Friday, March 27, 2009

HATE IT! Lipstick Jungle Cancelled

Another (good) one bites the dust.

It's finally been confirmed... NBC has stuck the knife into 'Lipstick Jungle'. Star Brooke Shields admitted as much at a party last night, speaking to E!: "We just were officially told it's finally not coming's very sad."

The writing was on the wall when Brooke's co-stars, Kim Raver, Andrew McCarthy, Lindsay Price and Robert Buckley were all cast in new pilots or other current shows -- yet NBC dragged their feet regarding the future of the show. 

The news is not welcome by many -- including me! I'm so bummed! I loved the show, especially season two where the characters and plot lines really found their feet. The series did pick up higher ratings with its move to Friday nights (I bet NBC was hoping that it would *lose* viewers with this move but that plan backfired...), but the executives still threw down the axe anyway. Such a shame.

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