Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HATE IT! Ringo Sticks It to Fans

Too often the famous forget that it was their fans who made it possible for them to live the high life ~ buy the over-sized mansions, pimped out cars, plastic surgery for their multiple wives...*sigh* 

Now we have to add former Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr to this list of amnesia-plagued celebs who don't care to recall that it was *you* who put them up on their pedestal. 

Ringo doesn't want fans writing letters to him anymore. He won't read them. Heck, he won't even hire a fan mail answering service to deal with the well-wishes. Nope, he's just gonna trash all of it; yep, he'll throw your carefully composed letters, and artistic renderings into the garbage. Nice, eh? All you need is love - what a twat!

(photo: Reuters)

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