Thursday, October 9, 2008

HATE IT! Ugly Betty's Father-Son Bonding

After months of snooze-worthy reruns, nightly Michael Phelps close-ups, and remodeled Japanese game shows, the return of the colourful spectacle that is 'Ugly Betty' is like a breath of fresh, televised air.

Finally! Something to watch that's lively, heartfelt and hilarious! Sorta. This season, it's not that something is missing, more like someone has been added, and I'm not digging the intrusion into our delightful, silly clique.

Step into the 'Mode' spotlight, Daniel Meade's son. Yeah, the French small fry -- Daniel's unknown kid that was dropped off at last season's conclusion. The child is ANNOYING! Pulling ridiculous pranks, diverting Daniel's attentions at every corner -- the Meade male was much more entertaining when he was a skirt chasing, party boy. Now he's lumbered with this kid who he can't communicate with, Daniel's place on the laugh-o-metre has just fallen into the toilet!

I'm all for overly emotional story arcs that cue up the tears and get everyone all warm & fuzzy (Ugly Betty is chock off of such bawl-fests), but the French kiddie is too much of a pest to garner even a single ounce of sympathy or compassion. Daniel, pack the kid off to boarding school, or better yet onto a jet back to his Grand Mere & Pere in France. Please save your place in the show before it's too late!

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