Monday, March 23, 2009

RATE IT! Spandau Ballet to Reform

Looks like the credit crunch is hitting not only regular folk like us! The pop world is seeing yet *another* reunion. Step into the spotlight London's favourite New Romantic sons, Spandau Ballet! Ah, bless! What better way to feel more comfy than to hark back to the '80s when things were better, safer... albeit cloaked in shoulder pads, neon and aerodynamic hairstyles for women *and* men!

Like many '80s heroes, the band dissolved due to infighting over royalties & bruised egos. What drove them apart -- money -- looks to be bringing them back together, back out of the woodwork! Sure, the Kemp brothers did their fair share of acting ('The Krays' -- bloody gross, but brilliant) and lead singer, Tony Hadley did the rounds playing old hits & making appearances on reality shows, so SB didn't really disappear for good. Their hairstyles... well, yes they were casualties of the break-up.

The band are formally announcing their intentions this coming Wednesday in London, but it's a sure thing that a new album & a tour are on the cards. I always preferred Duran Duran -- who *ahem* never did go away permanently like some others but I'm still pretty stoked to see what Spandau come up with.  (photo: Google image)

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