Saturday, October 25, 2008

RATE IT! The Office Hits the 'Peg

Hope Dwight Schrute has some long johns! The dysfunctional staff of 'The Office' are heading to the 'Peg. Winnipeg, Manitoba, that is!

The Canadian prairie city will be the destination for an upcoming Dunder Mifflin business trip. If you're tripping on the thought of spotting Michael Scott hanging with the locals at the corner of Portage & Main, don't get your hopes up. With budget constraints, the production will recreate "Winterpeg" on their LA soundstage. Me thinks the Cali production staff were too wimpy to endure the chilly temps ~ actually I shouldn't push the Winnipeg stereotype. It's only frost-bite season in the Winter, not in Autumn when they filmed the episode. So irresponsible of me. Don't blame me, I've never been there, and reside in cushy Ontario.

The Canadian-ized ep of 'The Office' will be broadcast in North America on November 13.

(photo of 'Dwight' & 'Michael': eonline)

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