Monday, May 31, 2010

RATE IT! Magnetic Apps

Yes, there IS an app for that....and apparently a magnet too. 

Eighteen iPhone app doppelgangers just hanging out, ready to keep your life organized & magnetically beautiful on your fridge.

Yes, Apple is taking over the world. Join the cult and pick up these (unofficial) app magnets at Urban Outfitters

Friday, May 28, 2010

RATE IT! Floppy Disc Pillow

Following in the cozy, yet geeky footsteps of the boombox pillow comes this floppy disc dude.

Kicking comfort old skool style! Get geek chic at Shana Logic

Thursday, May 27, 2010

RATE IT! Battle of the Blades Reborn

Yes!! CBC was listening to its viewers and has announced that it is bringing back 'Battle of the Blades' for a sophomore season this Fall!

Whoo hoo! A Canadian reality show that *really* clicks, pairing figure skaters with former NHL players, it was a HUGE hit here and has spawned similar franchises around the globe. Hello Sweden, fancy enlisting Mats Sundin for your show?

Apparently, the 2nd season here will feature former Toronto Maple Leaf, Russ Courtnall and Calgary Flame, Theo Fleury. Say it ain't so!! 

CANNOT WAIT! I have hockey jerseys for both of these players so maybe I'll just have to haul them out of storage for the occasion.  

HATE IT! Signs of the Apocalypse...

...oh yes. We live in scary times! Check out this magazine's a triple-headed monster of boobastic proportions! 

At times like this, I wish that I owned a bird cage so I could paper the bottom with this trash. 

There's absolutely nothing redeeming about this latest issue of OK! USA. At least they saved us the horror of a rather large-ish photo of the monstrosity that is Heidi Pratt...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RATE IT! Tokidoki Mania

It's just the best when a writing assignment teaches you something!

I just learned a whole bunch about Tokidoki characters. I had no clue what they were. I had even blogged a little bit about them previously -- but didn't know their 'official' term. I just thought they were nifty!

Here's my latest piece for Tokidoki, indeed!

RATE IT! Lost Finale

Did you watch it? I won't give away any plot details - as someone who detests spoilers and those who take such glee in spilling, I just can't go there.

I used to watch "Lost" religiously. Then a few seasons in, I got fed up and walked away. I've kinda dabbled a bit here and there this year and I did hunker down for the marathon finale which I LOVED. I really did. Have the puffy eyes to prove it. 

Now that's how a series finale should be done. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

RATE IT! Nike's Write the Future

The biggest sporting event on the planet is set to kick off in just a few weeks -- the World Cup! Here's a little taster from the brilliant folks at Nike...Write the Future.

Not only are all the football stars cool to see (Rooney! Ronaldo!) but check out the non-sporty types in it as well. Choice!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

HATE IT! London's 2012 Olympic Mascots

And to think that people were giving Vancouver aggro this year about their Olympic mascots!

Believe it or not, these weird beings are the official 2012 Olympic mascots for the London-based Games. Meet Mandeville and Wenlock. Yeah, they REALLY sum up Britain, London and the Olympics, don't they?

Kid-friendly? Don't think so. They're ugly and not in a good way. Ugly Dolls can rest safe in the knowledge that kids like creatures with some personality - Mandeville & Wenlock have all the warmth and cuteness of a TV tower.

(photo: Matt Dunham/AP)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RATE IT! Re-issue Mania

It seems that every band and their brother are re-releasing their back catalogues as re-mastered extravaganzas with bonus never ever released tracks, old videos and TV appearances...the mind boggles.

In my own little musical corner of the universe I've picked up such re-releases by Saint Etienne and Duran Duran...and am currently eyeing up the first album of The Charlatans which is also being re-jigged for mass consumption. 

Often such releases are a waste of hard earned cash. If you love a band like I do, chances are you pretty much own everything that they've ever put out. Sometimes in more than one format but it has to be said at least in the cases of my aforementioned faves - Saint Etienne and Duran, the re-releases *are* worth shelling out for. 

