Friday, October 30, 2009

RATE IT! It's the Great Pumpkin!

Holidays just wouldn't be the same without the Peanuts' specials.

May your Hallowe'en be safe, warm and full of candy! And if the Great Pumpkin happens to cross your path during your October 31st adventure, consider yourself lucky!

RATE IT! Truly Special

With the previous Snoopy post, it's a bit timely to add this retro TV special intro from CBS.

It brings with it very simple animation (well, it was the 70s!) and a flood of warm, happy memories. Whenever this :06 opening would play, kiddies across the U.S. and Canada knew that something good was about to be shown on TV. All the Peanut specials, Rankin & Bass' 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'... all the TV goodies from a childhood based in the 70s & early 80s North America.

A blast from the not so far away past.

Having worked in On Air Promotion for most of my life, I have a certain fondness for show bumpers and openings but this one is truly special for the memories it evokes.

RATE IT! Dog Gone It - Peanut Classics

Happiness IS a warm Zoey, yes indeedy.

Happiness is also this cute box set of Peanuts classics all kept safe within Snoopy's iconic doghouse. I remember the 'Happiness is a Warm Puppy' book *and* the green & pink hued cookbook. My sister had both of them when we were kids - goodness knows where they'd be now.

For some of us, this set will allow a long overdue reunion while others can warmly be introduced.

Eight classic titles in all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

RATE IT! Vegas Serendipity

Serendipity is not just for New Yorkers anymore.

Now visitors to the Las Vegas strip can indulge in the Forbidden Broadway Sundae and Frrrozen Hot Chocolate deep in the sandy desert. Serendipity 3 is now part of the Caesar's Palace complex with a casual dining menu that offers treats for all tastes.

The new digs look to be more spacious and comfy than the cramped, fire trap of a closet where Serendipity thrives in Manhattan. The move westward also brought along themed Vegas munchies -- but let's face it, the real attraction here, just like in the Big Apple, is the desserts. Take my word for it, skip the entrees and jump right into the course that counts. The desserts are out of this world while the hot dogs, sandwiches and the like are disappointingly average.

A trip to Vegas would be ideal if only a Forbidden Broadway Sundae was on the cards for me....

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 8 Sneak Peek

Step-sibs Jenny and Eric are feuding, Chuck's still pissed at Blair, and now Serena and Blair are revisiting the drama that being frenemies brings.

'Gossip Girl' is most interesting when hate prevails and the next catfight is just around the corner. Next Monday, perhaps?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HATE IT! Dog Pretzels

Make a date to get your downward dog... and then some!

Check out the 2010 Yoga Dogs calendar.

Funny? Well...not so much...just kinda weird. So *not* my cup of tea. I like my dogs looking/acting like dogs...not rock stars or in this case, pretzels. This calendar reminds me of those cards and posters that feature real photographs of dogs and cats but with superimposed huge crazy eyes or teeth.

I think you'd be barking mad to like this sort of thing.

RATE IT! Pop Mugs

LOVE these pop-tastic mugs!! Playful and oh, so colourful!

Pop culture bevies, coming up.

Me likey. Shame I don't drink tea or coffee. Could always use them for ice cream, or for when guests visit. These cups are too cute to pass up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RATE IT! An Education

I SO want to see this movie!!!

Early Sixties London suburbs, Nick Hornby's screenplay, a cast to die for (Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina, Emma Thompson, Dominic Cooper), and a wide-eyed newcomer (Carey Mulligan) portraying innocent Jenny, a teen girl bound for an education like no other -- this movie has all the points covered for top marks. I give it an A+.

And I want Rosamund Pike's wardrobe, thank you very much!

A Year Ago on Lose That Girl

Is There Something I Should Know?

I may be all married up, with a mortgage, dog, plenty of responsibilities...

but some old habits cannot be dropped. Call me immature, stuck in the past...*I can't hear you!*

Monday, October 26, 2009

HATE IT! Doggie Don't

To prove even further that TV execs have lost any sense of an original, watchable idea...

