Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HATE IT! New Kids Summer Return

No! No! Make it stop!! 

As if last Autumn's tour wasn't enough --- it was MORE than enough for me --- New Kids on the Block announced their upcoming Summer tour yesterday. And wait for it -- they also have a cruise too! Not only can you see the aging popsters at your local arena, you can sail to the Bahamas with NKOTB. Any chance that the ship can just keep on going?

Full disclosure -- I liked the New Kids the first time around in the late '80s. They were entertaining, the songs poppy and catchy. For a laugh, a friend invited me to their gig in my fair city a few months back -- and it was FREE, so why not?

Frankly, it was kinda embarrassing... for us *and* them. They sounded poor, the show presentation was dated and hokey... and they revived the Jordan Knight flowing-white-shirt-while-posing-during 'Baby I Believe In You' thang and it was laughable. We laughed and laughed... while full-grown women surrounding us screamed their little hearts out. Truly cringe-worthy and they're doing it all over again. 

Count me out. Even if it's free again... I'm busy!

(photo: www.people.com)


Sara Bonds said...

I could not agree more. I have a lot of friends acting like they are 14 again and going to their concerts. I think it is just sad. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What is sad about anything that makes people happy?

Jackie said...

I have no problem with comebacks or reunions... provided the band can still play, or the group still performs at the top of their game. I was disappointed by the NK show but I know that many did love them -- from the reactions of the women around me. Just means my absence will free up a ticket for someone who really cares and who really should be there.

Anonymous said...

My wife is one of those. Been to several concerts and is getting ready for the cruise. I think I'm going insane and that this is destroying my marriage.

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