The re-dos for Duran Duran's first album (pictured above), and their third, 'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' just arrived in my mailbox yesterday --and the 'Tiger Bay' set for Saint Etienne followed this morning. I haven't had much time to play around with 'Tiger Bay' as of yet, but the St. Etienne previously issued deluxe editions for 'Continental', 'Foxbase Alpha,' and 'Sound of Water' were all stellar and valuable additions to my music library. Now with the Duran sets, both clad in boxes with all sorts of goodies inside -- pictures, mini posters and the like..ooh, I feel like a Smash Hits reader all over again -- are really something special.

For such a visual band that paved the way for music videos, it's a big relief that they're all here included on an extra disc. Yep, this album's hits  'Girls on Film', 'Planet Earth' & 'Careless Memories', songs that we all know & love are included, but they have company! A whole section of never released clips from UK TV appearances -  from the early days of Duran - are along for the ride too. They. Are. Priceless.  Worth the purchase price alone!! Best of the lot, the extended video version for 'Planet Earth' - shot very low budget in the Rum Runner nightclub in Birmingham, England with their new romantic fan base posing & dancing about in amazing get-ups. So so cool! And the eye makeup on Simon Le Bon is a thing of beauty! 

Ah, it's such a shame that you can't tele-port yourself back into a by-gone time period and participate. Looks like so much fun with all that makeup and foppery!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RATE IT! Melrose Place Bites It

FINALLY! Our television prayers have been answered. The CW *finally* has cancelled the smarmy re-deux of 'Melrose Place'. 

I've been waiting a long time for this news...and to make the day even better, the CW renewed 'Life Unexpected' -- so a crappy, trashy show goes bye bye and a smart, witty, gem of a show sees another day. Hurrah!

Now if they could only do something about dropping 90210...

RATE IT! Ice Cream Ring

Whoo hoo! 

Ring in the celebrations today at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square ~ it's the arrival of Dairy Queen's Blizzardmobile! ~ with this timely piece from Fred Flare.

Cute, summery and sure to put a smile on even the most grinchiest of faces.

Monday, May 17, 2010

RATE IT! May Blizzards

Springtime in Canada, eh? It's not unheard of to have a few snow flurries here in May, I mean it happened just last week (not in Toronto but outside of it. Brrr). Geez, I feel like I'm tempting fate just mentioning that weather fact -- but to make up for this little faux pas, let me tell you about *another* icy blast travelling through our neck of the woods that is a GOOD thing!

The Dairy Queen Blizzardmobile -- it's HERE! Well, tomorrow it will be here in Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square at 11am sharp. Bring your appetites and your sunscreen (yep, it's gonna be a scorcher out there) and spend your lunch hour celebrating the 25th anniversary of our best friend, Blizz!

RATE IT! Pizza Pocket & Friends

I would have loved these foodie pockets as a kid. Truth be told, I kinda like them now too!

Stash your cash and all your treasures in a rogue cookie, pizza slice, taco or pita. Can you imagine the looks shot your way if you carted one of these things into a business meeting? 

Very cute... not sure how practical but I'll give them the thumbs up for just being unique and making me hungry. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

RATE IT! Caffeine Dish Towel

If the title of this blog entry didn't hook you, the image sure will.

BlueQ is at it again with this funny take on our dependence on the dreaded gotta-have-it NOW! fix of...caffeine. 

I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, so I'll blame my addiction to chocolate for my fondness for this kitchen dish towel. 

A vitamin, yes indeed. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

RATE IT! Gypsy Chandelier

"You gotta get a chandelier!"

You gotta love a silly SNL sketch (thanks, Fred Armisen & Scarlett Johansson) that just won't budge from your brain... scary too, as this laugh-riot dates back at least two years! Time to clean out the attic!

Regardless of my ridiculous brain clutter, I can't help but have a fondness for this candy-hued lighting fixture, a Gypsy Chandelier available from Urban Outfitters. Sure, it's kinda cheesy and perhaps not the type of lighting accoutrement found in a proper "grown up" home but I like it. I also like DQ Blizzards, Snoopy cartoons and ugly dolls so yes, my actual age is probably around 12.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RATE IT! Comfy Boombox

Having just written a freelance piece for on Kawaii items, I couldn't help but notice this little smiley fella... the mini boombox throw pillow from Shanalogic

I won't lie to you (gee, I sound like Nessa from 'Gavin & Stacey'!), I often hunt down little cute treasures like this one - they just make the day a little brighter and less serious. A good reason in my books.

