Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HATE IT! Angelina's Sharp Parenting Skills

Many a glossy mag is cooing and fawning all over the Brad-clicked breast feeding photos of uber-Mom, Angelina Jolie and their latest sprogs. 

If the constant fame whoring to the media of her brood wasn't enough to give her a negative reading on the 'Mom of the Year' scale, here's a tale that should capsize her intentions of ever being held up as a model of Mummy perfection -- for good.

Jolie buys knives for her eldest kid, Maddox. Sharp, dangerous knives. It's one thing for her to brag about her obsession with pointy weapons, but to purchase them for your seven year old? She says that they are teaching Mads how knives can hurt people - yeah, when he uses one to stab one of the other Jolie-Pitt sibs he despises! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, lady?!? Clearly, you and your SO are *not*. 

(photo: Reuters)

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