Sunday, October 26, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl - You've Got the Look

Do you enjoy watching the weekly fashion show that evolves weekly on 'Gossip Girl'? If you tune in to gawk at Serena's latest trendy party dress, or Chuck's natty smoking jacket, now you can get into the act & actually look the part.

Jumping aboard the 'Gossip Girl' gravy train, on-line fashion retailer Bluefly has opened up a 'Gossip Girl' boutique. A visit to the GG home page reveals our Upper East Side clique (alas, boho babe, Vanessa is not included - at least not yet). A quick click on Serena, Chuck and the gang and voila -- you can purchase character inspired clothing! It's a smart marketing move to capitalize on the gear the cast wear weekly. Now those carefully placed Bluefly shopping bags in certain scenes are making total sense!

(photo: The CW)

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Oh lovely! I am completely caught up now and I have a few comments:

1 - HATE Jenny's new hair;
2 - still in LOVE with Chuck Bass; and
3 - still don't like Lonely Boy. :)

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