Friday, October 31, 2008

RATE IT! Charlie Brown Hallowe'en

Time for some classic Hallowe'en fun! Linus and Lucy visit the pumpkin patch -- no sign of the Great Pumpkin though! And don't forget to check out SNL's Vincent Price Hallowe'en sketch from last weekend. You can view here.

WANT IT! Chocolate Trick or Treat Bag

HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!! To mark the candy themed holiday, here's a delicious treat that won't require any tricks. All chocolate, all candy -- all the time!

Dylan's Candy Bar's Chocolate Trick or Treat Bag. Who needs Smarties and miniscule Kit Kat bars when you can have this milk chocolate win-fall. Heck, why bother going outside to trick or treat at all? Just order this bounty from Dylan's and stay toasty warm inside, stuffing your face.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Sneak Peek - Episode 9

Here's a taster for next Monday's episode of 'Gossip Girl'...time for Rufus to play parent!

RATE IT! Buttery Toast Bandages

Make boo-boos...toast! 

With these special plasters, your cuts and scrapes will be wrapped in the warm embrace of some delightful buttery toast bandages

Whimsical and much more visually appealing than the fatty bacon band-aids -- have you seen them? Nasty!

RATE IT! 2008 Macy's Parade

You don't have to be a native New Yorker to get all excited about a holiday institution, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year's festivities take place on November 27 and joining Snoopy, Kermit, Hello Kitty & the gang, is a new kid on the block. Yes, Horton will be soaring down Broadway this year, and there's no telling who he will hear.

(photo: AP Photo)

RATE IT! Peanuts Hallowe'en Hot Chocolate

How about some warm, comfy chocolate (and orange!) fun while you wait for the Great Pumpkin?

Scare away a chilly night in the pumpkin patch and take a flask of this Peanuts' hot chocolate from the 'Good Grief Cafe.'

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RATE IT! SNL: Vincent Price Hallowe'en

Finally! NBC has posted this Hallowe'en skit from last Saturday's 'SNL.' Top marks to "Mad Men's" Jon Hamm for his hilarious James Mason!! Liberace and Gloria Swanson are top rate too! Easily, one of the best skits of the night. It's a scream!

HATE IT! What's That Smell? Ew! It's Melrose Place

Geez! If the TV gods weren't punishing us a plenty with the reworked, repugnant '90210' word wafts out of the CW that they are actively pursuing writers for their new 'Melrose Place'

C'mon, people! Some fresh ideas please! Is this idea just a ploy to find Heather Locklear employment? Have mercy...on the viewers! 

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Steps Ahead

Better make room on the steps of the Met, Blair Waldorf. Seems that your clique of avowed admirers is growing!

Monday night saw 'Gossip Girl' scoring the most female viewers of any program aired in the 8pm timeslot. The CW courts younger viewers, especially women watchers so no doubt there's a celebratory air over at CW HQ. The series continues to grow in all demos which goes to show you that a good thing cannot be kept secret for long.

(photo: the CW)

WANT IT! Mood Beams

Whew...what a relief! Night lights are no longer just for scared kiddie-winks!

The dawn of Moon Beams is a welcome sight! These new warped characters, ten in all, light up according to their own individual moods. Just smack 'em in the head & watch them glow! Feel free to squish their heads (oh, how the Kids in the Hall would love them!), and evoke a new emotion from your Moon Beam. If you're dealing with a particularly stubborn case of insomnia, you could always entertain yourself by making the Moon Beams dance. Place them atop a speaker and their heart lights will pulse and strobe -- making your bedroom disco-tastic! Feeling lonely? They'll even react to your voice! I won't tell anyone, if you don't.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WANT IT! Forbidden Broadway Sundae

My love of the frosty, yet creamy sensation that is the Dairy Queen Blizzard is very well documented. Yes, I know...this blog is littered with tales of Blizzards, both large and calorific. apologies Dairy Queen. Your ice cream concoction is not my first love. No, my first resides in New York City at Serendipity III. The Forbidden Broadway Sundae.

