Monday, April 6, 2009

RATE IT! A Real-Life Storybook Ending

I'm very very late in acknowledging an incredible football achievement but my tardiness in no way makes the triumph any less important. I've been on cloud 9 for over 24 hours now. You can pinch me but I won't stir from my bliss.

Manchester United won their match vs. Aston Villa yesterday 3-2. The score line sounds pretty routine, doesn't it? But no... the truth is in the detail. The detail involves this ultra-talented 17 year old Italian striker, Kiko Macheda. 17 years old! In his *first ever* Manchester United match. The big leagues! Kiko gets subbed on just prior to injury time being added to the clock. Just what was Sir Alex Ferguson thinking, removing proven entity Carlos Tevez and replacing him with this skinny teen rookie? 

NEVER doubt Sir Alex. He knows. He just .... does! Macheda, in the 2nd minute of 5 added injury time minutes, scored the winning goal - his first EVER goal - and pushed his team to a much needed come-from-behind win, and a return to the top of the English Premiership table. Storybook writers couldn't have done a better job at telling this tale. A new footie hero is on the books and in every EPL fans' radar.  

(photos: AP Photo, Getty)


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I'm still on a high from that match but honestly if it happens again I may never be able to eat chocolate. It happened with Moscow.


Misty Stiletto said...

I understand it was an important moment for the kid, but seriously, I do not need to see/hear about him everytime I read the paper, check online, turn the radio on, put Sky Sports on.

It was a one off, if he'd done it in the CL final then yeah I'd understand, but who is even gonna remember him in a few seasons time?

I am so over this boy before his career has even begun.

Jackie said...

Harsh, much? LOL!

Misty Stiletto said...

Sorry, he brings out a lot of anger in me...LOL.

Jackie said...

That's okay, Misty. I have my own player hates too as you do know.

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