Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Steps Ahead

Better make room on the steps of the Met, Blair Waldorf. Seems that your clique of avowed admirers is growing!

Monday night saw 'Gossip Girl' scoring the most female viewers of any program aired in the 8pm timeslot. The CW courts younger viewers, especially women watchers so no doubt there's a celebratory air over at CW HQ. The series continues to grow in all demos which goes to show you that a good thing cannot be kept secret for long.

(photo: the CW)



It's definitely in my top 5 shows right now. Hey, can we get gigs as TV critics? If I cannot work for Getty Images (I'm terrible with a camera), perhaps TV critic is the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEE Gossip Girl so much! and even more, i cannot wait for their first ever soundtrack! OMFGG is OUT NOW and with 13 songs from the past season, its a must for all fans!

Blair and chuck forever! for more.

Jackie said...

Most of the OMFGG soundtrack tunes can be cherry picked on-line - I own most of them already. Funny that the 'official' cd release doesn't include the horrible Lincoln Hawk track (it's on iTunes tho').
What would have made the soundtrack CD a must? Some of the Filthy Youth tracks that were featured in the series. What...did Ed Westwick ask for too high a price?

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