Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HATE IT! Brand Cristiano Ronaldo

Following in the misguided footsteps of a fellow footie star isn't necessary the best route to take. Yes, I'm speaking to you, Manchester United superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. David Beckham, for all his earnest 'I'm a multi-platform star' with his perfumes, Sharpies and whatnots, is a bit of joke now, no? Who needs Brand Beckham, when you can slither into Brand Cristiano Ronaldo! Aw, Cris -- what were you thinking?

While at home in Portugal for a week of international World Cup qualifying matches, Cris unveiled his 2nd boutique in Lisbon. Ronnie is offering up all sorts of fashion pieces branded with the ubiquitous CR7, his intials & squad number. 

I applaud Cris and his desire to be a mini-fashion mogul, but really...who is going to wear this stuff? I adore Cris - he's simply the best footballer on the planet, but he should reserve his energies for the pitch and not tacky merchandising. No doubt these clothes, belts, shoes...all cost a pretty penny but why? Stick to calendars and football boots, Cris.

(photos: goffphotos.com)



Yeah I just cannot get into this. Sorry. Love to see the hip dip, but not going to buy anything.

Dreamgirl said...

Hi LTG Never been here before but think its a great blog. I suppose its good of Cris to create jobs for the family but can you see anyone other than him wearing it? No one of his better ideas.
Btw keep up the good work :)

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