Thursday, October 2, 2008

RATE IT! Lipstick Jungle

Have you taken a stroll yet through 'Lipstick Jungle'?

Sure, 'Sex and the City' creator, Candace Bushnell, is also the brains behind this enterprise. The television series, now just minutes into its sophomore season, was originally based on another of Bushnell's female-centric novels. But don't let its pedigree stop you from tuning in!

It's hard to follow-up on 'SATC' -- we'll never love another television heroine as much as Carrie...or her girlie sidekicks for that matter -- but 'Lipstick Jungle', despite suggestions to the contrary is actually...quite entertaining and well done. Initially, I wanted to hate this series just because...yeah, I'm that precious about 'SATC.' 

Unlike 'Cashmere Mafia', another TV series aimed at the female demo, 'Lipstick' doesn't try too hard. 'Cashmere Mafia' from the outset wanted to hoist Lucy Liu upon us as the new Carrie Bradshaw -- wearing outlandish fashion that just overwhelmed the poor actress. The women seemed an odd match, and their overwhelming 'girl's club' stance, put this gal off. Turns out, I wasn't alone as 'Cashmere' was cancelled...while 'Lipstick Jungle' is thriving.

'Lipstick Jungle' is a calmer, no less glitzy affair. The three leads - you can definitely see how they'd be best friends, and the fashion, accessories...they're all there, but it's not like the Producers are trying to compete with 'SATC.' Best to let this show make its own niche, and its characters their own space in this competitive world. 

If you haven't started watching, I would heartily recommend that you do. It's refreshing to see a show with actresses in their 30s & 40s portraying characters that are not just starting out. Womens' lives are still interesting past the scattered, aimless 20s - and this show proves it. 

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