Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RATE IT! Gary Neville - Liverpool Role Model?

The most hilarious sports-political news came out of the UK today. This little gem of ridiculousness has made my week!

A very misinformed Conservative MP suggested that Manchester United's captain, Gary Neville, should be regarded as "a good role model" to the disenfranchised youth of Liverpool. 

Tory MP Chris Grayling, spoke of kids growing up without any parental guidance, how youth could benefit from idolizing someone as dedicated & diligent as Neville. 

Sure, Gary would be a terrific role model. He didn't come from a privileged background yet found his way to the biggest footie club on the planet through sheer hard work & determination. He never gives up, has been with the same team since his career began as a teen... BUT.... and here's the kicker, Gary Neville *despises* Liverpool's football club and everything Mersey-based!

Gary Neville detests Scousers of all descriptions and his dislike is widely known. Liverpool press have reported that silly Mr. Grayling is a Manchester United supporter -- which is a crock, seriously. Any United supporter worth their blood KNOWS that Liverpool hates Gary Neville and vice versa! Mr. Grayling was hoping to sway Merseyside voters over to his corner but his misfired comments will have sent Pool folk in the other direction! (photo: Getty)

Thanks to Fourth for the tip!

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Misty Stiletto said...

Wow, some people are dumb. Funny though.

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