...comes the news that 'The Dog Whisperer', the fabulous National Geographic Channel canine series starring Cesar Millan is being flipped, stretched and neutered into a half-hour sitcom for Fox... starring 'That 70's Show' dude, Wilmer Valderrama.

The program currently in development would follow the adventures of a Cesar-esque character -- I really rate Cesar but honestly, have you watched 'The Dog Whisperer'? I wouldn't call him funny. Perhaps it's only humour that dogs would understand?

Zoey? Any ideas?

Then again, when did a funny sitcom hit the airwaves in the last few years? Talk about taking a terrific show and mutating it into something cringeworthy.

(Cesar photo: National Geographic Channel)

RATE IT! Pocket Jams Zipper Pouch

It's just a sign of the times, I guess. Many kiddies and teens out there have no clue what a 45 is. Now shuffled away along with cassettes and the archaic 8 track cartridges in the cobwebbed attic of music merchandising, 7" singles were once a thriving enterprise. I still remember my first purchase as a little kid (it's too embarrassing to reveal here), and I continued to snap them up until I earned a higher allowance and could finally spring for full-fledged LPs.

Vinyl was once king, and now it can sorta be king of all your small personal belongings -- the pocket james zipper pouch can hold all sorts of valuables for you and look too cool for school at the same time.

A fun musical blast from the (not so far away) past.

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

Zoey and friend... waiting for Summer to come back.

I hate to break it to her, she's in for a long, cold wait!

Friday, October 23, 2009

RATE IT! Tracy Morgan

I totally rate Tracy Morgan.

He's hilarious whether he's serving up friendly chit chat on Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night' couch, or working his day job portraying Tracy Jordan on '30 Rock.' And don't forget his spell as a regular on 'Saturday Night Live'. Brian Fellow's Safari Planet to this day, is still one of my all time favourites.

The man knows how to deliver any line and get laughs. Sometimes he does go a bit too far but what comedian worth their salt out there doesn't? Okay, Ellen DeGeneres doesn't but she's not... funny (to me, anyway).

Tracy just penned a tell-all book about his life, "I Am the New Black". I have no idea if it's any good; I haven't read it, but he's doing the talk show circuit promoting the hell out of it -- and he's still cracking everyone up...even telling stories about his life before the TV fame... he spins them into something laughable. The guy has had a hard time of it -- poverty, abuse, drugs. Yes, there are many celebs out there who lived in their cars, struggled with addiction or came from abusive backgrounds... but that doesn't make Tracy's tale any less important or interesting. Overcoming the odds - whether financial, physical, or otherwise, is always a story worthy of an audience.

RATE IT! Haunted Gingerbread House

Who says Christmas has the market covered in gingerbread? Not Dylan's Candy Bar.

To mark the celebration of all things ghoulish this Hallowe'en, they're serving up a new holiday take on an old favourite.

Take a break* from all the super sugary chocolate collected throughout your Hallowe'en travels, and feast upon this haunted house, gingerbread stylee!

*taking a "break" from chocolate is not really recommended by me. I was just trying to be all PC about sharing the junk food love with the gingerbread.

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 6 Sneak Peek

I always feel ripped off when weekly TV series don't do seasonal 'holiday' episodes. Fear not because 'Gossip Girl' is dishing up some ghoulish fun next Monday.

Yay, Hallowe'en on the Upper East Side! Wonder if the little kiddies get their costumes from Duane Reade or someplace more posh?

I digress...Chuck's back on the market? Scary!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

HATE IT! Field Guide to Candy

All hail what looks to be the bible of all things sickly sweet!

An encyclopedia of candy should be a good thing, right? A weighty tome that gives you the recipes to make your own treats -- such as this 'Field Guide to Candy'... in theory, is a very happy, shiny thing but... do you REALLY want to mix and measure your way to candy happiness in your own kitchen?

I don't.

Part of the pleasure of sweeties is that they come already assembled and ready to be scarfed down in mere seconds.