This boombox pillow pal has all the mod cons, even the battery compartment on the back. How's that for realistic!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RATE IT! World Cup Accessories

Only one more month to go! The 2010 World Cup tourney kicks off in South Africa ONE MONTH from today!

Yes, the most watched sporting event on the planet -- sorry, Super Bowl & Olympics -- will soon be in full swing. Don't be surprised if between June 11 - July 11 if many of your co-workers suddenly vanish from the office. Better start to create your excuses for missing work now, peeps. The more creative, the better. 

As for me, I work for myself and my boss is a huge football fan so I've got nothing to worry about on that score. I'll be camped out at the nearby pub with my Rooney kit and Brit hubby in tow cheering unabashedly for England. I would also LOVE to have any of these funny accessories available now from Accessorize in the UK. Head bopper complete with sparkles, or England toilet paper, anyone? 

Monday, May 10, 2010

RATE IT!/HATE IT! Pop Quiz Clock

Attention, students! It's time for a pop quiz... and NOT the good kind. 

No, there won't be any questions about 'Glee', Lady Gaga or Sandra Bullock -- sadly. No, this pop quiz is that sweat-inducing surprise math test kind that your evil high school teacher gladly announces to his weary, unsuspecting pupils. I shudder at the memory...

I have issues with this math clock - clearly. I should really "rate it" because it's just so clever, but my fear and avoidance of all things mathematics urges me to "hate it."

And it has fractions...the horror...

Friday, May 7, 2010

RATE IT! My Mother's Clothes

Recently while I was procrastinating about work & taking refuge in Facebook, a friend happened to mention a new book that she found fascinating & incredibly moving...and I did too.

'My Mother's Clothes: An Album of Memories' lovingly written & compiled by Jeannette Montgomery Barron (published by Welcome Books) is a treasure trove of prized clothing, shoes and accessories -- the wardrobe of a lifetime, all belonging to Montgomery Barron's dear Mother, Eleanor. 

The project began as a way for Montgomery Barron to share her Mother's memories, recollections that were fading as her Mom's ability to remember began to fail. Each piece of clothing sparked a story, a feeling, a timeless account -- and as her photographs captured for posterity her Mother's fashions, Montgomery Barron discovered more & more intriguing anecdotes about her Mother's life. 

In time, Eleanor's memory loss slipped fully into Alzheimer's, a disease that claimed her life in 2007. With the love that only a daughter can offer, Montgomery Barron continued her project to honour her beloved Mother, and today her incredible book allows the rest of the world to meet the amazing woman ~ Eleanor Morgan Montgomery Atuk ~ who was her Mother.

The book is a wonderful memoir, a gorgeous tribute to someone so loved. I heartily recommend it - even though I find that I cannot crack it open without a box of tissues close by. I located my copy at Anthropologie but "My Mother's Clothes" can be purchased from most booksellers, and online as well. 

It's my pleasure to post this video of Jeannette Montgomery Barron describing her beautiful enterprise: 

Thanks to Ziggy for finding this gem of a book in the first place. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

RATE IT! Manchester United on Tour

It's all happening!

As speculated a few weeks back in the media and now confirmed, Manchester United ARE touring North America in July after the World Cup wraps on July 11:

Toronto - July 16
Philadelphia - July 21
Kansas City - July 25
Houston - July 28
Guadalajara, Mexico - July 30

United's website has announced that most of their players who are not participating in the World Cup -- Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Dimitar Berbatov, John O'Shea, Darren Fletcher, Edwin van der Sar, Michael Owen & others -- will be HERE! 

Details for ticket on-sales TBA. CANNOT. WAIT.

RATE IT! London Loves

I want. I need. 

Why, oh why did Accessorize close up shop here a few years back? 

This cute tote would definitely feed my London addiction. If only...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RATE IT! Vanity Fair Loves the World Cup

I am not alone!

See, even Vanity Fair magazine can't keep its excitement for the upcoming World Cup on the down low. 

For a magazine that typically sees itself as refined & full of journalistic worth (Lindsey Lohan cover shoots aside), am I the only one who was surprised to see the world's football elite showing their patriotic pride (and more) while stripped down to their skivvies on the VH June cover? 