Gaze if you will upon Serendipity's most splendid of elaborate treats! This mountain of a dessert made with an entire slice of their Chocolate Blackout cake, stacks of vanilla ice cream and cups of gooey chocolate fudge is not for the small of appetite. Oh's a challenge for those with eyes larger than their stomachs and a penchant for all things chocolate and decadent. It's amazing how a chilled goblet full of lactose and sugar can own your affections, even months after the last rendez-vous. My love. My sweet.

Until we can meet again, I will fondly remember the chill in my heart and the happiness it brought me. For the Forbidden Broadway Sundae has no equal. As for the DQ Blizzard, we've had some good times but you're a fling at best. Until I can return to Manhattan the Dairy Queen Blizzard will have to be dessert enough to satisfy my hunger. Oh, what a massive dessert dish you must fill!


RATE IT! Dubstar Reunite!

You know that precious feeling when an old friend out of the blue sends you an email, or shows up unexpectedly? The surprise, the joy of being reunited, of shared history blooming forth into present day reality? 

Such a gift has just found me. One of the musical loves of my life has returned to me. Dubstar. Glorious, glittery, wearing their hearts on their collective sleeve, Dubstar.

You don't know who they are? Oh, let me introduce you! Dubstar were...well, are this gorgeous pop three-piece from the Newcastle area of England. Oft compared to fellow Brits, Saint Etienne, Dubstar evoked a unique honesty in their lyrics - their pain, infatuations, and triumphs were all our's. They lovingly created three ravishing CD releases in the mid-to-late 1990s, then unceremoniously, split. Like many a divorce, reasons were blurred around the edges. Rumours floated, band members joined new groups, and their fans were left heartbroken & abandoned.

But all past hurts are now forgotten. The band is BACK! They're working on a new album with Stephen Hague -- yes, the guy noted for his tenure with New Order *and* the very first Dubstar single, 'Stars' (it's my pleasure to offer the video for 'Stars' at the bottom of this post).

The future looks bright, filled with deliciously heart-swooning pop!

Monday, October 27, 2008

RATE IT! Build Your Own Muppet Whatnot

I have a lengthy list of ideal jobs: Chocolate taster at Cadbury's, Massage Therapist at Manchester United, Writer at SNL and Muppet Maker. Now, thanks to one of New York's venerable stores, one of these occupations is closer to a reality (shame...this venture does not permit close access to Owen Hargreaves; I'll get over it - maybe). 

Today, Manhattan's FAO Schwarz is unveiling the first-ever accessible to the public Muppet Whatnot Workshop. What's a whatnot? Well, a whatnot is not a Kermit or Fozzy, but their roles are still integral to the Muppet machine. Simply put, Whatnots are Muppet extras, a multitude of character entities that provide background visuals for scenes featuring the Muppet "stars". Each Whatnot has its own individual appearance and traits, and now we can all make one of our own! Think Build-A-Bear gone Henson!

Just like real Muppets, the Whatnots shoppers can create at the 5th Avenue FAO HQ, are puppets complete with moveable mouths, and hand-rods for proper Muppet animation. Visitors will have a plethora of facial features to choose from as well as accessories, clothes -- the works! It may not be a full-on job creating Muppetry but it's the next best thing! And if you can't visit the Big Apple, you're still in luck! You can order your custom-made Whatnot on-line! Oooh...What was that noise? Yep, I bet it was the FAO website crashing from the influx of activity.

While you wait for your chance to make Muppet magic, want to see real honest to goodness Whatnots being created? Check out the late Jim Henson describing Whatnot know-how in the video below - or UPDATE: December 2008: check out my own experience at FAO here.

Thanks to Gabby for the tip!

CONTEST ---- Win a "Prom Queen" DVD Set

The entries have been rolling in...have you submitted your's yet? Time's a have until midnight tonight to enter the 'Prom Queen' DVD set giveaway

Just click on the handy email link at with an answer to this question: Name any motion picture that featured a Prom. Can't get any easier than that! The winner will be chosen from a random draw of correct entries. 

