Monday, October 27, 2008

RATE IT! Build Your Own Muppet Whatnot

I have a lengthy list of ideal jobs: Chocolate taster at Cadbury's, Massage Therapist at Manchester United, Writer at SNL and Muppet Maker. Now, thanks to one of New York's venerable stores, one of these occupations is closer to a reality (shame...this venture does not permit close access to Owen Hargreaves; I'll get over it - maybe). 

Today, Manhattan's FAO Schwarz is unveiling the first-ever accessible to the public Muppet Whatnot Workshop. What's a whatnot? Well, a whatnot is not a Kermit or Fozzy, but their roles are still integral to the Muppet machine. Simply put, Whatnots are Muppet extras, a multitude of character entities that provide background visuals for scenes featuring the Muppet "stars". Each Whatnot has its own individual appearance and traits, and now we can all make one of our own! Think Build-A-Bear gone Henson!

Just like real Muppets, the Whatnots shoppers can create at the 5th Avenue FAO HQ, are puppets complete with moveable mouths, and hand-rods for proper Muppet animation. Visitors will have a plethora of facial features to choose from as well as accessories, clothes -- the works! It may not be a full-on job creating Muppetry but it's the next best thing! And if you can't visit the Big Apple, you're still in luck! You can order your custom-made Whatnot on-line! Oooh...What was that noise? Yep, I bet it was the FAO website crashing from the influx of activity.

While you wait for your chance to make Muppet magic, want to see real honest to goodness Whatnots being created? Check out the late Jim Henson describing Whatnot know-how in the video below - or UPDATE: December 2008: check out my own experience at FAO here.

Thanks to Gabby for the tip!

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If you'd like to see photos and an overview of the experience of creating a Whatnot at FAO Schwarz, see

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