Thursday, October 9, 2008

RATE IT! Weekend Update Thursdays

Overdosed yet on all this US election nonsense? Who hasn't! There's no escape. 

Now I'm not belittling the election process -- it's VERY important and I believe that if you have the right to vote, you should exercise that right. It's just the drawn out run-up to the *actual* event is so dry, boring...yep, snore-worthy. Shame too, because of its utmost importance for everyone.

That's why we're celebrating the prime-time weeknight extravaganza that is 'Saturday Night Live's' Weekend Update Thursdays. Starting tonight, Seth & Amy, and their crew of comedic correspondents will be broadcasting their unique take on the Presidential race every Thursday night for the next three weeks. Plus, there's an additional Monday night play-date on Nov. 3, the night before the big vote. Time to inject some more laughs and levity into this thing, and make us pay attention -- once again! 

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