**Please note: for our international friends, this DVD set is configured in the North American DVD format only, however it will play on machines that accept all regions**

Our winner has been notified - thanks to everyone who entered! - LTG

RATE IT! Happy Birthday, Simon Le Bon

Some crushes never die. Long live the 80s...long live Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon. Today, he turns the big 5-0!

Growing up, I adored many pop star heroes - but Simon was always numero uno. As a teen, I skipped school, waited in the freezing Canadian cold, and spent thousands of dollars all in the pursuit of Duran Duran. Fandom makes you do some crazy things - oh, yes I am *so* guilty and then some!

I didn't get to meet Simon until I was in my mid-20s working in the biz. One meeting grew to two, and then to three. He was always a gentleman, always lovely. Simon Le Bon was one celeb that did not disappoint in person. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON!!! that I've gotten that out of my system, it's back to grown-up reporting and deeply intellectual analysis...R-IGHT!!!. You know me better than that!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl - You've Got the Look

Do you enjoy watching the weekly fashion show that evolves weekly on 'Gossip Girl'? If you tune in to gawk at Serena's latest trendy party dress, or Chuck's natty smoking jacket, now you can get into the act & actually look the part.

Jumping aboard the 'Gossip Girl' gravy train, on-line fashion retailer Bluefly has opened up a 'Gossip Girl' boutique. A visit to the GG home page reveals our Upper East Side clique (alas, boho babe, Vanessa is not included - at least not yet). A quick click on Serena, Chuck and the gang and voila -- you can purchase character inspired clothing! It's a smart marketing move to capitalize on the gear the cast wear weekly. Now those carefully placed Bluefly shopping bags in certain scenes are making total sense!

(photo: The CW)

RATE IT! SNL: A-Holes Do 'Mad Men'

One 'Mad Men' post is just not enough! SNL featured this fantastic take on the '60s ad agency drama but tossed in their own twist...the A-Holes. Guest stars a plenty -- enjoy!

RATE IT! SNL: Don Draper's Guide...

Jon Hamm was the guest host on last night's 'Saturday Night Live.' I bet most viewers were hoping they would do something 'Mad Men' related. RESULT! They did!! Check out Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women' -- perfection!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

RATE IT! The Office Hits the 'Peg

Hope Dwight Schrute has some long johns! The dysfunctional staff of 'The Office' are heading to the 'Peg. Winnipeg, Manitoba, that is!

The Canadian prairie city will be the destination for an upcoming Dunder Mifflin business trip. If you're tripping on the thought of spotting Michael Scott hanging with the locals at the corner of Portage & Main, don't get your hopes up. With budget constraints, the production will recreate "Winterpeg" on their LA soundstage. Me thinks the Cali production staff were too wimpy to endure the chilly temps ~ actually I shouldn't push the Winnipeg stereotype. It's only frost-bite season in the Winter, not in Autumn when they filmed the episode. So irresponsible of me. Don't blame me, I've never been there, and reside in cushy Ontario.

The Canadian-ized ep of 'The Office' will be broadcast in North America on November 13.

(photo of 'Dwight' & 'Michael': eonline)

Friday, October 24, 2008

CONTEST ---- Win a "Prom Queen" DVD Set

Loyal readers, it's time to push up those shirt sleeves and get ready to compete. Yes, it's CONTEST time. 

Step onto the stage, "Prom Queen"!

Love. Betrayal. Sex. Gossip. Deception...and that's just before third period.

Michael Eisner, former head honcho of Disney, is the Producer behind this first-ever studio original created especially for MySpace. The fast moving Emmy-nominated drama focuses on a eclectic group of high school seniors, teens gearing up for their final hurrah, the Prom. 

Call this series the anti-"High School Musical." Heck, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens would probably run screaming from this educational institution! Friendships fail, couples shatter, and secrets are revealed -- and Prom, well...its sensational reputation is justified. But...does what happens at Prom, stay at Prom?

The cool gang at Special Ops Media and Shout Factory are pleased to offer the DVD set for "Prom Queen: Season One", as well as its steamy holiday sequel, "Prom Queen: Summer Heat." How can you win a copy? It's easy! Just send an email to with an answer to this question: Name any motion picture that featured a Prom. Yep, it's that easy. The winner will be chosen from a random draw of correct entries. 

