Monday, April 13, 2009

RATE IT! Organizing Can Be Fun!

Drowning in paper at work? Dragging your feet at home with paper filing? Now organizing can be fun!

Grab a hold of these snicker-worthy file folders addressed with snarky sayings that actual speak the truth! Who hasn't attended a meeting with a dummy file stuffed full of worthless scraps of paper just to give the appearance of being important, in the mix or on the cusp of the next great idea? Now you can not only wear your heart on your sleeve, but on your file folders too. 

Work definitely won't be boring any longer as you become the talk of the water cooler set. Just be sure to have your savings bulked up in case the boss doesn't take too kindly to your new office accessory!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I want some of these!

I just love finding snarky things to bring to/use at work. Last summer, I found these awesome Post-It-style sticky notes with a '50s secretary on them that kind of looked like me. She looks all cute in her retro ensemble, but the little message on the note says, "Why yes! I *AM* overqualified!" Whenever I have to deal with a prof who is being snotty and condescending, I find a way to subtly nudge that pad of sticky notes into their line of vision. My own version of telling them to shove their PhD up their arse without my having to get sacked! :D LOL

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

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