Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RATE IT! Ed Westwick Dressed to Kilt

I'm very proud of my Scottish ancestry so I'm always mighty pleased to see others flying the flag. Remember Mike Myers as one of his many SNL characters emphatically announcing, "If it's not Scottish, it's crap!" ? Well, that's not entirely true... but Scotland does have a lengthy list of inventions, people and pop culture references that it can be proud of including television, marmalade, the microwave, Harry Potter & whisky. And yeah, the Bay City Rollers. I thought they were absolutely smashing! Hey! I was a wee kid! Gimme a break!

Just this past Monday, the Friends of Scotland in Manhattan held a charity fashion show called 'Dressed to Kilt' featuring Sean Connery, Andie MacDowell, the aforementioned Mike Myers and... Chuck Bass! 

Ed Westwick was there, in all his kilt-ish finery. I have no clue if Ed has Scottish ancestry or if he just likes to wear a skirt -- but whatever his reason, his participation gets a RATE IT!, and an extra thumbs up from me. 

(Ed 'skirting the issue' photo: Getty)

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