Create them? I just want to eat them!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HATE IT! Essence d' Oprah

Did you know that Oprah has a shop in Chicago where she sells her own clothes? The *actual* threads that she once wore on her show -- and no longer wants.

It's great that she doesn't just toss them into the trash, but wouldn't donating them all to a good cause, like a women's shelter be even more worthwhile? The money received does support Oprah's charities so I guess some good does come from this odd practice.

Even stranger, apparently you cannot try on the clothes before purchase. The reason given, "to preserve the integrity of the items and ensure that Oprah was the last person to wear them," but you *can* pose in a chair that also once belonged to Oprah and have your photo taken while seated.

Okay.... but last I checked, Oprah was a mere mortal like you and me. Sure, she's filthy rich, hugely famous & unabashedly successful, but ...still.

I don't know why anyone would want to own Oprah's cast offs. I certainly hope these garments are dry cleaned before they're sold...if not, you could be getting more than Oprah's clothes.


HATE IT! Flash Forward

I was so excited when this series was announced...

Now four episodes in, I'm chucking this Joseph Fiennes vehicle to the curb. It feels like this program is just spinning its wheels; we're all waiting for the big bang (or something) to happen...innuendo, hints, secretive whispers....everything ---- being ---- dragged ---- out with no real payoff.

Life's too short to wait for this show to get REALLY interesting, and a PVR only has so much room to house programs that haven't reached their potential.

Sorry Joseph...sorry, Jack Davenport (maybe I could get my Dav fix from old eps of 'This Life'?)...

'Lost' wannabee, begone! Next!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RATE IT! Posh Gossip

Rumours are swirling that Victoria Beckham will feature on 'Gossip Girl' this season.

Apparently, Blake Lively met Posh at her NYC fashion show & the pair hit it off, with Blake scoring Mrs. Beckham's word that she'd grace the GG set. At least Vic admits that she's no actress & just wants to have a fun adventure popping into Serena & Dan land.

Shame she won't be playing Chuck's former lover - now *that* would be worthwhile!

HATE IT! Ron & Barbara Get Iced


My love-in for 'Battle of the Blades' is on hiatis this week. One of my favourite couples, Barbara Underhill & Ron Duguay were voted out after the elimination skate last night.

Their survival was pinned to a skate-off with crowd fave, Tie Domi and Tuffy Hough-Sweeney. I think Tie and Tuffy did a fantastic job but honestly, I think Ron added more flair to his performance than Domi. And Ron took the plunge, donning ice skates instead of hockey blades (Domi!) making his performance all the more remarkable. His partner, Barbara is a skating living legend, and it's a shame that she's no longer part of the competition. Tie & Tuffy were a lot of bouncy fun -- the live audience loved them.

Personally, I wouldn't have placed Barbara & Ron in contention for elimination *at all* this week -- that honour should have gone to the too kooky duo of Ken Daneyko & Jodeyne Higgins. I almost expected the keystone cops to make an appearance during their skate - it was just too cutesy, all silly story line and not enough pretty skating. Did viewers forget to vote on Sunday night, or what? It should of been Ken & Jodeyne waving farewell, not Ron & Barbara.

I'm willing to give the judges last night the benefit of the doubt, BUT I think they made a major mistake saying bye-bye to one of the most popular skating couples in the competition. The CBC website for 'Blades' boasts that Duguay & Underhill have the most registered fans, so don't cry the blues if the ratings take a slide, CBC!

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

Quiet Tuesday...quiet Zoey.

RATE IT! All Cakes Considered


Just a glance at this scrumptious book's cover, and your blood sugar will hit the roof.

All Cakes Considered. Oh, yes PLEASE!

For the love of all things cakey delicious, I wish, WISH someone with one of those candy coloured mixers would be my friend & gift me with some of these drool worthy concoctions found in this book.

I don't ask for much!

A Year Ago on Lose That Girl

~~ Mini Candy Grabber

If you're feeling territorial (and a little bit stingy) about people stealing treats from your desk at work, this invention was dreamt up for you. At least it makes it harder for candy thieves, and keeps their germy hands at bay.

