Much like the methods used to orally mist asthma meds, biomedical engineer David Edwards spent hours of priceless lab time to concoct this chocolate spray. Edwards believes that people will devour full-fledged meals delivered in this fashion too - seriously, he's working on aerosol steak & veg. I think it might be time for this fella to get a proper hobby!

I know people are busier now than ever. Life moves fast but some pleasures should not be jammed in, or swallowed much like a vitamin pill. The joy of chocolate is that you can linger in its effects. The scent of a freshly opened bar of milk chocolate. How it melts upon contact with your warm tongue. The sweet, creamy taste... puffing your chocolate takes away all these sensory perceptions. Chocolate isn't medicine (although we *do* like how it makes us feel) and shouldn't be dispensed in such a thoughtless method. Last I checked, humans hadn't morphed into brain-dead robots, and we relish an enjoyable, well-paced, tasty meal. To interfere with one of our passions, is criminal. We *love* our chocolate. It is not to be messed with -- EVER! To avoid a worldwide uprising, chocolate consumption methods should remain low-tech, got it?

Can you imagine? Inhaling a pouf of chocolate Easter egg, or Hallowe'en candy? Sure, your thighs may thank you, but your brain won't. Time for Mr. Edwards to get back to work on something that truly matters!

(photo of former student Tom Hadfield testing Le Whif - Boston Globe)

Thanks to Boston Red for the tip!


Myrna Hynes said...

As I'm reading this at 9:15am I am reminded of the chocolate eggs in the kitchen and trying hard not to eat them for breakfast. This man obviously doesn't understand the love of true chocolatey goodness. Can you imagine us all sitting around puffing back on our chocolate inhalers like cigarettes? bahahaha! NOW, on the other hand, if he invented a star-trek-food-materializing-at-will device, I would be SO on board with that!

Misty Stiletto said...

This is not right, I don't care about calories I want to enjoy my choccy.

You've totally made my mouth water now and we still have a box of creme eggs in the fride, may have to gobble a few for lunch :)

Boston Red said...

*Applauds LTG* Brilliantly written!

Anonymous said...

Here here, Boston Red!

Does this remind anyone else of the "Meal in a Piece of Chewing Gum" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?! All I can picture in my mind is Violet Beauregarde turning into a giant blueberry after grabbing the piece that was a bowl of tomato soup, a roast beef course and blueberry pie for dessert!

Like you, LTG, I think this new form of consuming one's chocolate removes so much of the pleasure of chocolate. I like my chocolate old-school and not high-tech, thank you very much!

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

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