Good luck! Contest closes 12am ET Tuesday, October 28.

**Please note: for our international friends, this DVD set is configured in the North American DVD format only, however it will play on machines that accept all regions**

RATE IT! SNL's Thursday "Weekend Update"

'Saturday Night Live' aired their third election-flavoured 'Weekend Update' special last night. The best segment...Fred Armisen's MegaPixel Map. can stop watching after his bit...oh, or you can stick around for the FIX- IT portion. All very silly.

Fred's map gymnastics are worth a giggle or two. Yes, I'd like to make the states bounce too!

HATE IT! Bad Day? Have Some Chocolate...Lotion?

Dylan's Candy Bar? LOVE IT! Chocolate? you really have to ask? ADORE IT! I want to smell of it? 

Hell, no!

The brains at Dylan's have taken their chocolate obsession to the extreme and not in a good way. Along with all the mouth-watering chocy treats, the shop is now peddling Chocolate Cup Cake scrubs, lotions, cremes and gels. It's bad enough running into women who spritz themselves with vanilla essence -- a person with the scent of fresh baked cookies -- that's just so WRONG! It's not cute, it's wacked!

As for chocolate, after a bad day I want to *eat* it, not waft around sweetly smelling of it. What a waste...all that chocolately joy down the drain.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

RATE IT! Start Your Bidding

Olympics? Old news! I don't want you want them? But I can tell you what I *do* want...the World Cup!

Bidding for the 2018 and 2022 tourneys begins tomorrow with countries in the northern hemisphere believed to have a distinct advantage.

The next two editions will kick off in the southern reaches of the globe. The 2010 World Cup is slated for South Africa, while Brazil has won the 2014 games. It's believed that FIFA will be more apt to prize the WC to countries above the equator to even out the playing field. England, Canada and the US are all rumoured to be keen. 

Decisions will be made over the next three years. Gosh, don't hurry on our account!

(England footie squad photo: Andy Hooper)

RATE IT! Betty Bust Up

Whee! I *love* celebrity fights! Apparently, the situation wasn't so ducky on the set of 'Ugly Betty' when Lindsay Lohan came to play. 

Ever the diva, LiLo was accused of all sorts of bratty behaviours -- the crew even had to repaint her dressing room. Just what the hell was she doing in there? Geez! Honestly, I don't think that I want to know!

Relations deteriorated so badly that production staff have killed 2 of the 6 appearances that Lohan was contracted to have. Tempers flared, Lindsay flashed the crew...all in a day's work, I suppose when Lindsay's involved!

RATE IT! Hugging It Out Broadway Style

What I'd do to catch Ari Gold on Broadway! Well, as of today, anyone can -- sorta!

Ari's alter ego, Emmy award winning actor, Jeremy Piven, treads the boards this evening for his Broadway debut. Jeremy stars in the revival of David Mamet's "Speed the Plow" at the Barrymore Theatre. 

Play sound familiar? It's probably for the *wrong* reason -- yep, pop culture's latest divorcee, Madonna appeared in the 1988 production. A performance that was best long forgotten...

Anyway, not to rain on Jeremy Piven's parade, I bet his Broadway arrival will be much more intense and well acted than Madge's. Break a leg, Jeremy!

(Jeremy photo: Getty Images)

RATE IT! No Sh*t, Sherlock! Robert Downey Jr.

No, this photo hasn't been posted because of the media firestorm that is whirling around Director, Guy Ritchie, and his soon-to-be-ex missus, Madonna. Hmmm...nice of her to officially chop him out of the family photographs when she has a new tour -- reeks of the workings of a publicity whore, and of course it is MADGE! What do we expect? Not a lot of heart, that's for sure. 

No, this photo was pulled from the vault for Robert Downey Jr. The fabulous actor. A survivor of the Hollywood maze. Geez, he's just all around awesome. Robert's next role is Sherlock Holmes. Did you see him nail the performance of a lifetime in 'Chaplin'? All bets are on for RDJ to do the same for Holmes. 

