Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HATE IT! Leighton Meester Sings

Oh dear. Leighton Meester is recording an album. In most respects, I'd give Leighton a free pass for *anything*. Why? Because she's Blair Waldorf! A villain and heroine all wrapped up in one 115 lb. scratch-your-eyes-out while sweetly smiling package of badass. If you watch Leighton on 'Gossip Girl', you know what I mean. No explanation necessary. But c'mon...an album?

Why do actresses keep making records...terrible records. Leighton...please don't go down the same dillusional path as...

Scarlet Johanson
Milla Jovovich
Minnie Driver
Lindsay Lohan
and apparently, Jessica Biel and Hayden Panettiere are also knee-deep in the recording studio.

Leighton needs an intervention. Where's a real life Chuck Bass when we need him the most?

(photo: gossipgirlinsider.com)

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