Thursday, October 16, 2008

RATE IT! The Mentalist

Every Fall TV season, we're flooded with new viewing possibilities. As a rabid TV watcher, it's difficult to find room in an already jam-packed viewing schedule so any fresh adds *really* have to be prime in order to make the cut.

Step into the spotlight, "The Mentalist." Starring Aussie actor, Simon Baker, the series focuses on renegade detective, Patrick Jane...a self-professed expert in mentalism, who uses his unique skills to aid the California Bureau of Investigation. The risk with a series that uses pseudo psychic stylings, is that it could come off as contrived or unbelievable, but "The Mentalist" steers clear of such maladies -- due in part by the charismatic lead, Simon Baker. Casting directors *love* Baker - he's been featured in many a TV pilot, most of which haven't survived but hopefully this series is the charm and he'll be suavely navigating our TV screens for some time to come. Looks like I'm not the only one enamored. The Producers have received an order for a full compliment of episodes, and the ratings are soaring. Check out who beat out 'Dancing with the Stars' Tuesday night! Yep! I imagine no one forecasted that major feat!

(Simon Baker photo: AP Photo)

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LoveLamps said...

I do not generally like blondes, but as soon as my TV returns, I'm SO watching this! I may never leave the house again when I get TV back at this rate!

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