Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RATE IT! Workforced

Happy Tuesday! 

If you're checking out my blog from work, I must congratulate you on 1) your great taste in reading material, and 2) surviving the dreaded Monday office return yesterday. I may work freelance from the comfort (and distraction) of home, but I can still recall how difficult it was to be all shiny, happy & ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning after dwelling deep in the Sunday evening going-back-to-work blues.

We've all been there -- and believe it or not, some people do have a worse office existence than you do. And thank goodness that they *do* -- otherwise, all the crazy drama, absurd angst and hilarity that IS life in an office wouldn't be on display in the office comedy blog Workforced.

It's true! There's now an office destination that is so ADDICTIVE and laugh out loud funny, you will want to return again & again! If you're an office-bound 9-to-5er, you will truly appreciate the wit and smarts that go into Workforced -- you might even catch yourself chuckling at an experience that could have been torn from your own life. Haven't been a member of the office job force in awhile? Even if you're taking a respite or a permanent vacation from the cube farm, you'll still laugh at the hi-jinx chronicled at Workforced. 

Perhaps I'm missing the office more than I'd like to admit - I'm constantly returning to Workforced to see what's going on. Seems that I'm in very good company too as Don, Workforced's creative genius & office smarty-pants, was recently featured on the BBC and he's had plenty of faithful readers and press knocking on his door to hear his thoughts on the silliness that is daily office life. 

Be sure to do yourself a favour, and bring some laughs into the daily grind. Check out Workforced -- the office doesn't work, but the blog sure does!

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Sharlene T. said...

Great review of one of my favorite blogs. Come visit when you can. Off to read some more of your reviews...

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