Friday, April 17, 2009

RATE IT! Dance Craziness on Britain's Got Talent

No doubt you've seen the incredible "never been kissed" female singer on 'Britain's Got Talent.' Well, the clip I have for you here, is NOT that performance. No, this one ... how do I politely say... really has an *unique* talent! Enjoy... and might I add, please refrain from eating or drinking while you watch. You'll thank me for it later!

Thanks to Darren for the tip!


Misty Stiletto said...

HAHA!! I love Ant and Dec!! :)

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Sarah said...

LOL! Its awesome and I loved how they got him off the stage. I love Ant and Dec, they're funny!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hoo boy! I see the words "Dance Craziness" and I think to myself at first, "Awesome! This is going to be some amazing dancing". Then I see your words "refrain from eating or drinking", and now I'm scared to watch it. :S

Okay, I am too tempted now. Gonna watch it. Will post my reaction in another comment. [takes deep breath] I'm scaaaaaaaared! LOL

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahaha!!! I get what you meant now. (Sorry, it's late at night. My brain has ceased functioning properly.)

I interpreted the intro as "it's so appallingly horrible that you'll feel ill", when in fact you were ever so kindly providing us, your faithful readers, a warning to prevent us from spitting out our drinks all over our screens and/or choking on our drinks and nibbles from laughing so hard!! You're so sweet, LTG!

Andy wasn't even the best bit to me. He was a bit of a whackadoodle. It was *all* Ant and Dec. Brilliant stuff from them! And so rare to see Simon have a proper belly laugh, too! Loved seeing him channel his inner Nigel from SYTYCD: "That wasn't even daahhhncing!" (I would pay major money to have Simon on SYTYCD.)

Thanks for sharing this! Made my weekend. xoxo

~ Emily (Giggsy's Gal) xo

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