Friday, May 7, 2010

RATE IT! My Mother's Clothes

Recently while I was procrastinating about work & taking refuge in Facebook, a friend happened to mention a new book that she found fascinating & incredibly moving...and I did too.

'My Mother's Clothes: An Album of Memories' lovingly written & compiled by Jeannette Montgomery Barron (published by Welcome Books) is a treasure trove of prized clothing, shoes and accessories -- the wardrobe of a lifetime, all belonging to Montgomery Barron's dear Mother, Eleanor. 

The project began as a way for Montgomery Barron to share her Mother's memories, recollections that were fading as her Mom's ability to remember began to fail. Each piece of clothing sparked a story, a feeling, a timeless account -- and as her photographs captured for posterity her Mother's fashions, Montgomery Barron discovered more & more intriguing anecdotes about her Mother's life. 

In time, Eleanor's memory loss slipped fully into Alzheimer's, a disease that claimed her life in 2007. With the love that only a daughter can offer, Montgomery Barron continued her project to honour her beloved Mother, and today her incredible book allows the rest of the world to meet the amazing woman ~ Eleanor Morgan Montgomery Atuk ~ who was her Mother.

The book is a wonderful memoir, a gorgeous tribute to someone so loved. I heartily recommend it - even though I find that I cannot crack it open without a box of tissues close by. I located my copy at Anthropologie but "My Mother's Clothes" can be purchased from most booksellers, and online as well. 

It's my pleasure to post this video of Jeannette Montgomery Barron describing her beautiful enterprise: 

Thanks to Ziggy for finding this gem of a book in the first place. :)


Anonymous said...

Love this - sad and happy all at one time.

Jackie said...

It's a fantastic book on so many levels.

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