Perfect for these H1N1 plagued times.

Monday, October 19, 2009

HATE IT! Pets Rock 2010 Calendar

I am not a fan of people dressing up their pets in clothes (okay, except on Hallowe'en... or for an occasional soccer their team kit -- that I am guilty of)... and I hate commercials & movies featuring live action animals that "talk" via so called animation "magic."

It's a pet peeve of mine. A big one. So when I stumbled across this 2010 calendar, 'Pets Rock'... I had to slate it.

Not funny, not cute....just dumb. It's not even executed very well.

Would you want this mess tacked up on your wall?

RATE IT! Flipper Guitar Spatula

If you want to rock 'n' roll all night & party everyday AND STILL get up bright 'n' early to flip those pancakes, well *this* spatula was made for you!

The Flipper Guitar Spatula -- proving that even rock stars like to get down & dirty in the kitchen too.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

RATE IT! What Up With That?

Last night's Saturday Night Live with guest host Gerard Butler was...well, meh. Unlike other weekends, this show wasn't *that* funny. It's unfortunate when clips taken from past SNL dress rehearsals placed during the commercial breaks were more funny than the actual show.

It wasn't all bad though...this new "What Up With That?" sketch was silly and I couldn't stop laughing. The best bit, Jason Sudeikis clad in a red Adidas track suit doing his best white guy ghetto dance in the background. Check it out!

*apologies to viewers in territories (like Canada) where the NBC video library might fail to play due to rights issues*

Friday, October 16, 2009

RATE IT! Plush Evil Ice Cream Clown

Just what everyone needs... evil ice cream clown. In plush!

This item apparently is not recommended for children. Is it the clown aspect? Don't all kids hate clowns?

Weird, but he's lovely with it.

RATE IT! Today Show Barf-o-rama

Okay, THIS is sick...

By now, everyone knows about yesterday's news story about the runaway homemade helium balloon and the missing 6 year old boy who was believed to have been dramatically carted away with it.

Thankfully, the kid was not a stowaway -- he was hiding from his father at home. As kids will do.

Last night on Larry King, Falcon Heene -- yeah, that's the boy's real name -- said that the apparent stunt that prompted police, the media and even NORAD to scramble in an urgent effort to save him, was done "for the show." Seriously. The kid said it was done to grasp the nation's attentions...on purpose for publicity. Unbelievable.

What was even more unbelievable -- and in a sick, really REALLY funny way...on live TV this morning during NBC's 'Today Show', the Heene clan were in the midst of a live interview when wee Falcon tosses his cookies....yep, a big barf-o-rama....on live BREAKFAST television!

'Today Show' host, Meredith Viera was stunned --- I bet most viewers were horrified -- it was just after 7am, peak breakfast hour. I found it hilarious. I laughed...and laughed and laughed. I've worked in TV long enough to know how fab live TV can be, when the impossible can (and will!) happen. Somewhere I hear the gang over at ABC and CBS laughing their faces off. Bet tons of viewers turned the channel from NBC on first hurl.

Can you blame them?

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 5 Sneak Peek

CAUTION...Spoilers may follow!!

Georgina Sparks, your time is up! Because of her meddling persuasiveness, the annoying spawn of Rufus & Lily returned to Manhattan just in time for their on/off wedding. Creepy Scott, the Boston brat with "issues" was finally revealed to Rufus & Lils as their long-lost son. Blame spazoid Georgina for upsetting the apple cart yet again. Is she done now? Can she be excused to join that other show she's part of over at NBC?

We waited through all that season finale hoopla last Spring, for this? Was I the only viewer who felt the big climactic "true identity" moment when everyone, including Scott's new step-siblings Dan, Serena, Eric and Jenny, discovered their blood ties to this freak was a bit of a... non-starter? No big drama.... no freak outs from the kiddies (I'm disappointed in YOU, Little J!)? The announcement went over like a pot of Rufus' famous chili --- la de biggie. Kinda feel ripped off. I was hoping for fireworks, waterworks, SOMETHING!

