Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HATE IT! Last Gasp Aboard SATC Money Train

Add quirky stylist, Patricia Field to the list of 'Sex and the City' associates grasping for one last cash grab.

Today, Ms. Field unveiled an assortment of glad rags for Marks & Spencer in the UK. The collection, supposedly inspired by the 'SATC' lifestyle, unfortunately come off as shoddy, trashy and impractical. Fans did line up in anticipation of the clothes a la Carrie, but upon the doors opening, many quickly realized that their heroines wouldn't be caught dead in such fashion blunders.

In recent weeks, 'SATC' author, Candace Bushnell shamelessly announced her plans to create a series of stories featuring Carrie Bradshaw as a teen -- with Miley Cyrus already tipped to portray the young Carrie should the books appear on the big screen. 

Can't these women just leave 'SATC' be? Stop cheapening the brand! You're embarrassing yourselves and taking some of the shine away from the franchise. Enough!


The Chubby One said...

I agree, let it go. The thought of Miley as a young Carrie kind of sickens me...but then again, I'm just not a fan of hers.

Jackie said...

Miley has too many teeth to play Carrie Bradshaw. Whoops...was that mean?

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