And why is Mr. Madonna glomming onto Iron Man? Ritchie is directing Downey in this pic, and if Robert can earn an Oscar nod like he did for 'Chaplin', won't that be a nice kudo for Ritchie who up to now, only seems to be capable of telling London gangster tales. Go on, that sinewy 50 year old bitch what you're made of!. I'm sure Robert will more than do his part to help.

(photo: Getty Images)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RATE IT! Posh & Becks Go Italian

Looks like the Beckhams are in need of a European vacation of sorts. With the North American soccer season closing this weekend, Becks had been looking to ply his trade elsewhere for a spell. While the season is dark in L.A., Becks will move temporarily over to Italy to join AC Milan in January for a few months. The plan is for David to maintain his level of fitness in Europe while Posh can play designer in the fashion capital of the world. 

Could the move be permanent? No one is saying at this point! Better get those change of address labels ready for Tom, Katie,, the list does go on...

(photo: AP Photo)

RATE IT! Pick Me a Winner! Contest News!

It's a monumental moment for us...

the first Lose That Girl contest & giveaway!

Love a dose of gossip, deception and betrayal with your entertainment? This giveaway is for you!

Coming soon! Check back to enter!

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Teaser -- Next Monday's Episode

It's only Wednesday but already the previews are available for next Monday's 'Gossip Girl' ep, "Pret a Poor-Jenny". Showing gallons of fashionista 'tude, Little J, is rockin' new choppy bangs and smokey make-up. Girl out of control, and we *like* it!

What we don't like, are stories of skanky Lindsey Lohan befriending Chace Crawford. Ew, touched by the hand of odious party girls. Anyhoo, I digress. Enjoy the glimpse of next Monday's show.

RATE IT! Gumby ~ The Original!

Please bear with me for this retro moment! 

I *loved* Gumby! Apparently, Nickelodeon in the States has a new, re-fabricated opening for the Gumby eps they broadcast. That's a crime! Here's the ORIGINAL Gumby opener. Unfortunately, the quality isn't the greatest, but you still get a whiff of the original Gumby jingle and all the Clokey magic that made the series so cool.

RATE IT! James Bond Countdown

The return of James Bond might not be for a few more weeks, but I'm already getting my 'I Love Spies' t-shirt ready, and organizing my friends so that come November 14th, I am prepared completely for my rendez-vous apres 007.

"Quantum of Solace" is due to take over movie theatres on the 14th. The countdown to the hottest Bond ever starts now. Care to join me?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RATE IT! Natalie & Rashida Have the Solution... the economic crisis...

Thanks to Gabby for the tip!

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

RATE IT! Best Gossip Girl Recap Anywhere

Ah! Still basking in the glow of another wicked 'Gossip Girl' episode last night. 

Want to pour over the best show recap in the biz? Click here and visit the NYMag site. Week in, week out, they craft the most entertaining GG recap on the planet. Saucy, snarky - just like GG itself. Don't waste your time with other less worthy summaries. It's the next best thing to actually watching the show. And you *do* know that you should be, right??

(Chuck photo: the CW)

RATE IT! Rio ~ Best Video of All Time

Geez, where have *I* been? Apparently, MTV held a vote for best music video of ALL TIME back in September. Viewers selected Duran Duran's "Rio" as *THE* premiere clip...the colourful romp triumphed over Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Madonna's "Like a Prayer," and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." If Madonna or MJ had won, I bet we would have clued in by now! Time for Duran to get new publicists!

RATE IT! Mini Party Plates

Check the calendar...the seasonal party season is almost upon us. A time to adorn yourself in your most stylish dress, swot up on cocktail bash chit chat, and practice balancing your flute of champers with a plate of yummy, mini canapes. It's an art!

Hate to break it to you but it's time to scratch that third item from your 'to do' list of party prep. Make that balancing act part of your party past with these cute, teeny plates! Hold your 'pea pod with shrimp' aloft on top of these mini platters. It's actually a tiny ring with an hors d'oeuvres-sized plate affixed. Silly, true...but also a little bolt of genius! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

RATE IT! Chuck Bass is...