I'm very surprised. Very pleased too that goes without saying, but surprised nonetheless. I may have to make the exception and actually purchase Vanity Fair for this issue.

Finally! A highly-publicized American magazine clued in to what the rest of the world has known for *ages*, not how fine Cristiano Ronaldo is in his pants -- BUT what a big deal the World Cup of football is. Bigger than the Super Bowl, the Olympics... every sporting event on the PLANET! Kudos to Vanity Fair. Shame Owen Hargreaves wasn't available to support Canada in this photo shoot. 

The 2010 World Cup begins June 11 and runs through to July 11 in South Africa. June 11 cannot arrive fast enough in this household. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RATE IT! Workforced

Happy Tuesday! 

If you're checking out my blog from work, I must congratulate you on 1) your great taste in reading material, and 2) surviving the dreaded Monday office return yesterday. I may work freelance from the comfort (and distraction) of home, but I can still recall how difficult it was to be all shiny, happy & ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning after dwelling deep in the Sunday evening going-back-to-work blues.

We've all been there -- and believe it or not, some people do have a worse office existence than you do. And thank goodness that they *do* -- otherwise, all the crazy drama, absurd angst and hilarity that IS life in an office wouldn't be on display in the office comedy blog Workforced.

It's true! There's now an office destination that is so ADDICTIVE and laugh out loud funny, you will want to return again & again! If you're an office-bound 9-to-5er, you will truly appreciate the wit and smarts that go into Workforced -- you might even catch yourself chuckling at an experience that could have been torn from your own life. Haven't been a member of the office job force in awhile? Even if you're taking a respite or a permanent vacation from the cube farm, you'll still laugh at the hi-jinx chronicled at Workforced. 

Perhaps I'm missing the office more than I'd like to admit - I'm constantly returning to Workforced to see what's going on. Seems that I'm in very good company too as Don, Workforced's creative genius & office smarty-pants, was recently featured on the BBC and he's had plenty of faithful readers and press knocking on his door to hear his thoughts on the silliness that is daily office life. 

Be sure to do yourself a favour, and bring some laughs into the daily grind. Check out Workforced -- the office doesn't work, but the blog sure does!

Monday, May 3, 2010

RATE IT! Iron Man 2's Scarlett Johansson

Continuing with the "Iron Man 2" love fest that began here last week, my pals at have posted my latest commissioned piece.

Thanks, gals!

Focusing on Scarlett Johansson and her unique turn as a motion picture villain, you'll see Scarlett as you've never seen her before.

Read all about the lovely Scarlett here! Enjoy!

RATE IT! Flavor Flav

...*ahem* clearly I'm not celebrating this one!

For once, the words "adorable" and "cute" can co-exist beside the moniker 'Flavor Flav'.

Snoopy & Woodstock chilling with some flavourful icy treats -- presented on a Summery new tee available from Stylin' Online.

I think even the real Flavor Flav would say it's time to indulge!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

HATE IT! Buster Bar Blizzard of the Month

Forget Chinese astrology and 2010 being the 'Year of the Tiger'! 

2010 is REALLY the year of the Dairy Queen Blizzard. After all, it's our favourite treat's 25th birthday, and to mark the occasion in mouth-watering style, DQ has created the ultimate in ice cream trucks, the cleverly designed Blizzardmobile, visiting a city near you!

Even with the birthday celebrations in full swing, DQ are still making each month special in itself with their 'Blizzard of the Month' special treats. May is no different as they proclaim this month as an ode to the Buster Bar Blizzard, all peanuts, chocolate chunks, hot fudge and vanilla soft serve. 

Nice for some... not so nice for me. Yep, being selfish yet again as this treat is a no-go for me. Peanuts.... silly, peanuts -- are the main attraction of this concoction. Leave them out, and I'm so THERE! Sorry, DQ, just can't partake. If you could replace the actual peanuts with Reese's peanut butter cups...well, then I'd be quite happy to raise a cup with everyone else in praise of May's arrival. But alas...I'll just have to make do with the regular Blizz standby, the Chocolate X-treme

Not bad, eh? I'll gladly take this stand-in and leave the May Blizzard of the Month for the peanut lovers out there. 
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