Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WANT IT! Forbidden Broadway Sundae

My love of the frosty, yet creamy sensation that is the Dairy Queen Blizzard is very well documented. Yes, I know...this blog is littered with tales of Blizzards, both large and calorific. But...my apologies Dairy Queen. Your ice cream concoction is not my first love. No, my first resides in New York City at Serendipity III. The Forbidden Broadway Sundae.

Gaze if you will upon Serendipity's most splendid of elaborate treats! This mountain of a dessert made with an entire slice of their Chocolate Blackout cake, stacks of vanilla ice cream and cups of gooey chocolate fudge is not for the small of appetite. Oh no...it's a challenge for those with eyes larger than their stomachs and a penchant for all things chocolate and decadent. It's amazing how a chilled goblet full of lactose and sugar can own your affections, even months after the last rendez-vous. My love. My sweet.

Until we can meet again, I will fondly remember the chill in my heart and the happiness it brought me. For the Forbidden Broadway Sundae has no equal. As for the DQ Blizzard, we've had some good times but you're a fling at best. Until I can return to Manhattan the Dairy Queen Blizzard will have to be dessert enough to satisfy my hunger. Oh, what a massive dessert dish you must fill!

(photo: nowpublic.com)

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I'm having major withdrawl. *sigh* Wish that I could climb into that photo...

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