Did you watch 'Gossip Girl' tonight? If you haven't yet, not to worry...I won't spill. But here's a tribute to our man Chuck. CW has created a promo using Britney's 'Womanizer''s the longer version of the promo that aired earlier this evening.

WANT IT! Mini Candy Grabber

Feeling guilty about all the chocolate you scoff? Want to feel like you're earning those treats?

Well now you can! Feast your eyes upon this mini candy grabber -- yeah, it's just like those clamp/claw games you see at fair grounds and movie theatres. But this grabber is fun size, just like the chocolates and candies that it protects inside. Make yourself work for those delectable sweets -- at the office, at can have this game where you please because it's compact and perfect for portion control anytime, anywhere. 

Make your 3pm daily candy grab more satisfying! After all, you've earned it!

RATE IT! Tonight's Gossip Girl Preview

Monday. A return to the working week...nah, Monday really only means one thing around Lose that Girl HQ -- "Gossip Girl" tonight!

Here's a tease for tonight's proceedings. Yep, I'm thrilled! Looks like an evening chock full of Chuck!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

HATE IT! Delay for London Conversations

Delays are anticipation's worst enemy. Pop lovers who keep Saint Etienne tightly held in a warm embrace are knee deep in a too lengthy wait for the band's latest compilation. A best of, you say? Why get all breathless and full of angst for something you already own?! Well, this release has some extra goodies that aren't readily available. And if you knew St. Et like we do, anything they put out is worth clamoring for...even if it means an awkward joust through the record shop doors, elbows flying, hair pulling in order to score your special copy...yep, it's that anxiously awaited! It's an event!

Anyway, the latest word that I've found is that the release which got bumped from October 13, is now set for February 2, 2009!. Hate to say it pop kids, but don't hold your breath. Small labels are full of flux-inducing delays and this one might get pushed back yet again.

RATE IT! Death on the Upper East Side

Spoilers are whirling about in the leaf-filled autumn breeze that a main character on 'Gossip Girl' is about to kick the bucket. 

'Entertainment Weekly' magazine is fanning the rumours and is dishing all sorts of possibilities as to who the funeral march will be dedicated to. Honestly, I don't care as long as it's not Chuck...and since he is the puppetmaster behind *everything* on the show, no need to get my hairband in a knot.

(Chuck photo: The CW)

RATE IT! Marky Mark: See! I Can Be Funny!

Don't you love it when the rumours turn out to be true!?

Following on his weekday rants about Andy Samberg's impersonation a few weeks back, Mark Wahlberg *did* appear on 'Saturday Night Live' last night. In an attempt to make nice and prove hey! I *do* have a funny bone!, Mark loosened up for some banter with Andy, and all is better now! Til next time! The thing this clip and then tell me if you don't agree with me, Andy Samberg DID nail the impersonation last time, didn't he? Marky's point wasn't proved at all!

Friday, October 17, 2008

HATE IT! Marky Mark Loses Funny Bone

Aw, poor Mark Wahlberg! Turns out the bruiser can't take a joke! He's been bellyaching to anyone who will listen about a skit that aired on 'Saturday Night Live' two weeks ago. 

Cast member, Andy Samberg, did a drone-tastic impression of the movie star, chatting away to a variety of members of the animal kingdom. Take a look yourself - it may not be the most side-splitting skit ever, but it *is* funny. Truth hurts sometimes, Wahlberg!

And now there's a new twist! NBC sources are saying that Mark just might appear on tomorrow's live episode. Hopefully, Andy Samberg has some back-up. Mark was quoted as saying he'd crack Andy's beak. Some thugs never grow up.

RATE IT! New Depeche Mode Flick

A worthwhile concert movie is a rare bird, but for fans of Depeche Mode, the 1989 flick '101' was a stand-out. Footage of the band on tour intertwined with the bus-bound escapades of a bunch of devoted Mode contest winners made for an exhilarating journey across the United States - literally!

