Friday, October 10, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Teaser -- Next Monday's Episode

CONGRATULATIONS! We made it to the weekend! We made it through the week...a week amiss of our favourite clique and all their intricate back-stabbing, venomous ways. It's just not as fun being surrounded by goodness all the time.

Fear not, only a few days before we can reunite with Blair, Chuck and Serena. As a kick-start, here's the preview for episode six, 'New Haven Can Wait'. BFF bitchiness. Kidnapping. Teen drinking & sex. Typical week in the world of these Upper East Siders. Enjoy!

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Damn this TV situation! I will have to download all of the episodes I've missed. This one looks FABU! Can't wait til I'm up and running again so we can continue our Chuck Bass Fan Club chats!

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