At least the arrival of Hilary Duff is adding some newfound life to the gang. Let's hope she sticks around for awhile and that her story line lives up to its potential. I'm digging her and Dan together, so please GG writers, make it interesting! Here's a peek at next Monday's episode:

RATE IT! Friday's Get Ugly

One of the last pieces of the Fall TV schedule clicks into place tonight with the return of ABC's "Ugly Betty."

Along with the new day and time slot, Bets has a revamped 'do, a new job at Mode and a new boss -- her richie rich ex from last season. Awkward, much? No one does uncomfy situations better than Betty!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RATE IT!/HATE IT! Beardy Becks

All hail the international return of David Beckham!

Mr. Posh, named Man of the Match yesterday versus Belarus, helped lead the England national footy team to a 3-0 victory in World Cup qualifiers. Becks had a huge impact - just like old times, eh? - but in this instance, he was a sub and STILL delivered the goods. Yay, David!

But what's with the creepy Geography teacher beard?

Appearances *may* be deceiving but it looks like Becks is putting his soccer prowess first...and his looks, second. Is it any surprise that Posh wasn't to be seen at the match? She's probably horrified.

I'd take a freaky beardy Becks with full-on footy skills than the overly manscaped sub-par player of a few months back, any day!

(photo: PA via the Daily Mail)

RATE IT! Isn't that Bazaar

Tina Fey.

Intelligent. Sassy. Hilarious. Genuine. Worthwhile.

Harper's Bazaar Magazine.

None of the above.

Tina Fey could not be any more different from Harper's Bazaar. Surprisingly, the snotty fashion 'zine has chosen the smart gal's female icon for their November cover. Have they realized that clever, funny gals can be beautiful too, or did they run out of vacuous size 0 zombies to exploit?

Despite my distaste for HB, I do applaud their decision to go with Tina. I still won't renew my gift subscription but at least this issue might get more than 5 minutes of my attention.

'30 Rock', the brainchild of the incomparable Tina Fey premieres tonight on NBC.

RATE IT! Ballet Reunion

As promised back in March, London's fave 1980s new romantic scenesters, Spandau Ballet are back!

Their much awaited reunion tour kicked off this week in Dublin to much fanfare. Sure, the guys are a little larger around the middle and more crinkley around the temples but apparently, if you closed your eyes the songs were just as poppy, catchy and memorable as they were back in 1983.

Surprisingly though, sax player Steve Norman *still* has hair! After all that bleach, tinting his hair to a dangerous shade of white...the man must have hair follicles of steel!

Back in the day I was a Durannie first and foremost so admitting to liking Spandau was akin to being disloyal to Simon, John and co., but I'm a little more mature now (*ahem!*) and I can admit that yes, I did own a few of their albums and they weren't half bad. And if they did tour Canada on their current reunion celebration, I would be there most definitely.

With age comes wisdom and the strength to accept that there's more to life than Duran Duran (kinda!).

Spandau Ballet's first new album in a kajillion years, "Once More" is out on October 19.

(photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

RATE IT! Make Like Oscar...

...because October 15 is National Grouch Day.

Unleash your inner grump, just for today.

Trash can optional.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RATE IT!/HATE IT! January in GQ


'Mad Men' star, January Jones is featured on the cover of the December edition of 'GQ'.


What have they done to her breasts? Photoshop, anyone? I'm sure the guys won't complain, but seriously? January's gorgeous and has a fantastic figure --- she doesn't need computerized enhancement.

I'm all for Ms. Jones getting more exposure but the person in charge of this cover was a real boob.

RATE IT! Glee Gets Yanked


Please excuse my giddy enthusiasm. I can't help myself -- I feel such um, well...*joy* that a certain TV show, namely "Glee" got yanked from next month's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I so despise that show, the thought of those cheesy whatsits gunking up the fabulousness that is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade makes me nauseous.

