Friday, April 24, 2009

HATE IT! Another Self-Important Hollywood Idiot

You've all heard of actors Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal -- he of the buff bod, happily partnered up with fellow thespian, Reese Witherspoon; and she of, well.... plenty of indie movies & the role that Katie Holmes refused to repeat for the Heath Ledger-hued 'Batman' sequel.

I like them both... she, more than he... but who I don't like or rather, get is their somewhat misguided father, Stephen Gyllenhaal. 

Elder Gyll has been ranting about freeing Bernie Madoff. That's right.... Madoff. The greedy little git who stole tons of cash from peeps all over NYC, both the rich (Banks! Kevin Bacon!) and ordinary folk. People like you & me. 

Stephen Gyllenhaal is sympathetic towards greedy Bernie, King of the Ponzi scheme. Says he's a scapegoat. Says that others have done worse. Well, he's probably right -- others may have done the dirty on more investors, maybe... but letting Madoff off isn't solving anything. The dude is a cruel crook! Many older investors who do not call the Upper East Side in NYC home, have lost their nest eggs at the hands of Madoff - they've completely lost EVERYTHING. Their only fault? Trusting the wrong man to invest their cash. Could happen to anyone. Could have happened to Gyllenhaal.

Perhaps Mr. Gyllenhaal should fork out some of his hard-earned/saved cash to help Madoff's victims before he spouts his mouth off defending some evil troll who has ruined the lives of many. Pompous Hollywood idiot!

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PR rules said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah said...

LTG this isn't directed at you its directed at people, particularly men who comment on actors sexual orientations as if its fact.

I don't get why people jump and say 'oh he's gay' even if they haven't done a bloody cowboy film. Jake isn't gay he's as far away as humanely possible. Its no coincidence all these homosexual comments on gossip sites come from men. Imo, its called jealousy more than anything. Jealous that girls would give their right arm to be with Jake or other male celebrities blessed with the sexiness which most ordinary men lack so to make themselves feel better they hack away at men who look better than them because it makes them feel better.
Check who the 'aspiring homosexuals' are. I'll give a list shall I then someone can google the ones they don't know.
-Chase Crawford
-Zac Efron
-Chris Pine
-Ed Westwick
-Hugh Jackman
-Jake Gyllenhaal
-Robert Pattinson

What do these and more have in common? They are insanely hot guys most girls would fall over themselves to get with. Jealousy. Total jealousy.

Happy Birthday btw LTG. I'm sorry I didn't get to say it on the day. :)

Sorry for the rant. Taking up your comment space. :P

Jackie said...

No worries, Sarah.

The comment that bothered you, has been removed. I agree with your sentiments 100%.

Cary McNeal said...

Anyone who defends Madoff is an idiot. I'd like to pummel that sumbitch.

Cantara said...

Cary - Stephen doesn't need a pummeling, just a little gentle talking to, which I've just done. He still hasn't mastered the art of expressing anger and frustration at the thieves of the world without sounding like a raving idiot, so when he posts at Huffington he tends to go the other way--and ends up sounding like a heartless raving idiot.

LTG and Sarah - Jake is not gay. But you'd be surprised to find out how many women have fantasies about him being gay.

Sarah - Good luck with Manchester!

Just an aside: I happen to be the owner of that nice pic of Stephen (although I've given free license via Wikipedia for anyone to use it). It was taken by the Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit three years ago at the former Gyllenhaal house on Mulholland Drive (Max Weinberg, Bruce Springsteen's drummer, lives there now). To see the whole album, go to .

Jackie said...


please note that neither Sarah or I said Jake was gay. The very first poster, did -- and both Sarah and I found his comments offensive, thus they were deleted.

Cantara said...

No, I understood that that wasn't wasn't your or Sarah's idea. I also have the feeling that your first poster was one of the Toothy Tile people.

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