Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RATE IT! Gumby ~ The Original!

Please bear with me for this retro moment! 

I *loved* Gumby! Apparently, Nickelodeon in the States has a new, re-fabricated opening for the Gumby eps they broadcast. That's a crime! Here's the ORIGINAL Gumby opener. Unfortunately, the quality isn't the greatest, but you still get a whiff of the original Gumby jingle and all the Clokey magic that made the series so cool.


tracey said...

I LOVE Gumby! I have him and Pokey on my shelf in my "oh so grown up" office.

Jackie said...

Hey Tracey. Yes, I'm guilty too! They're hanging around alongside my Mr. Bill, Blue Meanie and Stay Puf Marshmallow man. Who says we're immature?!?

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