The annual NYC mega-balloon walkabout is broadcast on NBC -- "Glee" airs on rival Fox so obviously someone at NBC leaned heavily on the parade's organizers for allowing the all singing & dancing geekarama to be scheduled for a turkey day appearance on THEIR network. "Glee" got its marching orders, and NBC is a happy camper.

I couldn't be happier. I'd much rather see a Jimmy Fallon float anyway!

And while we're chatting about who's in, who's out... rumour has it that the Pillsbury Doughboy got an invite to this year's festivities, while return engagements are set with new balloons for Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald & Spider-Man. Spidey's balloon was a parade favourite, having flown through the streets of Manhattan for twelve consecutive years until his balloon retirement in 1998. Welcome back, web man!

RATE IT! Easter Island on Ice

Yes, my fondness for silly Easter Island inspired tat has reared its ugly head once again.

If icy Tiki faces in your drinks can't brighten your mood after a crappy day at work, I don't know what can!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RATE IT! Battle of the Blades

Canadians love ice skating and hockey, they're in our blood. The Great White North is a nation that spends a quarter of its year shivering, enduring bone-rattling frigid temperatures, blustery snow, ice...the works. To keep our sanity, we need sports like skating & hockey that embrace that chill. With such a robust winter sports heritage it's actually surprising that not one Canadian TV genius thought of producing something as entertaining as 'Battle of the Blades' sooner.

Better late than never! Step up to the winners' podium, CBC!

Two weeks ago, the CBC debuted this reality/competition extravaganza, matching Canadian & World Champion female pairs skaters with grizzled National Hockey League vets. Before this series took to the ice, I don't think anyone with any sports knowledge could picture tough guys, Tie Domi or Bob Probert on figure skates gracefully lifting *anything*, spare the Stanley Cup, high into the air. Now these hockey stars are orchestrating death spirals and overhead lifts with (almost) the greatest of ease. The resulting program is downright addictive! Is it any wonder that it's grabbing ratings gold on Sunday & Monday nights?! It's like that cute movie, 'The Cutting Edge' -- come to life...only BETTER.

I grew up watching these hockey greats play in the NHL. I collected (and still have) their hockey cards, autographs... heck, some of them I even got to meet (note to my sister: no, I won't air your Ron Duguay story or photo on the blog!) -- so to see them come to terms with toe picks & satiny skating costumes, and perform like ACTUAL *REAL* pairs figure skaters is a homegrown treat that is very long overdue.

Critics might grumble that it's all a bit 'So You Think You Can Dance' on ice, or that the Brits actually dreamed up the idea first with their 'Dancing on Ice' glitterfest -- but the beauty in the Canadian version is the marriage of ice skating and our beloved NHL stars. It's not just any ol' C-list celeb sliding around out there.... it's our hockey heroes. It's our heart and soul. And you can't get more Canadian than that.

Top marks, CBC! 10.0

RATE IT! Sickly Sweet!

Is it too early in the week for a cuteness explosion?

The New York Lottery is right on the money with this bunny bonanza of a commercial for its Sweet Millions game.

Sure, it checks all the adorable-ness boxes but it's funny too. Twee CAN be good *and* funny. You listening, "Glee"? No, I didn't think so.

RATE IT! Zoey of the Week

After all that Thanksgiving turkey and excitement, someone is tuckered.....

Tired but content. *sigh*

RATE IT! Chocolate Battle of the Sexes

If it wasn't obvious before that the "Dylan" of Dylan's Candy Bar is a woman.... well, it is now!

Check out this battle of the sexes -- chocoholic style.

The marital bliss chocolate bar... split *almost* 50/50.

Makes sense to me!

Monday, October 12, 2009

RATE IT! Thanksgiving in Canada

Us Canucks celebrate Thanksgiving today. I'd like to wish all my Canadian readers a very warm holiday with all the trimmings!

Turkey, mashed potatoes....the works!! CANNOT. WAIT!

Just for a laugh, if you're REALLY in the spirit of the holiday, you could always don one of these hats.