Now, almost 20 years later, a new DM fan-flick is upon us. "The Posters Came From the Walls" is a labour of love, following Mode admirers world-wide. Fans from Russia, Iran, Mexico, and the UK are chronicled, exposing their fandom and the various forms it represents. As any fan knows, being a loyal follower of your fave is not only a thrilling experience, but also a journey of yearning and melancholy. And that's not even examining the monetary cost! 'Posters' is currently receiving its share of buzz at the London Film Festival (on from October 15-30) where it's set to make its bow next Tuesday. Fingers crossed, this film about DM faith and devotion will enjoy a wider release...if not in cinemas perhaps on DVD. Watch for it!

Oh... and let's not forget about the inspiration for this doc...the band itself. Depeche Mode recently announced a world tour set to kick off in Israel next May. I just can't get enough!


RATE IT! SNL Hot-Tub Lovers

Here's a comedic gem to get your Friday off to a rib-tickling start! Remember this SNL sketch? Will Ferrell & Rachel Dratch as the cringe-worthy professors, also known as the luv-ahs!...this time plunged in a shared hot-tub with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. 

Classic! None of them can keep a straight face!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

HATE IT! Beckhams in... SHOCK! Chelsea Kit

Quick! Get David back to L.A. from international duty with England! David's youngest sprogs, Romeo & Cruz, were snapped on the sidelines of older brother Brooklyn's footie match in California, wearing *gasp!* Chelsea kits. Oh, it pains me typing those words!! 

For the soccer deprived, this move is one akin to mutiny - David, after all, had an incredible career toiling for Chelsea's main rivals, Manchester United, for many a year back in the UK. 

Is Posh to blame? A soon-to-be-fired nanny? Meanwhile, David's been abroad subbing for England and promoting these odd fish finger type edibles...this man will advertise anything! 

(photo: Getty Images)

RATE IT! The Mentalist

Every Fall TV season, we're flooded with new viewing possibilities. As a rabid TV watcher, it's difficult to find room in an already jam-packed viewing schedule so any fresh adds *really* have to be prime in order to make the cut.

Step into the spotlight, "The Mentalist." Starring Aussie actor, Simon Baker, the series focuses on renegade detective, Patrick Jane...a self-professed expert in mentalism, who uses his unique skills to aid the California Bureau of Investigation. The risk with a series that uses pseudo psychic stylings, is that it could come off as contrived or unbelievable, but "The Mentalist" steers clear of such maladies -- due in part by the charismatic lead, Simon Baker. Casting directors *love* Baker - he's been featured in many a TV pilot, most of which haven't survived but hopefully this series is the charm and he'll be suavely navigating our TV screens for some time to come. Looks like I'm not the only one enamored. The Producers have received an order for a full compliment of episodes, and the ratings are soaring. Check out who beat out 'Dancing with the Stars' Tuesday night! Yep! I imagine no one forecasted that major feat!

(Simon Baker photo: AP Photo)

HATE IT! Franz Ferdinand Go Goulish

Sounds like a Hallowe'en joke! No, it's true!

Scottish hipsters, Franz Ferdinand, surprised many when they announced that they had been using human bones for percussion instruments on their upcoming album.

Speaking to MTV, lead singer Alex Kapranos casually mentioned that the band picked up the bones as a lark, but found that they created a unique sound that they just had to get down on record. The box of skeleton pieces was originally purchased from a doctor's estate auction with the intention of decorating their recording space with the relics. Instead, the pieces found a new life on Franz's new album.

Bit creepy, no? Best to rethink the idea of leaving your bones to science, eh? Goodness knows where they'll end up. 

(photo: Reuters)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi everyone! Just a brief interruption to ask a favour...

The voting for "Best Blog About Stuff" over at the Blogger's Choice Awards is nearly closed. Today is the last day for voting. If you would be a doll, and click on the green link in this post and send a vote my way for "Lose That Girl", it would be greatly appreciated!!

I know everyone is tired of voting....the Canadian federal election was yesterday and the US Presidental vote is a few weeks away -- think of THIS vote for Best Blog About Stuff as a positive!

Lose that Girl
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