Monday, October 6, 2008

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Cast in High School

Blech, it's Monday. The only way to soften the blow of the dreaded return to the drudgery that is the working week is the knowledge that there's a 'Gossip Girl' episode waiting to flirt & play in the evening hours. 

But not THIS Monday. No...unfortunately, not. It's a dark week, this Monday, with a repeat of the season's Hampton opener. Not quite as tasty as a whole new schmorgasboard to sample, but at least it's something...and it's always a giggle to revisit all of Chuck's evil doings, even in retrospect.

If you're in need of your 'Gossip Girl' fix, let me step to the side and invite you over to the InStyle website. They've posted photos of the cast during their real-life high school years. Chace is all goofy grin and boy band curly! Doubt you'd find any cougars undressing this student! Blake Lively is, exactly the same. Truly! That girl never had an ugly duckling phase. And then there's Penn...words do not do his kiddie pic justice. One question remains though...why, no Ed Westwick? They have schools in England too, you know.



Anonymous said...


I was checking out your blog and thought you might be interested in a project I'm currently working on - the Prom Queen DVD release. Please let me know if I can send along additional info.




So glad it was a black out b/c I still do not have cable. It arrives tomorrow FINALLY! :)

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