Friday, October 17, 2008

HATE IT! Marky Mark Loses Funny Bone

Aw, poor Mark Wahlberg! Turns out the bruiser can't take a joke! He's been bellyaching to anyone who will listen about a skit that aired on 'Saturday Night Live' two weeks ago. 

Cast member, Andy Samberg, did a drone-tastic impression of the movie star, chatting away to a variety of members of the animal kingdom. Take a look yourself - it may not be the most side-splitting skit ever, but it *is* funny. Truth hurts sometimes, Wahlberg!

And now there's a new twist! NBC sources are saying that Mark just might appear on tomorrow's live episode. Hopefully, Andy Samberg has some back-up. Mark was quoted as saying he'd crack Andy's beak. Some thugs never grow up.

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