Friday, October 24, 2008

HATE IT! Bad Day? Have Some Chocolate...Lotion?

Dylan's Candy Bar? LOVE IT! Chocolate? you really have to ask? ADORE IT! I want to smell of it? 

Hell, no!

The brains at Dylan's have taken their chocolate obsession to the extreme and not in a good way. Along with all the mouth-watering chocy treats, the shop is now peddling Chocolate Cup Cake scrubs, lotions, cremes and gels. It's bad enough running into women who spritz themselves with vanilla essence -- a person with the scent of fresh baked cookies -- that's just so WRONG! It's not cute, it's wacked!

As for chocolate, after a bad day I want to *eat* it, not waft around sweetly smelling of it. What a waste...all that chocolately joy down the drain.

1 comment:

tracey said...

gaaaaa! I HATE with the fiery passion of 1000 suns the scent of vanilla candles, body lotion, air mists...GROSS. It gives me a headache. Chocolate is not any better. I agree - it's much better as a flavor.

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