Thursday, October 9, 2008

HATE IT! Two Week EPL Disruption

Feel like you're missing something? I know that I am. We're in the midst of the latest two week 'international break' for the English Premiership. All the players have scattered, off to train & play for their home countries. This tier of 2010 World Cup qualifiers sees England at home vs. Kazakhstan on Saturday, with a trip to Belarus next Wednesday. 

Missing out this time around, Owen Hargreaves. Not for a lack of performance, rather a lack of fitness. Owen's injured knee has flared so he's off back home in Manchester and regrettably not in England's crisp white kit. Hopefully, he'll be back on form when the EPL resumes for United on Saturday, October 18. Miss you, Owen!

(Hargreaves photo: AP Photo) 

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Can we volunteer to take turns nursing him back to 100% fitness? The Chelsea ladies already have a line formed for JT and I'm thinking Owen needs a nurse or two. :)

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