Friday, October 3, 2008

RATE IT! New 90210 Yanked

Hurrah! There IS a TV god...well, at least in the land down under!

Australia's Channel 10 has pulled '90210' after just four airings. Ratings tanked and the broadcast brass wanted to curtail the bleed before any more damage could be done to their channel. They've replaced the simpering program with moldly old movies -- LOVE IT, old repeated flicks, the kind you've seen over and over too many times, can out-perform '90210', the so-called (by the CW, mind you) *hot* series of the season!?! 

Hilarious!! I'm so very thrilled as I hate this program so much! It offends me in every way. And the worst thing...the people on this program just think they *deserve* to be a hit, to be stars...yet their series is insipid, poorly written, with ridiculous casting and don't get me started on the plague that is Shannon Doherty!

I'm sure (and hoping!) this yank won't be the only one. Channels elsewhere around the world won't keep this drivel on the air *just because*. The CW is going to look ridiculous when everyone else has bailed and they're still touting the show as the season's #1 hit. Ah, my Friday just got a little brighter!

Thanks, Gabby for the tip!

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