Don't blame me if your invite for *next* year's Thanksgiving gets lost in the post!


RATE IT! Macy's Come Together Campaign Pt. 2

Last week, I was extolling the fun charity campaign rolled out by Macy's, 'Come Together.'

You've seen the commercial (and if not, you can here)...and now you can see the making of, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.


Friday, October 9, 2009

HATE IT! Monchhichi Madness

They're back!!

To me, that is not a good thing.

These monkey-inspired oddities were a hit back in the '70s, apparently. I vaguely remember them as a kid but never owned one. Monkeys were not my forte, especially doe-eyed, plastic faced simians that suck their thumbs. Creepy, NOT CUTE!

Urban Outfitters have scampered on the Monchhichi bandwagon and for this, I must avoid their shop like the plague.

RATE IT! Pastasaurus Pasta Server

Here's one way to make meal time fun.

Pastasaurus server!

Yes, I am *that* juvenile.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RATE IT! Jon Hamm as Superman

Before I get too carried away, it must be said that no casting announcement has been made (unfortunately!).

No... just some ramblings on MTV in the States by quirky-cool filmmaker, Kevin Smith. He enthusiastically believes that 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm would be excellent as Clark Kent/the Man of Steel *as well* as Batman. NY has picked up the story and is getting everyone all in a lather about the possibilities.

I could not agree more - especially in terms of Superman. Jon Hamm in the dark-rimmed specs as Clark Kent? He'd be PERFECT! He's got the stunning leading man looks to play Superman, and his work as the tormented & secretive Don Draper gives him the chops to portray the darker elements of the role. And really the same goes for Batman. Like NY Mag says, I'd take him as the Dark Knight any day! Christian Bale and his weird husky/whisper dialogue delivery is SO lame.

Casting directors.... hope you are listening!

HATE IT! Shoes? Hooves?

Fashion forward? Hardly!

Can you picture any starlet/fashionista in her right mind wearing these Alexander McQueen booties?

In Paris Tuesday, models teetered along his catwalk, wearing animalistic creations -- including this unique & treacherous footwear.

I like clothes and fashion as much as the next gal, but I wouldn't be caught dead doing an impersonation of a gazelle in these clompers.


More often than not, catwalk stuff is meant to grab headlines and attention so in all due respect, McQueen has achieved that goal in spades. To answer my earlier question, I bet Lady GaGa (who was in attendance that night) will be strutting about in these foot pinchers very very soon. Image is everything - right? Pfft!

(photo: AFP/Getty)

RATE IT! Gossip Girl Season 3-Ep. 4 Sneak Peek

What would I rather watch? Rufus getting married (which is the title of this episode, BTW), or Chuck manhandling Blair while she speaks like Minnie Mouse?

Here's your answer.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RATE IT! Invisible Dogs

I remember invisible dogs! I had one as a kid, and thought it was the best. thing. EVER!

Is it any surprise that I have reverted back to my 5 year old self in viewing this video? It's silly -- and so am I, obviously. I can't help but chuckle at their doggie hi-jinx in NYC. The dog walker struggling with a pack of pups is my fave bit. And the stoop and scoop. Hee!

Strange though... these invisible creatures are much better behaved on a leash out in the city than my Schipperke, Zoey. She must be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

RATE IT! Lego David Bowie

Looks like all pop culture icons *are* created equal .... at least when they are turned into Lego!

If it was good enough for Madonna, and the Beckhams, and even the Beatles -- why not Ziggy Stardust?

Meet the Thin White Duke...yes, David Bowie has been Lego-ified in the upcoming 'Lego Rock Band' game. Some might say it's a marriage made in rock 'n' roll, and gaming heaven, mixing 'Rock Band' with all playthings Lego.

"Modern Love", anyone? You've got to give kudos to the Lego artists -- they even nailed David's blown pupil in his left eye.

Not to worry music purists, Bowie will have debauched company in the form of one Iggy Pop. Yep, he's been given the plastic treatment too. If anyone can withstand it, Iggy can!

(Bowie Lego photo:

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