Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HATE IT! WAGs to Blame For Loss

Rio Ferdinand, star centre-back for Manchester United, and England's national footie squad, has spoken out to the press about England's heartbreaking exit from the 2006 World Cup tourney.

Rio now blames his team's premature departure on the presence of their WAGs at the event (Footie math...WAGs = wives and girlfriends). Many of the 'significant' others, including Cheryl Cole (Ashley Cole), Coleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney) and Victoria Beckham (David Beckham) were snapped by the paps shopping up a storm, partying excessively and generally hogging the limelight with their fake tan & skimpy bikinis. Rio feels that the gals behaviour was a distraction and the players couldn't concentrate.

Now, Rio dear. I think you're fabulous! You're on *my* team! All-star defender. Definite team captain material -- you're now poised, mature and have learned from your younger, questionable indiscretions, however...did your wives kick one single soccer ball during the WC? Miss a penalty kick or two? Heck no! Stop foisting the blame on your wives & girlfriends! If you can't concentrate with your hottie of a wife there, tell her to stay home! You're a big boy, a professional athlete - time to act like one!

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